40 Burlington, United States
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My self-summary
I have a little business and a 4 unit property where i live currently. I dont enjoy what i do at all. Ive made mistakes yada. theres allot i want to be doing. What i DO do, is work, save, and allocate. My sole purpose is to reach financial freedom asap. i have some equity, i have some savings. I look for solid opportunitys, real estate, land, business. I have a frugal sort of unmaterialistic philosophy. I live meagerly, i value things with cashflow and return, investment vehicles. warren buffett has allot of good quotes " someone is sitting in the shade today because a tree was planted a long time ago"

I know this must be terribly exciting to all of you. I love to run, I'm a nature type of guy, exploring, i thought one time it'd be fun just to take off and see how far up into canada i could get... again its difficult, theres stuff i'd be doing if i had time. Living on a sail boat appeals to me.

I like the idea of homesteading on a nice piece of land, subsistence growing, fly fishing. Going off grid. Small houses, large landscapes.

I'd be up for a marriage for buying power situation. Someone with good credit, some capital. Wealth conscious, investment minded and thrifty. There is allot of potential with two incomes and a similar philosophy

I'm more interested in investment temperament, capital and monetary potential with a partner. I value my freedom, an open relationship would work.

Sorry lady's but in review, it appears I want to marry myself. if your out there??

UPDATE I have 2 properties and I'm selling one now. Maybe one later. And i'm working on buying another concurrently. Hopefully that goes through. I've decided to stop working but keep the accounts in my name to satisfy the banks should a deal arise.

a partner could be very mutually beneficial, there's some good land deals around.... properties, I have an affinity for Switzerland, Islands, mountains.. and who knows. more capital = more options

Have 250,000-350,000 capital, with some exceptions

the important thing to realize with me is that its about freedom not lots of crap, being able to rent a few places out for subsistence cash flow is good enough.

I live in Burlington VT. I change my location sometimes