32Brooklyn, United States
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My self-summary
I like to make weird things and go on long walks. I'm an earnest cornball with radical politics. Half-serious, half-goofoff. Too many emotions. Moderately-hopeful romantic. Semi-closeted nerd.

Let's get some politics out of the way: Black lives matter, nazi-punching is good, and property destruction is not violence.

Currently looking for company for gallery-hopping, museum tours, long walks, and reading and making stuff. I don't ghost and I'm cool with being friends if there isn't a spark.

My ideal relationship would be one where we have our own lives but we text a lot, are emotionally responsible to each other (in a healthy sense), and see each other a few times per week. Excitement necessarily wanes but enthusiasm can be durable. I want to date with intention.

Check out some of my work if you want.
What I’m doing with my life
Art & academia. Work ranges from techno-opera about the final 500 years of humanity sung from the perspective of a piece of steel to a photo book of the biggest balls of twine in America.

I'm what happens when someone who is kind of sad reads too many Verso books.

When I have time, I work with the DSA (trying to get more involved now that I'm out of school) and school unions.
I’m really good at
Balancing being hyper-analytical and highly-sensitive.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This entire section is somewhat out of date because I am now finding it exhausting to try to encapsulate my tastes and I'm far less interested in defining myself by them than I was when I last updated this.

Books: Joan Didion, Michel Foucault (specifically Discipline & Punish and History of Sexuality Vol. 3), Donna Haraway, Heidegger, Jane Bennett, Carl Jung (esp Liber Novus/Red Book), Kant, Latour, Mishima, Morrison, Murakami, Nabokov, Nin, Plath, Pynchon, Woolf, Yeshe, Mondo 2000

Currently reading: Art Sex Music by Cosey Fanni Tutti

Podcasts: Chapo Trap House, Fugitive Waves, Radio Diaries, 99pi, This Is Hell, The Best Show

Music: The Lot, WFMU. WNYC Q2. Check my Bach, Coil, Lil B, Psychic TV, Sublime Frequencies, doom metal, int'l music, jazz, hip hop, punk/hardcore, some rock, a moderate amount of pop and country. Disco.

Movies: Kenneth Anger, Bigelow, Lizzie Borden's "Born In Flames", Maya Deren, Korine, Kubrick, Lynch, Schrader's "Mishima", Gaspar Noe, Solondz, "Wild Zero" … plus almost everything Eddie Murphy before 1994.

Food: Flavorful & spicy vegetarian cuisine from around the world. Unprocessed, natural ingredients. No gluten (not by choice).

Also: I'm a nerd and I enjoy some anime and videogames in healthy moderation.
You should message me if
… you're ok with working on different projects while in the same room as a regular thing. I do fun things and see people, too, but I highly value low-key time to read and make things. I'm 2/3 an indoor kid* and 1/3 an outdoor kid but those ratios are flexible depending on what's going on.

* I get outside every day; I guess I'm referring to recreation.

Some disclaimers about my personality tags. I'm actually more love-driven than sex-driven. Regarding the sex/kink stuff, I think those traits are exaggerated on my chart. I'm down for whatever and I've enjoyed trying (a lot of) stuff, but, in my 30s, I'm not nearly as driven by sex and kink as I was in my 20s.
The two of us