38Schaffhausen, Switzerland
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My self-summary
*Warning, this profile, like so many things in my life, mostly gets added to, rarely put straight or re-evaluated. It will remain fundamentally functional but slowly deteriorate into meaninglessness.*

Ex-techie, ex-punk, ex-hippie. I studied engineering in Tampere, Finland. After dropping out of uni I rolled out my bicycle and spent a couple of years travelling around just squatting places and moving on. I also lived and worked from time to time in a couple of alternative economy communities and rainbow villages and joined volunteer projects around Europe but didn't stay fixed in any one place. Finally moved to Switzerland to live with my girlfriend in a fairly normal, conformist way (maybe freeganism making an exception there) but I still need a lot of people around to meet and chat, to play music with, to play games with (board games mostly, roleplayers please invite me!) and for generally living happy!

I'm not looking for a romantic connection here. I used to live in a couple of non-monogamous communities along the way and I view non-monogamous lifestyles positively (just like monogamous ones) but as it is I won't be available to participate in anyone's life that way. I'll still be available to talk.

**Latest news: Please teach me how to play the Persian ney. Persian language would be great too.**
What I’m doing with my life
Hitchhiking, hospitality exchange (hosting people, visiting people, the easiest way to participate in the gift economy stuff), dumpster diving, community living, volunteer work, playing and making music and music instruments
I’m really good at
How should I know? I'm perfectly happy to be the jack of all trades and master of none. Well, ok, I wouldn't mind being the master, sounds nice, but wouldn't that need a lot of effort?
The first things people usually notice about me
Broken clothes and unkempt hair
(also: stupid grin)
((also, also: that I'm too old to actually be there. Say when was the last time I wasn't the oldest or tied for the oldest in any given company? All the other people of my age travelled to the real world and I was left behind))
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
book: Bark Hopkins: Musical Instrument Design. Sorry, I really put a textbook as my favorite book. Finding this book ended one uncreative period in my life and brought me back to outside world at least a little bit. While inside I was reading the usual mix of scifi and fantasy plus some others; Vernor Vinge, Alastair Reynolds, Philip Jose Farmer, Greg Egan, Terry Pratchett, Raymond E. Feist, Kurt Vonnegut, Andrej Sapkowsi, Trudi Canavan, Ivo Andric, Leo Tolstoi, i don't know... That is just some but you get the idea. Also I try to always find something/anything to read in the languages I have learned but otherwise don't use so much anymore.

movie: Radu Mihaileanu: Train de Vie. Identified myself with Schlomo the fool

music: Anything spontaneous and living, not big fan of canned music. If it has to be in cans then gypsy, folk, ska, but also chiptunes and tracker music. If you know a fun open group that gathers to play music somewhere relatively near me, please let me know. Maybe I can bring along some instruments and join or just hang around and enjoy. Also I used to sing in a choir and would be happy to do that again if I just found the right people.
Six things I could never do without
Not in order of importance: Sleeping bag, backpack, bicycle, people, sun, darkness
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Quite the opposite actually. I try to keep my thinking to an absolute bare minimum. When the brain won't just shut up I try to derail it to some relatively safe areas like petty details and logical structures around the topic.

I am completely behind my time with thinking. There is a fair chance that any of my thoughts is either a prime example or a good collection of plain wrong, unscientific, uninspired, naive, harmful, unethical, immoral or just so last week. Any of my feelings could be wrong and exemplify only my masked bigotry and self deception. You have been warned.

Since the last time I went out the truth has sneakily become universal and well known. I am just too lazy to learn all the correct answers, let alone learn to navigate between them. There is just no chance that a random thought from me would be sufficiently aligned with any established view to save me from intellectual flogging (which I anyway hand to myself in generous amounts as it is). Having next to no social media exposure doesn't help either.

So no thinking for me, thanks. The cloud of hate that surrounds this whole thinking business drains my energy to the ground.

To keep my sanity I have lately discovered the world of free online university courses so that adds here a more or less bi-monthly changing item from the list of [Philosophy/Theology, Programming/Mathematics, Music theory, Music performance, Acoustics]. Now (for somewhat large values of "now") trying jazz improvisation on a viola! This can't end well... (Wow! It did! I passed with a score of 70.04! A whole 0.04 above minimum passing grade (not that I would know what meaning passing or failing have here, but hey! Acceptance! I'm a junkie for that!))

Ok, I'll risk one harmless thought. Why okc has no similar multi-choice box for religious identity as there is for sexual identity?

Lately this has been pretty much on the surface: How will I handle parenthood, aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Anything I do or forget to do will instantly and irrevocably change the personality, future, social relations, the sense of meaningful existence, etc. of a small person that I am supposed to be helping instead. Also: I suppose there will be a lot of WORK, lazy bums probably don't respond well to work, what shall I doooo? (Also, also: Those stairs, will I want to carry somebody up and down those stairs for months on end or would it finally be time to build my own cable car?)
On a typical Friday night I am
Digging other peoples trash for something useful
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The old profile photo was cut just enough to hide the fact that I have no hair on top.
You should message me if
You want to meet up for a drink, a bicycle trip, playing games, making music (or just strangely harmonic noise), making music instruments, running around town, building a self sustained mobile/distributed ecosystem where to live in and travel the world at the same time or for dreaming about community living.

If you want somebody to show you around in Schaffhausen! (or contact me through BeWelcome Finding people to meet up with when visiting places has actually been easier through okc than the actual hospitality sites :) Here people write so much more about themselves...

Also: If you want books. My girlfriend is an active reader and well connected to the book flows from several book shops where she used to work. Mostly in German, sometimes in French, Italian or English. They keep piling up there in the corner after she is done with them.
The two of us