44Seattle, United States
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My self-summary
What to say about me? Well, I'm an INTP,(Introverted Thinking with Extroverted Intuition)my primary mode of living is focused internally, where I deal with things rationally and logically. My secondary mode is external, where I take things in primarily via my intuition. I live in the world of theoretical possibilities. I see everything in terms of how it could be improved, or what it could be turned into. I live primarily inside my own mind, having the ability to analyze difficult problems, identify patterns, and come up with logical explanations. I seek clarity in everything, and are therefore driven to build knowledge. I am the "absent-minded professor", who highly values intelligence and the ability to apply logic to theories to find solutions. I am typically so strongly driven to turn problems into logical explanations, that I live much of my life within my own head, and may not place as much importance or value on the external world. My natural drive to turn theories into concrete understanding may turn into a feeling of personal responsibility to solve theoretical problems, and help society move towards a higher understanding. I value knowledge above all else. My mind is constantly working to generate new theories, or to prove or disprove existing theories. I approach problems and theories with enthusiasm and skepticism, ignoring existing rules and opinions and defining my own approach to the resolution. I seek patterns and logical explanations for anything that interests me. I'm usually extremely bright, and able to be objectively critical in my analysis. I love new ideas, and become very excited over abstractions and theories. I love to discuss these concepts with others. I may seem "dreamy" and distant to others, because I spend a lot of time inside my own mind musing over theories. I hate to work on routine things - I would much prefer to build complex theoretical solutions, and leave the implementation of the system to others. I am intensely interested in theory, and will put forth tremendous amounts of time and energy into finding a solution to a problem with has piqued my interest. I do not like to lead or control people. I'm very tolerant and flexible in most situations, unless one of my firmly held beliefs has been violated or challenged, in which case I may take a very rigid stance. I'm likely to be very shy when it comes to meeting new people. On the other hand, I'm self-confident and gregarious around people I know well, or when discussing theories which I fully understand. I have no understanding or value for decisions made on the basis of personal subjectivity or feelings. I strive constantly to achieve logical conclusions to problems, and don't understand the importance or relevance of applying subjective emotional considerations to decisions. For this reason, I am usually not in-tune with how people are feeling, and are not naturally well-equiped to meet the emotional needs of others. I have a problem with self-aggrandizement and social rebellion, which will interfere with my creative potential. Since my Feeling side is my least developed trait, I may have difficulty giving the warmth and support that is sometimes necessary in intimate relationships. I am usually very independent, unconventional, and original. I am not likely to place much value on traditional goals such as popularity and security. I have complex characteristics, which may tend to be restless and temperamental. My personal weakness- not naturally in tune with others' feelings; slow to respond to emotional needs. Not naturally good at expressing my own feelings and emotions. Tend to be suspicious and distrusting of others. Not usually good at practical matters, such as money management, unless my work involves these concerns. I have difficulty leaving bad relationships. Tend to "blow off" conflict situations by ignoring them, or else they "blow up" in heated anger. WELL THERE YOU HAVE IT!!! THAT'S ME IN A NUT SHELL!

I am masculine, adventuress, and an old soul
What I’m doing with my life
Living in the moment because that's all we truly have! I work I play when I can! I read, I love, and do my best to keep my life simple!~ Bruce Lee once said "the key to brilliance is simplicity"!
I’m really good at
Dancing! (you know what they say about how well a person can move on the dance-floor)
The first things people usually notice about me
The shaved head, the tattoos, and my stretched ear-lobes!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Music- modest mouse, james, the smiths, joy division, bjork, bob dylan, james blunt, damian rice, tracy chapman, the cure, smashing pumpkins, Depeche Mode, my life with the thrill kill kult, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Nick Drake, Green Day, Janes Adiction, Johnny Cash, The Killers, Korn.
TV- Seinfeld, Golden Girls, Batman: The Animated Series, GI Joe, Six Feet Under, Sopranos.
Movies- Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, district 9, Batman: The Dark Knight,
Books- Ishmael By Daniel Quinn, Walden By Henry David Thoreau, Where The Wild Things Are, Where The Sidewalk Ends, Green Eggs And Ham......
Six things I could never do without
There is nothing I can't live without! Except maybe air, food , and water!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
On a typical Friday night I am
I almost always work fri. night! My friday begins Sat night, and then it's usually dancing If I can!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Deep down I'm a hopeless romantic!
You should message me if
You are looking for a great friend with endless possibilities!
The two of us