31 Sacramento, United States
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My self-summary
- Recently moved to Sacramento from San Francisco.
- Bay Area native. Duke grad.
- I'm a corporate lawyer but I am a lot more fun than I'm sure that sounds.
- Have lived or studied in 7 different countries. Tokyo and Paris are my favorite cities.
- Favorite moments in life are when laughing to the point of tears.
- Big sports fan, particularly football and college basketball. Played basketball and football in high school and ran track briefly in college.
- When I retire, I want to live near the ocean, produce music, and coach high school basketball. My dream job is to be a dj.
- I am open to most things at least once.
- Likes genuine and caring people who are funny and relaxed.
- I only pee'd the bed once in college. ;)
You should message me if
You're smart, sexy, sweet and fun.

I like girls who are educated, attractive, athletic, come from a good family, don't take themselves too seriously, have a positive attitude, and can laugh a lot.

There are so many great women out there but they all seem to have one quality or the other and I'm hoping that someone has the whole package.

While I'm not settling until I find this mysterious being, I love meeting new people. The journey is always fun at any rate. :)