61Ottawa, Canada
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My self-summary
Time to edit this profile...okcupid appears to be a superior site if you take the time to answer the questions. Possibly foolishly I have invested an inordinate amount of time in my answers and comments but I am a well defined person who feels confident portraying myself openly and honestly! When I review some of the answers back and see control, judgement, closed mindedness I know I couldn' t be interested. I have no shame on being on this site and find it a great way to get to know people prior to meeting. I am happy to email more pictures if requested and I' m interested.

My profile is LONG however...if you truly want a meaningful connect and want a clue who is behind the face...then please read it. If you don't have the time...in truth you don' t have time for me. I want a relationship based on substance!

I have been incredibly blessed in life, great kids, a beautiful grandchildren. I have been deeply loved, shared my life with the most wonderful man...he has since passed away...but his gifts to me were immeasurable and I am a more joyous person from the experience. The more you love the more you are able to love...how lucky am I!

Life is about sharing with those you love, it is empty if there is no one to give to. I see challenges as opportunities to grow and know yourself better. I try to live a life of accountability.

I am a passionate person, very loving, with a lively sense of humour and a bit of a brat, and quite independent! I love to learn and grow, I am very curious. I live a life of accountability...there is no room for blame, it blocks growth.

Like all of us there's lots more but that is the fun of spending time together and discovering. I would hope for an encounter with someone who is not bitter about the past and wants to live in the present moment building foundations towards a good friendship and hopefully more. I also believe, heart and soul, that in the building of a relationship it needs to start slowly, obviously there has to be chemistry, things in common, values in common, but a gentle, respectful beginning, built on the desire to be friends first, allowing us both time to decide if there is a future. Aggressive, angry, insecure men have absolutely no appeal to me! At this stage of the game peace reigns, which does not mean dullness!

I live by the following: Wishing to come from soul not ego


How can I tell the difference between my ego and my soul?

Your ego always knows,
And your soul doesn’t need to know.
Your ego lives in fear,
And your soul lives in trust.
Your ego resists when things aren’t going its way,
And your soul surrenders, trusting that the river of life is taking you exactly where you need to go.
Your ego dwells in the past,
And your soul lives in the present, with the profound knowledge that this moment is all there is.
Your ego will do anything to be right,
And your soul knows that it will gain strength, knowledge, and wisdom from all the times it is wrong.
Your ego is serious,
And your soul is light and joyful.
Your ego blames,
And your soul takes complete responsibility for co-creating every circumstance.
Your ego stands in judgment,
And your soul comforts you with compassion.
What I’m doing with my life
Loving my work as an interior designer;
my art and writing; hiking.
Making quality time for my grandchildren, daughters and close friends.
Research and learning.
Appreciating thunderstorms;
dragonflies,hummingbirds birds, dogs,cats; I' m an animal lover.

I love gentle souls, men who can cry freely; but have strength of character and are confident with a good sense of humour

And more that is important: thinking,
debate, peace, open mindedness,
mind melding, fire, mountains.

I am passionate about reading and reading to each other; sharing.

I love being goofy,
acting like a kid, laughing hard and out loud, laughing at myself.

I love the outdoors;
creative souls; un-judgmental souls;
dancing; romancing mother nature and all her creations;
other cultures;
cleaning toilet bowls oh yeah indeed for sure;
entertaining.... I love cooking for those I love;
CBC radio;
positive people; confident people.

I enjoy photography; communication; builders;
renovations; interior design...
yoga meditation; buddhism;
I get exercise by:
hiking, biking, kayaking, cardio kickboxing, cross country skiing;
I need to be in nature,
I need to grow and learn.
Backgammon and chess and the odd card game are fun.
I also love WATER...being near water, swimming, snorkelling!!! LOVE IT
I could go on...life is never dull...I am always open to new experiences.
My latest interest....science
What would you love to teach me?
I’m really good at
Bringing people out of themselves...hearing them with my heart, loving and appreciating people, being a friend, cooking, my art, listening, communicating, writing, reading, learning, growing, creating ...writing too much in my profile ;-) Answering too many questions...and guess what...asking more.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile and my eyes
how outgoing I am
my warmth
My big laugh
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I used to be able to do favorites, however, now I have too many. I am a voracious reader and yet, it is the literature I read earlier that resonates the most, shaped and formed me. Currently I am reading Tolstoy's War and Peace( it might be on here for a long time...it is not easy to get into, at the moment it is feeling like homework...I am making notes)
and at the same time Bill Bryson's Notes from a Big Country ( now finished)...devastatingly funny....if you need to laugh and enjoy an intelligent, informed author....treat yourself...if you don't get the humour we would never get along :-) I am now on a roll of reading everything he has written! I have a personal library of around 2000 books...from classics, Canadiana, greatest American authors...love Steinbeck, too long a list...and I even read some fantasy (Lord of the Rings...Golden Compass etc)... I have even enjoyed some science fiction...not space "stuff". I also enjoy nonfiction...anything on other cultures, Buddhism...the list goes on!I might add that I own books rather than use the library because I am really bad at returning them and you can't highlight and make notes.

Movies: too many to list...there are so many great movies, not fond of violence, or movies poorly acted, or movies lacking a message...and I love to laugh...some great foreign movies as well.

Music: Blues; jazz; classical; rock....and open to some of the rest. My favourite current classical: Gorecki' s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs...the Polish version sung by Zofia Kilanowicz played by the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra...the first time I heard it it touched my soul and made me cry...I was in the car and had to pull over to take it all in! My songs...Over the Rainbow ( favourite version Eva Cassidy) and It' a Wonderful World ( by wonderful Louis Armstong)...and isn' t it just!

Food: fresh, lots of flavour, fresh herbs, healthy to a degree...quite versatile, like LOTS of variety. I am not fond of Chinese nor any internal organs...
Six things I could never do without
my values
my sense of humour
my positive attitude
my family and friends
my ability to love deeply
my passion
....and being one to not follow rules...I need to add more...BOOKS...my curiosity....essential...and so are the others
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Life in general .... what makes us tick ... how do we take the lessons of life and become better people because of it. The world we live in ... how we are stewards to this planet ... how blessed I am to be Canadian. Spirituality ... what is it? I never stop thinking ... about everything ... it never ends!!!! Isn't this how we learn and grow ... it doesn't matter what age we are we always have have something new to learn!
On a typical Friday night I am
There is nothing about a Friday night that is typical ... I am spontaneous ... open to what life presents me, and I grab it and live it fully
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I cannot stand someone trashing their former partner and taking zero accountability for how they do-created it, I am instantly turned off! Being a positive person I need to be around positive people who see the good in others!
You should message me if
...you are open to deep sharing, willing to start slowly, open to new possibilities, are honest and have a strong value system; you are intelligent and can communicate; you are open minded and lack prejudice; you are confident; you want to fully live your life without being crippled by judgement....and you better be able to laugh hard at yourself and the insanity in life and please....park your ego...it really gets in the way....and be curious...willing to constantly learn and follow the path least travelled....even in your mind! I would promise to do the same.
The two of us