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My self-summary
Ok, self summary eh? Well, I've always wanted to be a writer (Pulitzer caliber)(cut/paste to your browser) http://4c3.de/mR (Failure To Communicate)
but as Forrest Gump said, (pardon my French) "Merde" happens.
With that thought, I'm gonna take the path less traveled.
Rather than standing on the edge of a mile high cliff top, thumping my chest & bellowing @ the empty desert, " LOOK AT MEEE Meee me!" I'll sit at my desk and whisper profound musings based on history.
Stuff I gotta have:
someone who is good at talking and listening.
Verbal Intimacy...I must know that my partner is sharing their deepest emotional thoughts and desires.
Artistry...a partner who has a passion for music, literature, drama, art, and the finer things in life either as a spectator or participant.
Exciting...someone who isn't afraid to take a risk and who sees life as an adventure.
a partner who maintains high standards of personal hygiene, orderliness, and other personal habits.
Stuff that I just can't stand:
Vanity... someone who is overly interested in their physical appearance.
Intolerance... While I understand that religious conviction is a positive trait, someone who is self-righteous and feels that their particular faith is the only one that matters. (eg: Way Right Wing, Southern Baptist)
Foul Mouth... someone who swears or uses inappropriate language or humor.
ok, I gotta break my own rule; I sometimes use non gratuitous profanity as a writers tool
So, fair warning, if you're a Preppy girl, you might be offended. lol
What I’m doing with my life
Okay ya'll, This ain't the only thing I'm doing w/ my life... I mean like, you can't surf 12 hours a day. You can't. Me, on the other hand; I'm retired (check photo's) 16 hour sessions fly by, ', Besides listening to ebooks about astrophysics, poetry, marine animal husbandry (yeaaah fornicating fishes), Jujitzu,"the joy of signing" the joy of sex'' ''the joy of cooking, I'm learning Lithuanian; self teaching myself) I dig (oh hell, just dated myself) chatting w/ people all over the entire planet. Aanyway, I'm 5' 7ish, 155 lbs, have dark blond w/a heavy touch o' gray. hazel/blue, eyes a39 year old mustachio & big honkin power chair. A few of my favourite things =
The memories of that Winter I spent in Aspen,
the weekend I spent solo camping in the Mohave Desert,
---the Christmas day that I went swimming in the Gulf of St. Lawrence off the coast o Newfoundland (Google it) ...
Listening to Bolero on the Quadraphonic system screaming @ 133 mph (see photo) through the Anza Borrego desert in my used 1979 Porsche 924, body was a piece of crap. But, oh meine Götter! could she run? Oh ja meine liebe!
While spelunking in south Georgia, we ran into a National Geographic mapping expedition...
Riding my Trike coast to coast to coast (chopper - see photo ) designed, fabricated & built it myself-well, I didn't do the welding no death wish.
Vegetarian, don't eat anything that had a face... or a mother. Grok? Splendid! btw (might wanna Google grok if “grok” is too obscure & oh meine Götter & ja meine liebe is too uh...German", 'cause they'll be used again) Jackson .

"A work of art is never completed; it's abandoned,"
Leonardo da Vinci
I’m really good at
Writing, copy & paste http://4c3.de/md (breathing) CGI art (computer generated images) free form sculpture (w/clay), wood burning (w/wood lol) photo realism eg: this is some of my artistic stuff copy & paste http://www.flickr.com/photosphoto_reality_2199/ or check out my photos & go to the Hyper Reality 2.19 link, follow the instructions. Everything on site started life as a "blank canvas", no merde'; except the sepia photograph of Angel Falls & me in a gondolier in Aspen, entitled appropriately, Aspen Jackson
The first things people usually notice about me

My mahvelous rapier wit, sense of humour & my pretty blue/hazel eyes copy/paste the urls to see them @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPaVJ325qik, my sexy, sleek, bloody quick, black/ chrome power chair (it's not as fast as my 944, but... I still have the title to the chair! roflmao) {not literally}My lack of speech @ http://preview.tinyurl.com/2fu2bo5. That I occasionally appear slightly euphoric; check my photos. It's alright, I'm under Doctors (plural) strict supervision
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The last books I read, understood, and enjoyed:
2 e books - 1: A Brief History of Time by physicist Stephen Hawking, attempts to explain a range of subjects in cosmology, including the Big Bang, black holes, light cones and superstring theory
2:"Physics of the Impossible" by physicist Michio Kaku impossible " concepts from the realm of science - invisibility, force fields, teleportation, robots, space ships, and telepathy ...
I liked all the big words :-) I cheated -
I listened to them.You know, there's sumpin comforting 'bout listening to Hawking on"the end of time vs/ the end of days" (roflmao) No really (lol)
According to my friends, I'm some sort of idiot/savant/ science geek. You gotta love 'em.
Movies ? Hmmmm, tend to skew away away from the "main stream" off into the side waters w/ Spalding Gray's
"Swimming to Cambodia" Ya know, an 87-minute filmed monologue oughta be as stimulating as watching paint dry. Ah, but when the monologist is Spalding Gray, then you're in for a cerebral feast.
The six things I could never do without

The things I can't live without are:
My 'puter, seriously, I'd die
My Ultra High Speed T1 Internet Connection @ 1/4 gbps ok, ever seen one of those spy thrillers w/the good guys 'puters refreshing @ like 25 screens per second?
TA! dah

Mozart <=> Metallica
Rocky Road
Dove Dark Chocolate/Animal Crackers Sandwiches

yeah, really
I spend a lot of time thinking about
dreamscape:anything is possible I love chatting
w/ people all over the entire planet, one day a marathon talk to the 'beautiful' people across 14 different time zones, the next (when in Rome...do as the Romans do...) when in Prague share a gram of Czechoslovakian history... Absinth (The “Green Fairy”) (goto http://tinyurl.com/6xtp688) over a sugar cube..) stumble like a Paganini violinist across the International Date Line & OMfG it's the morning after the day before yesterday! What...Again? Frak! Screw around for awhile, step south across the equator & jeZuz, it's hot! No wonder, it's the middle of the summer in the Serengeti, back pedal 2 paces (guess what?) Brrrr! Aurora Boreallis! Sweden? Newfoundland? Alaska? Oh, who gives a damn... I can breathe...Oh, and btw: damn this cyber world of yours is...exquisite, beautiful, no? Oh ja meine liebe! Thanks, you've given me an excuse for having my I P address down here in the Cotton Pickin' Hi Tech 21rst Century Heart O Dixie U.S. A. You All, Jackson
end dreamscape
Hi, I'm Jackson Rog, you must be...?
On a typical Friday night I am
Me & Lithuanian? wtf ? Child Fund International "adoption" The male half of a pair of twins, Lažeika & Jurgita Zamžius via snail mail, Heeey, boooooing! Idea! Since the Wall came down, Snail Mail has gotten slightly faster; on average 10 days vs/ 2 weeks {1 way} & a lot cheaper $ 4.00 vs/ $7.50 {u.s.} a shitload of stamps...the kids, who are now; holy cow ! 19 + years old, especially Lažeika would dig getting snail mail from a beautiful, uber intelligent Girl, I mean Woman LoL... Didžioji gatvė, Kaunas, Kauno Apskritis 45001, Lithuania
Lithuanian Poetry by Lažeika Zamžius
Mėnulio šviesa - apšvietimo didesnę pasaulio
(Gyventojų skaičius: 2)
Splitas - išskyrus
Nepaisant pavydus dienos dievų

Lūpų paliesti mano šešėliai
Paliečia srautas per upelio
Duomenys burbulai glamonėti mano nervų galūnės
Kaip 10,000,000.000.000 (dešimt kvadrilijonų) mažytė bučiniai
Vibruojamieji neuronas keliai
Ugningą ekranas spalvos žibintai
Mano kaukolė skliautais
Mano kūnas auga nesotus ir
siekia Ši sąveika
erdvus šventovės
išleisti šį materialus kalėjime
Aš glaistas, mėsos marionetė, ant rankų

Mano Schottish Maestro
Dirigentas šį simfoniniam
Aistros žaisti
Nes jos neeilinio galia
Skambinimas pirmyn pirmykštis ragina
Šiuolaikinės alcheminis padargai

Prisijungimas per
Praeities dabartis
Skausmas Meilė
Splitas - išskyrus
In The Shadows


Moonlight - illumination for a larger world
(Population: 2)
Side by side
Split - apart
Despite jealous daytime gods

Lips touch mine in the shadows
Touches flow across the stream
Data bubbles caress my nerve endings
Like 10,000,000.000.000 (ten quadrillion) tiny kisses
Vibrating neuron pathways
A fiery display of colored lights
The firmament of my skull
My flesh grows insubstantial and
seeks this interplay
spacious sanctuary
release in this corporeal prison
I'm putty, a meat puppet, in her arms

My Schottish Maestro
Conductor in this symphony
Of passion play
the conduit
For her extraordinary power
Calling forth primal urges
Modern alchemical implements

Joining across the ages
Past Present
Pain Love
Side by side
Split - apart
In the shadows

yES! no?

,Working in a style of prose. I'm developing; I call it contemporary future perfect {2020 ad} In the 21rst century world of Internet Romance my guilty pleasure is writing prose to my next match (to accompany my volumes of existing Old School work

#1 Contemporary Future Perfect {2020 ad}

Midnight Hour
Jeez it's quiet,
except for the whirring,
(new hard drive)
Never ceasing drone,
Just stopped ,
switched off,
Nothing more to be said,
Except in my head,
I should crash
Just sweet memories,
Of watching sweet words,
And no other thoughts,
Except getting on again,
No other reason,
Except to see your words.

Online chat
Friendship sought
Innocence lost
phone calls
Shared thoughts
Never enough
thoughts of you
Day and Night
Encounters bright
Moments turned to hours
Spent together
Chat, phone and letter
Falling Asleep
Sound by voice
At my side
Fluttering heart
Never met
Could this be right
Tears wept
Feelings intense
Into my life you crept
Others nearby
Can’t compare
Love so dear
could be real
Feelings cyber deep
Of one you may never meet
scared to let go
My heart rings tight
I may love you
And I'll hold on
With All my might
added 5/13/2011

We danced like
we had never danced.
Void of touch,
Eyes closed,
Flesh alive.

A soulful embrace.
Spirits flying,
invisible heat,
Transcending time.

Our hearts beat as one.
Loud as thunder,
Entwined together,
Joyfully Singing.

My senses ache to feast.
Delicious hunger,
Tactile treat,
Visually intrigued.

Passion erupts from within.
Luminating us,
Innocently calling,
Spreading infinitely

Transcending time.

Our hearts beat as one.
Loud as thunder,
Entwined together,
Joyfully Singing.

My senses ache to feast.
Delicious hunger,
Tactile treat,
Visually intrigued.

Passion erupts from within.
Culminating us,
Innocently calling,
Spreading i


It felt so nice and seemed so right,
The words she read seemed to
blaze passion, a zest for life, felt once long ago,
or was it a dream, am I dreaming now.

Why is this so inviting and warm?
It's mere words I see....
yet the passion they do stir inside of me...
I want to throw my head back, howl
and feel the warmth of a lovers kiss.

strong embrace, a look so pure
and inviting, I could get lost
Give me the love that only you can,
make dreams come true with the touch of your hand,
caress me, fondle me, feel my desire,
hold me, thrill me, till my flesh is in flames,
love me so tender, then hard as you can,
fill me with passion, take me just as I am....

Let the hours fill with warmth and the hot sweet perfume
of lovers at play in candle light
never-ending lust is too much
don't let it end, don't let me wake.
My reality is cold and empty and dark--
I hate it there, Love, don't make me go back.

Hold me through the night until the dawn breaks,
then leave. quick before my heart shatters
Eternity of Instants

(-Howling from crystalline cold of an Aspen night-)
==we plunge==110 degree jacuzzi==

==your smile==an extra 20==

==we search--in vain--for the new moon==
==steam freezes in my hair==
==duck--beneath--to thaw out==

(-pop up-)

==deja vu==
==not this situation==
==but rather--you==

(-I've known this soul before-)

==something lies==

=behind your eyes==

ancestral memory?


==or--something more--recent=

==rush into that instant==
==emotion roller coasters out of control==

==like water cascading from great heights==






==feelings blossom==
(-like silent fireworks-)
==into intuitive cognition==

==suddenly -- understand==

== tentatively touch your bare skin==
==search the bright depths==
==of your eyes for confirmation==
==see flickering recognition==

(-ahhh...you feel it too-)

== pull you close==


==touch my lips to==

==your snowy neck==

==your scarlet lips=

=gasp at the electricity of that frozen second ==
=flows from your breast-to mine==
=then back again=
===we breathe each other's breath===
((-for that eternity of moments-))

Snow Bird

=I dreamed a dream of you last night=
=my untouched love=
=we were in front of the last embers of a fire=
=there were 6 scented candles=
=flickering light=
=light glinting=
=warm eyes=
=half closed=
=gazing down at me=
=from behind your locks=
=flutter of wings=
=you gasping=
=sweet baby's breathe=
=one tender heart reaching out=
=into a Smoky Mountain winter's night=
=to touch another=
="let her in...it's cold"=
=you whisper deeply=
= untangle myself from your body=
=and pad=
=naked & shivering=
=to crack the door=
=against the howl=
=cold darkness=
=flutters past me=
=as a snow white dove settles=
=settles between your breasts=
=and warms herself with your breathe=
=and the light of a sandlewood scented candle.=

old school prose

Running with the Bulls

The 7th hour
the 7th day
of the 7th month
feels somehow foreboding
This is the 7th year
that I'll run with the bulls.
My luck will run out will run out this morning.
As I watch gold and crimson
rising up past louvered windows
breath deep the mourning
this will be my last sunrise
Comforted in this Knowledge
close my eyes and experience life.
Smells of sweet Morning Glory & bitter coffee
the sound of ten thousand
foreign voices makes me smile.
If this is my last day on Earth
this is how it should be
not withering away in my bed
nor at the hands of a stranger.
I want to spend my last few hours talking to new friends
warm beer & tequila for breakfast
dancing the gypsy flamenco
I want to run with my amigos
red scarves trailing behind us
as we race through crowds
through dirty streets
past ancient shops and houses.
Hear, one final time
cheers and whistles and yelps
as he chases me through the timeworn streets of Pamploma.
on this:
the 7th hour
of the 7th day
of the 7th month of this
my 7th year.

A thousand feet from Evergreen shoreline
a hundred feet down.
Current drags me along
at a breathtaking 20 knots.
Chill of the Puget Sound
seeps through my wet suit.
Celestial clarity of the water
gives me the feeling off flight.
Sea Lions flash past in blinding blurs of brown
in hot pursuit of fishy lunches of Salmon.
Whale songs toll;
rippling the submarine sky against my flesh.
I'm flying.
Hovering like a delicate butterfly
into shafts of sunlight filtering down
through golden kelp forests...
a strange/ exotic bird...
caught in an endless dream.
Existing everywhere...
and nowhere...
at once.
Swimming aimlessly
lost in the bliss
lost in the reverie
lost in space
lost in time.
I lose track of up from down;
left from right....
Within the pursuit of fantasy,comes complete freedom...
I become a swimming bird-a flying fish... BR>arms melt into wings, lungs become gills... try to pull the mouthpiece from between my numb lips;
but my wings are unable to grasp.
For the moment, content with the regulated air, I lose interest in the effort.
Hallucinations beg/n in earnest now; lights dance silent gypsy flamenco
schools of pink belly Salmon swim in formations too perfect
to be anything short of absolute sentience.
Frolicking amongst the kelp forest
darting in/ out of cold water reefs,
Sea Lions drift toward me...
gazing with brown eyed speculation
as if to ask,"Are you ok?"
turn upside down...squint,"You don't look so good!"
Vanish in streaks of colored bubbles
and silent laughter.
A gentle Pod of Dolphin flicker past, squealing in chirps.
Liquid sunbeams paint the sea bed
Starfish waltz
slowly devouring urchins.
Anemone gardens harvest plankton.
Crab scuttle over rocks and across sandy shoals.
Kelp twist/ twines and writhes in circaidian movement;
tying itself into and out of knots
forming cathedral arches that Orca play
hide & eat in.
Vast swarms of krill begin to gather
drawing on some benevolent collective consciousness
merging to form a tight arrow
pointing up
Directing me home.
Swimming from beyond the blue horizon
the Dolphin
encircle me.
In near ecstasy
I stroke the belly of a hugely pregnant female
and a new born calf as he cuddles up against my belly.
The Pod gently herds me upwards my world,
slowly, as if aware of the dangers of haste.
Carefully, until I break out of the cool blue, into the alien open sky.
Right next to my skiff, bobbing up and down looking clumsy and artificial.
After the flowing gracefulness
of swimming with my brothers and sister Dolphins
climbing into the hard womb of my boat
was the most heart breaking moment of my entire life.
Staring through my tears at the cloudless shimmering horizon,
smelling the pungent aroma of man,
listening to the roar of speed boats...
I know that, either I've nearly died and gone
OR I've nearly died...

help me finish this - writers block ???
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
On 02/13/ 91 I DIED
Dark Fall
final stream of consciousness
"where's that tunnel of light-
-where's them Pearly Gates-
-where's John Lennon-
-where's Elvis-
- Grampa ?"
and then...
it's just sorta dark and quiet
it's sorta nice
(soooo, this is dead?... well, shit mon this ain't so fuck'n
Falling ever deeper into the arms of Morpheus
I slip without pain through Death's backdoor...
stroll into the Elysian Fields
gaze out into The Starless Night
drift into the shimmering waves of Infinity.
And the deepest darkness that has ever been
envelopes me.
And the deepest silence that has ever been
screams silently
and my lungs cease to fill
and my heart ceases to beat
only my mind remains
for an exquisitely long instant
out of the infinite night I hear
electricity burns blue/white through my body
my back arches...
my eyes snap open...
my heart begins to flutter
like a bird startled into flight again
sensations flood over me
in a tidal wave of emotions
Glee over what I've learned *
Sadness over what I've lost*

* heaven is still a mystery
* the use of my legs, speedy typing
You should message me if
You're ok w/ just using e mail/
"Jackson ."hemingwaysghost.02 [at] gmail dot com , or Jackson.Roger @ Skype
to communicate w/ a funny smart (?) slightly disillusioned who man. For now, I just want a pen pal (as you can tell, I write epic messages) But, I don't IM, I Skype, Check him out @ (copy and paste)
http://www.youtube.com watch?v=ZPaVJ325qik
Jackson confused' (I mean check ME out) still confused after all these years
If you've read to this point, you must have been (a little) intrigued... write me.