28Ottawa, Canada
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My self-summary
*Undergoing Update Early November- haven't finished "self-summary" and "what I'm doing" categories*

I love all kinds of people. In identity politics, I am referred to as MtF, queer, poly, kinkster, sub with a dutch immigrant family background who's a whole lot of white fluctuating from lower middle class to upper lower class, and a little bit mentally ill'in (not like a villain except criminally sometimes :). Please be respectful and not a douche when asking questions because other than that I am pretty open. The douche will not be tolerated unless orifices need cleaning.

I'm here for many different kinds of relationships. I am open to doing a wide range of things. I just want to get out more since I have moved back in with my parents due to being broke and such. I like biking, being creative, theorizing and obscure acts of rebellion. I love the anarchy by the way and love to upset binary relations all in due time. If you are a kinky post-structuralist then we will get along famously!

Werd to the big bird btw.
What I’m doing with my life
I go to school, I work bookeeping, I play a different mmo every time you see me, I listen to hip hop and try to write some poetry occasionally. Studying Conflict Studies and Human Rights with a Minor in Women Studies.

I'm looking to meet new people and hang out with some old ones more. I like reading or being on this website some times like right now. Coincidence? Just looking to have more socializing I guess? Whatever form that comes in.

I like talking about a lot of things by the way. Like the raunchiest kinkiest sex to International Relations or Gender theories. I actually like International Relations theory, which I know should be shameful but it does me well. I also like intertwining "intellectual" conversations with jokes about penises and vaginas because its a funny juxtaposition (phallogocentric jokes anyone? if anyone else see's power structures in rooms [especially classrooms] as being penis shaped, let me know)

I swear, I smoke occasionally, I drink infrequently some times a lot some times a little. I like to read and would love to do that with someone if that's also your thing. I write poetry sometimes so if anyone wants a writing partner I would be down. Or doing any creative stuff together.

Friends to do stuff with, dating, casual NSA, coffee bitchings are all equally good. I don't really see anyone being more important than another in the long run. Right now hanging out with people who like talking about stuff would be nice and maybe some sex. Just maybe...
I’m really good at
-Systemic analysis
-Trying to keep a baseline of respect in most conversations
-Staying open to possibilities
-Checking myself before I wreckity wreckity wreck myself?
-Not censoring myself in conversations (yet I seem to do it splendidly in other areas)
-Buying cool underwear
-Buying cool socks
-Being coool

This how I really feel (skip if you do not care for thinking)
(Most of this is crap. I'm not actually "really" good at much. This category implies you are better at certain things than the average population. There's also the assumption that what you are good at is indicative of what you are attune to as a person. I am good a analytic thinking and yet this is a problem for me and not what I see as my most genuine self. Take that OkCupid and shove it. I'm trying to stop caring about the comparisons as much. I find the constant comparisons harmful. I'm currently gaining many helpful skills in my life but am not way exceptional at any of them.)
The first things people usually notice about me
I don't know, I've never noticed myself before? Except for in the mirror after I get out of the shower and then I'm just like "Who's that sexy girl in the mirror". I doubt this answers the question but its all i know. (This is not how I act in the washroom but damn it sounds funny and really I've never noticed myself so I wouldn't be able to fill this out anyway. And instead you get a swell joke so I think we all win in the end.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
-The Girl Who Played With Fire
-Anything you've written ;) unless its bad :)
-John Keats poems
-Run dog run
-Oryx and Crake

-A New Hope
-Empire Strikes Back
-Lord of the Rings Two Towers
-Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sex
-Definitely Maybe
-Phantom of the Opera
-Nine (musical)
-Talledega Nights
-Ninja Turtles (Original)

Favourite People (Not in any order; I do not worship these people but I find them neat):
-Woody Allen
-Spike Spiegel
-Yachiru Kusajishi
-Others: I don't keep a list
-All my cats and two dogs
-George Harrison
-Noam Chomsky

-Nirvana, NoFx, Dropkick Murphys, The Offspring, 90s pop/alternative, Modest Mouse, System of a Down, The Postal Service, Brand New, Broken Social Scene, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, An Horse, Queen (Freddy Mercury!), Coheed and Cambria, Disney, Janis Joplin, B.B King, Teagan and Sara,

Anything! Few Excpetions!! (Exceptions include high lactose, gluton and meat filled meals and maybe more)
Six things I could never do without
Sex, Relationships, Good conversation, Air, Food, Laughing
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-thinking too much (it explains the rest of this list)
-why my past relationships have ended and why I have a hard time finding resolutions (that's a rough starter but its true)
-why people are a big ol' bag of dicks to each other
-my brain feeling funny (less and less recently though)
-things to write down someday (maybe soon?)
-whether my current life choices are benefiting my well being or hindering it
-how to meet cool people I'd get along with
-how to get up on time regularly/get to sleep regularly
-figuring out my sexuality and/or gender
-video games (which to play next or what the value is in each)
-new board games to pick up
-geek swag from the interwebs
On a typical Friday night I am
Reading, watching a movie, get togethers with friends, video games w/ friends, video games solo, tea and a chat, sleep
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Stupid internet, I'd never tell you something like that. Plus quite frankly it'd probably be hella morbid and no one wants to read about that for a first impression. (Skeletons are at least 5th date material)
You should message me if
You liked my profile and would like to chat about something I wrote or want to know something more about me.

You want to have coffee/tea and/or go for a walk. Somewhere interesting is always cool. See if we enjoy each other's company? Somewhere interesting to meet a new person.

You have a fun question. If its a good conversation, its probably worth talking about.

You think flirting is fun.

*Please don't message me if you're a sexist, transphobic, homophibic, ableist, racist dick. I respect your right to live in a way you see fit but I'd rather not interact with you at all. Please feel some shame before sending blatantly degrading messages to others as well. K Thanks
The two of us