38Heath, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
I'm 36, an architect, and live in a village near Chesterfield with my little cat. I am both bisexual and polyamorous.

I'm generally a pretty quiet kind of guy, I enjoy nothing more than an evening in by the fire with a good TV series to binge watch, something decent to eat cooking in the oven (I generally reckon that the longer something takes to cook, the better it is), and The Little Cat curled up in my lap. When this isn't feasible, I like to be out and about, usually in the Peak District, maybe taking a walk, maybe doing a little climbing, or maybe looking at things in a semi interested sort of a way. If it's dark, I'll consider the cinema, but this often makes me angry at Hollywood and its cynical remaking of something best left alone. A nice pint of real beer in a decent pub is a good option, actually, I should do that more.
What I’m doing with my life
I work for a housing developer, designing new housing estates. I moved to the area from Hertfordshire a few years ago, to be closer to family and friends, and to be closer to the hills and rocks of the Peak District. I love the countryside, and generally anything rustic and authentic, so my leisure time tends to focus on that.

I'm also deeply obsessive about tech. I spend much of my time worrying why things don't work quite the way I want them to, and what I can do about it. I'm engaged in a long term project to build a house-wide entertainment system based on kodi and Raspberry Pi, but this is currently mired in infrastructure complications and my inability to motivate myself into a major cabling exercise.

I'm also thinking increasingly seriously about buying some land and building myself a house. Some days this seems possible and exciting, but at other times it feels very much like something that other people do while Kevin McCloud watches on, waiting for the inevitable disaster.
I’m really good at
Many things, but bragging about them is not one of them. I'll try.

I can design things, and draw them in a passable sort of way. I know about building contracts and party wall awards. That's got to be a turn on for someone, right?

I can roast meat quite well, and I know how to barbecue without causing illness.

I can rock climb a little bit, but while I have reasonable technique, I am hampered by laziness and poor muscle condition. The roast meat can't be helping either.

I have some experience administering Exchange servers. This is of very little relevance in this context.

I'm generally told that I'm a kind, caring sort of chap. I don't know about that, as I'm usually quite hard on myself and treat myself with a sort of careless indifference. I'm also told that I give good cuddles. The Little Cat certainly doesn't complain.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have no idea, as I no longer have long, messy hair...

I'm tall? I could stand to lose a couple of pounds?

I am usually wearing a white t shirt and jeans. This doesn't make me look like a young Marlon Brando.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Anything written by Tom Wolfe, Ian Rankin, or George R R Martin. I'm currently reading The Name of the Wind, which makes Game of Thrones seem pretty mediocre in comparison.

I love dark dystopian movies, like Blade Runner or the Christopher Nolan Batman movies.
However, I am of the belief that the movie industry is currently being massively outclassed by the tv industry, and that the best drama is being made in a long form serial format these days. I love Justified, Boardwalk Empire, Luther, The Wire, Deadwood, The Newsroom, obviously Breaking Bad; frankly the list is endless, and if I were to continue, it would become all too apparent how much time I spend watching tv.

I'm an unashamed Steely Dan fan, but I also like most prog rock, particularly Pink Floyd. Also jazz and funk. I have a dangerously out of control addiction to vinyl.
I've been making a special effort to listen to newish music lately. The list includes Anna Calvi, Daughter, Midlake, London Grammar, CHVRCHES. Oh and I'm a massive fan of the wonderful Kate Bush.

I love most food, but the more natural the ingredients, the better. Meat. Lots of meat. And pies. With meat in.
Six things I could never do without
My smartphone, my cat, my car, my tv, my wood burning stove, and Robinson's summer fruits squash.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Architecture and how it ought to be done better.
Why the perfect Android keyboard does not appear to exist.
How I would cope without my Little Cat.
Why most people seem to like things which are obviously rubbish.
Where the most perfect pork pie is to be found (I've actually got a pretty good handle on this one - it's probably made by Jackson's of Chesterfield).
On a typical Friday night I am
Sitting at home, by the fire, with a glass of wine. Often with fish and chips. Always with The Little Cat.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I watch far too much tv, and need to get out more.

Actually that's not that private. In fact it's obvious to all but the most casual observer. Sorry.
You should message me if
You're interested in a relationship based on intelligent conversation, mutual respect and closeness.

Because of my leanings towards poly, I'm not necessarily looking for The One (that, as we all know, is Neo), I'm looking for interesting people with whom I have some sort of connection. I have no preconceived notion how that looks, sounds or feels.

It's not all about sex, if you just want a hook up, I'm probably not your guy, certainly not if you don't want a conversation first.
The two of us