24 Queens, United States
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My self-summary
I am probably the most easy going, coolest, most sincere person you will ever meet. I'm not big on judging others. I'm a humanitarian. I absolutely love animals and volunteer anywhere whenever i have the time. I rarely ever get into conflict with people. I joined this website because I wanna meet people who could perhaps become good friends. I absolutely have no problem with randomness, so talk to me about anything that comes to mind. Oh and im not completely on here to find "true love". Don't get me wrong, it sounds nice and everything, but realistically true love comes hard. None the less, if I miraculously find my true love through okcupid, great...and I'll stop cracking jokes on people who join dating sites. If I don't, its always great to make a new friend, which is what I more likely expect out of this :)
What I’m doing with my life
I'm that weird super non-religious fourth grade teacher at a Catholic school; go figure. 🤔
I’m really good at
I am a kickass writer. Seriously, my writing is amazing. I can kind of play the piano. I'm a great problem solver. Supposedly Im really good at making people feel dumb...not that I do that often. Im okay at plenty of other things, but that's as far as my strong talents go. Oh and I'm great at memorizing phone numbers...for take-out restaurants.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile maybe? Or that I'm left-handed

Another thing people normally notice about me is how stress-free I carry myself. Don't be fooled! I have a shitload of things to worry about. I just try not to think about them.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: "Tuck Everlasting" (first book that got me interested in reading), "Water for Elephants" (the movie does it no justice), "Paradise Lost", "The Canterbury Tales", "Dracula", "Persuasion", "Pride and Prejudice", "Leaves of Grass", "Perks of Being a Wildflower", "Kama Sutra" (interesting shit in there)...my list is endless, but by now you should get a better idea of what I like to read. Pretty much anything about everything as long as it's interesting. My most recent favorite book is Chariots of the Gods by Erich Von Daniken; yes I believe in other worldly beings 👽

Movies: "Les Miserables" (greatest fucking movie ever!), "The Lion King", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (2003...new one is wack!), "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle", "Meet the Parents", "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane"...and of course those sappy romantic movies based on Nicholas Sparks' novels :)

Shows: "Ancient Aliens", "Family Guy", "I almost got away with it", "Locked up Abroad", "Teen Mom", Catfish", "The Big Bang Theory"

Music: I'm not really picky. I have a pretty wide range, so I'll just name a bunch of stations: 92.3, 100.3, 103.5, 97.1, 105.1, 106.7, 102.7...yea those are my presets

Food: This is how I know my husband is gonna be Italian...nuff' said.
The six things I could never do without
Besides the necessities like food, water, people, air, etc:

1. Pen and journal (I can write for HOURSSS)

2. Money $$$$$ (it really is the key to happiness when you think about it. Financial issues are the #1 cause of divorce in America)

3. Car keys (I guess car has to go along with it)

4. Fuzzy socks (so soft and warm)

5. Gum (keeps me focused)

6. My bed & blankets (I can fall asleep anywhere, but nowhere feels as good as your own bed)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
My dog 🐶
On a typical Friday night I am
On a typical Friday night, I am more than likely home. I don't go out as much as I used to when I was younger.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
There's a lot of things I shouldn't be willing to admit this easily, but here goes.

1. I have a fear of things with symbols on them that go against God. Like if I walk into a clothing store, and I see a sweater with upside down crosses, or a pentagram, I'll get scared and leave right away...and I'm not even really religious.

2. People laugh at me when I say I want a Toyota Prius, so I lie and say I want a Camaro. But now, I'm considering a Nissan Rogue as my next move.
You should message me if
If you like what you read, message me.

If you believe in aliens, fire breathing dragons, big foot, and mermaids, and Atlantis, message me. (I don't mean that sarcastically. If its such a worldwide "myth", there must be some truth to it, right?) If you think I'm crazy, that's understandable. I've gotten that reaction before. If you agree or wanna disprove me, or enlighten me, great :). I'm always open to hear various opinions.

If you've made it to the end of this profile after reading everything in it, kudos to you. Pat yourself on the back :).