38Conshohocken, United States
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My self-summary
I moved to Conshohocken from Rhode Island January 2012. So far it seems pretty cool. I'm looking to meet new people and am excited for it...

There are two types of people in this world...people who stand still on escalators and people who walk on escalators... I walk on them. How about you? (OK, Three types...the people dreadfully afraid of escalators too...) In other words, I like women who take initiative and live their own lives independently, unfazed by taking risks from time to time...

I generally enjoy life, I love sleeping and being awake, but hate waking up AND going to sleep (I know it makes no sense). My perfect day would have 28 hours. 10 for sleep, 18 awake.
My personality is pretty sarcastic and I CAN actually laugh at myself. I give myself way too many reasons to...

I'm also a believer of taking time to stop and appreciate the little things. Sounds corny, I know, but I really do. Like the taste of the first sip of orange juice in the morning, or the feel of the air on a cool summer night. It makes me feel good to stop and realize to myself that, "right at this moment, shit's pretty awesome". Whatever it is. I'm definitely looking for someone with that same mentality.

I'd really like to find someone epic...like really epic... I have had a string of serious relationships (3+ years) that didn't work out to the point of marriage and family. Sounds sappy, but that's what I'd really like to find. I just haven't found the right puzzle piece yet. Maybe you? I don't know...
What I’m doing with my life
Exploring my new habitat.
Attempting to get good at disc golf.
Enjoying my days and tearing up my nights...
Being completely open to all new experiences.

There's always money in the banana stand...
I’m really good at
Surviving awkward moments
Cooking. I'm awesome in the kitchen and love to feed people. Plus, the cook doesn't do the dishes...
Math. I'm a numbers guy.
Remembering people's names.
Poker and Blackjack

Wow, just occurred to me that I sound really cocky... Damn!

I'm a karaoke whore. I'll sing anything with anyone.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm taller than you and I got some nice brown eyes.

Why don't you tell me?....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Food...was a vegetarian for 11 years, but happily an omnivore again... I'm making up for it. Love to cook, I'm open to anything, and my inner fat kid is a total foodie...

Movies and TV don't really hold my interest too long... I mostly like brainless comedies and adult swim. Recently got hooked on Chopped...
Love Always Sunny, Arrested Development, The League...oh, and Jeopardy...love to humble myself...i count my correct answers...my record is 36 out of 61

Music...All of it...really. Please show me something new and cool...
Six things I could never do without
Besides the obvious like food water air shelter friends and family...

In no particular order...
Disc golf!!!
A variety of craft beers in my fridge
420 (I could live without it, but I'd rather not)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why is every girl on this site "laid back?"
How to enjoy things, spin the negative into positive, why things flow the way they do...
And when is the next cool person going to cross my path??
On a typical Friday night I am
This is a really pointless question...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My brother is my best friend and we were both adopted by the same awesome parents. Yes he is my biological bro...pretty awesome

Also, I'm probably the only straight guy you know that has seen almost every episode if Sex and the City...and the movie...but only the first one
You should message me if
You like what you read here...hopefully you got a few laughs...

You have any of the following traits. If you have all of them, you're probably my epic dream girl.

You can parallel park....or at least ask me nicely to do it for you or teach you..( I'd like to think I'm a really good teacher)
You like good beer or wine.
Your name is Stella.
You are fun.
You can help me get better at disc golf.
You are a magical sprite.
The two of us