43London, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I love meeting people and am always chatting to people at bus stops, in queues etc. i generally just buzz off life and am quite hyper although i've got a chilled out attitude to life. live + let live! i really enjoy drinking sauvignon blanc (I made the switchover from drinking pints!), although also i love creamy cocktails as well such as pina colada (made in a blender!), however i favour traditional boozers as opposed to bars so i don't get to drink my cocktails as much as i'd like to!
I might look serious in some photos and whilst I am serious&passionate about left wing politics, don't be fooled, I'm a hedonistic loon ;-) X

I am amicable, non-judgemental, empathic, hyper, disorganised, idiosyncratic and contradictory...-
What I’m doing with my life
Having graduated from uni I now work in a job that I could have obtained minus the degree, and I am working as a support worker for people with dual diagnosis of mental health and learning disabilities. Its quite challenging and interesting. I am also bringing up my 2 young (ish) daughters and we have pots of fun!
On a not too fun note I literally am a single mum b'coz my children's dad is deceased...
I’m really good at
comparmentalising my life and other things! although my number one thing I'm good at is procrastinating! saying yes when I mean no and that gets me in a lot of trouble. verbal sugar coating to save people's feelings. also talking, whether its just trivia, gossip or deep stuff!
The first things people usually notice about me
i have a mad glint in my eye + people know i am up for a laugh as it is normally accompanied by a wide smile!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
i am a really keen bookworm so choosing one would be too difficult but anything by tom sharpe/ magnus mills/ danny wallace/ dave gorman/ bill bryson/ charles bukowski/ armistead maupin and paulo coelho.
my favourite film is betty blue (beatrice dalle is such a babe!) also a lot of indie/ alternative cinema e.g. shortbus, and salvador by oliver stone. Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke...
music wise, i'm an indie (punk) girl at heart (the wedding present/soup dragons/the new fast automatic daffodils/ mercury rev/the libertines/ dead kennedys/ ian dury and the blackheads/ nine inch nails/ ben folds five and crass, to name but a few!) my fav band ever were/are rage against the machine also i enjoy some old school hip hop/electro, some old school house/acid jazz (galliano! etc) and i really love leonard cohen! My fav singer is Dylan :-) also i really love music from the 1980's!. my music tastes are extremely varied. i've got family in ireland + latin america so i may listen to irish folk music one day + latin american freedom songs the next!!! my fav food is chinese (sweet+sour, what a fantastic combination!) and mexican. also you can't beat a home cooked roast on a sunday or any day of the week for that matter!!!
Six things I could never do without
my two young(ish) children (7+10 yrs) / my friends/ my vinyl collection/ my book collection/going to poetry gigs/book readings and signings around ldn/ drinking wine on the weekends!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Wondering why (caucasian) peeps who answer YES to wanting to date those with the same ethnicity as them fkn msg me?? NB: I'm NOT caucasian!!!

Wondering about this love lark and wondering if I'm just chasing an elusive dream??
Am I just aesthetically hideous OR is it just fundamentally something wrong about me?? Or both... Hey don't answer that!!!

The possibility of parallel universes (yay!)

Why there's a (possibly perceived!) correlation between leftys on okcupid and not drinking/ living it large? And vice versa! In Brixton, where I live everyone is mixed; (left) political and party nutters!!! What's wrong with that??!!!!

Also, why people hate. don't understand it at all!!!

And a new thought that has popped into my head since actively using this website, all you maths boffins out there, should i be looking to see statistically for a higher number on who i get on with, or statistically a lower number for enemy eg is a 94% match but 18% enemy better or worse than say 70% match but 8% enemy?? Whats the process for working it out? Someone please message me if you know, or even just think you know, thx!!!
How many questions are there on this website and how many can I answer??

An anarchist revolution/ the hijacking and infiltration of anarchism by primitivists... :-)
On a typical Friday night I am
(if not with the children) in the pub of course!
(if with the children) at home hanging out with the kids/ watching a film/ playing candy crush saga!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Despite being naturally extroverted
+confident around meeting new people or friends, my confidence evaporates a bit in relationships and i alternate between being confident and wildly insecure, which is rectified with the right reassurance!
Erm, Puff The Magic Dragon is one of my favourite songs! C'mon I have got 2 small children! I feel I have to add its not my favourite, (although too many to choose from) I would probably cite some tracks from The Dead Kennedys!!!
You should message me if
drop me a line if you want to chat + you think we might get along!
Just for the record I never bother replying to brief "hello" messages or other generic messages or those that it appears like you've not read my profile eg I want to read a message that is relevant to me!

Also someone messaged me here today about a great money deal and they would put $1000 in my pay pal account each day if I did such and such?!!!! Do I look like I have sucker written on my forehead?? Nuts! Careful pls honest, real and decent folks using this site. Peace n love Jacks :-)
The two of us