36Tucson, United States
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My self-summary
Well, for anyone who visited me before, work in progress. (If you didn't be glad you're not seeing the old eyesore that was once here. YEESH!)

To summarize the important parts::
* I'm gay
* I'm a gamer

...yes, I'll even put those together and call myself a gaymer -- why not, don't knock it...

* I'm (more or less) considered straight acting. If that's an issue, feel free to move on. I have nothing against flamboyant gay guys, I'm just not one myself.
* I'm not good with bigots / zealots / homophobes.
* I love people with strong opinions as long as they can have intellectual discussions about the whys and wherefores of them.
* While I am currently single, that does not mean that I'm desperately horny / interested in a one off. If that's your scene, that's your business. No judgment, I'm simply not interested.

OK, that's about it. Next section!
What I’m doing with my life
I'm working full-time (call center... woo?) and biding my time until fame (or infamy, depending) finds me.

I'm also working on writing my next book, which is slated for publication whenever I actually FINISH editing it -- which, at the rate I'm going, is gonna be around the end of the world. (Unless a madman with a blue box shows up, in which case it was published centuries ago.)
I’m really good at
...knowing the answer to things that most people would never stop and think about. Really, extremely random things. (The common things that everyone seems to know, however, I'm lucky to get a passing grade on. >.>)
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes for some weird reason, then my voice, and finally the fact that I talk very fast and tend to trip over my words if given a chance.

Also, the fact that I'm very affectionate with friends and loves alike, though my displays of affection might vary depending on the person. (Anything from cheek-kisses and hugs to pokes and wrestling around.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Anything by Mercedes Lackey, and a fair smattering of other "sword-and-sorcery" fantasies as well. (If I haven't read it, feel free to suggest it. I'll add it to the ever-growing list of books to read before I die, which is my true claim to immortality.)

Movies: Hard to pick one, especially when I'm usually gaming or reading instead...

Shows: Bonus points if you can figure out how all three of these work with the same person::
* Doctor Who
* Game of Thrones
* Glee

...yeah, neither can I, actually. XD

Music: If it's got catchy lyrics and the music isn't half bad, I'll like it. Pop, rock, r&b... just no gospel. :P

Foods: Cheese is the 5th food group. Chocolate got bumped down.
Six things I could never do without
In no particular order::
* Gaming (ok, maybe some of it is ordered)
* Love
* Caffeine
* The Internet
* My friends
* Sleep (bottom of the list on purpose, because it's both loved and hated -- ask and I'll explain, probably)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Video games, non-electronic games, romance, and more video games.

That's not to say I'm incapable of deep thought, but rather, that I tend to let it process through and return to my entertaining thoughts.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either at work or playing video games. I'm telling you, really not all that hard to figure out. (Or am I?)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
My biggest personality flaw is that I see the good in all people while being cynical about mankind as a whole. I've been beaten down (metaphorically and literally) so many times that it's impossible for me to see the good in all humanity anymore, but at the same time, each person, when alone, has the capacity for so much purity and good... it's astonishing.
You should message me if
If I haven't scared you off yet or said anything that directly bars you from talking to me (ie. you're a bigot, shallow, or contacting me so you can save my soul and get a toaster), we could be friends at least. I'll never turn away a friend, unless they turn on me first or stop having any use for me as a friend.

Also... and I never thought I'd have to say this until it happened... if you're a deeply closeted married man who needs to contact younger men and start conversations on a sexual level, I'm not the one. Don't worry, I won't out you, but I will block you immediately.
The two of us