46Syracuse, United States
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My self-summary
Okay. I keep forgetting that I'm even on this thing, until I get a message that someone wants to chat or whatever. I had a crazy long, dorky summary up on here, but I'm taking it down and making one that's shorter and dorky. I figure I can make it YOUR job to ask me stuff. Chicks are supposed to dig mysterious dudes, and all that, so for now, I'll leave it at saying I'm just a genuinely good guy, (who takes horrible pictures), who's a lot of fun to chill with, and can be a little silly once in a while. Okay, a LOT of the while. :P You be silly, too, please.
What was I doing? Oh yeah. Now, not to say I don't like a nice evening at home, doing the couch and movie thing, (because I do), but I'm also pretty social, and like to get out and do things. And even though I already a lot of amazing people in my world, I'm always down to meet some cool NEW people. Soooo...if you think you wouldn't mind us getting to know a little more about each other, hit me up. Hey, you'll probably get a free dinner outta the deal! I'm sure I've got a BOGO Arby's coupon laying around here somewhere. :P Just playing. We always eat nice things.
Oh. And before I get any deeper into writing this wacky thing, I feel it's important to let you know that I spent a lot of my years bringing up two of the most amazing daughters this world has ever seen. They taught me a lot about life, love, and the need to put others before myself. I definitely like myself a lot more than I did 15 or 20 years ago, so I'm pretty sure you will, too.
Well that wasn't all that much shorter AT ALL. $#&*@!
What I’m doing with my life
Working, schooling and starting a business. Definitely not sleeping.
I’m really good at
Self-deprication. You gotta be good at something, right? (Except, I'm SO bad at it).
The first things people usually notice about me
My boyish good looks.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books? The Stinky Cheese Man! I think that counts as food, too. I read non-fiction, for the most part, when I do read. I have enough fiction going on in my own world, so if I make an attempt, it's usually sociology and history and reference kinda stuff. The occasional biography. Art books...(lots o' pictures for my 7 year-old brain). Coloring books count for something, right?
I'm ALLLL over the place with music. I'm a product of the 70's who grew up in the 80's and 9...well...actually never grew up, but I am lucky enough to have been witness to the birth of some of history's most amazing sounds. I've been collecting records since I was 8, and used to DJ wayyy back in the day. REAL DJing. Not this push-a-button and call yourself a DJ crap that every d-bag with a laptop seems to be into doing these days. Zhugga-zhugga DJing. I have everything from the truest of true Funk, (my first childhood love), to the cheesiest of cheese Disco. Classic Rock and World Beat and Indie to Jazz. KC and the Sunshine Band to the JBs to Adam Ant, (a sudden innuendo follows...), Public Enemy to Nine Inch Nails. Yes, records. They're what real DJs use. They're coming back. I SWEAR it. Stop laughing. One minute I can be drifting Into the Mystic with Van, and the next, I'll be nodding to some Ras Michael, (even though my dreads were lopped off many moons ago). For good measure, you can throw in some Tool, STP, and other assorted pop masquerading as alt rock 90s stuff. Well, it WAS alt if you're old enough to remember rock radio being made of nothing but VH and Zeppelin every hour on the hour. But who needed the radio, anyway? Records! The last thing I was squawking to on the ride home tonight was some 90s stuff. OLP. I made it through Clumsy, and just started in with the first few seconds of some Silverchair before I reached the driveway. Wasn't quite in the mood to drive around the block to finish it, though. How fitting...I'll be starting out my day screeching out Tomorrow...tomorrow...which I'm already partly into...today. :P Again, I'm all over the place with music.
The same can be said of movies. Let me begin this section with no offense intended...but zombies suck. I mean, there once was a time when they definitely didn't. WAYYY back in the day. The Serpent and the Rainbow doesn't suck. But what they've done to zombies is reminiscent of what they did to Hip-Hop. Realized their marketing potential, (after having swept them under the carpet for generations), and destroyed them beyond recognition to sell you t-shirts and boxed sets. How ironic is it that they've used zombies to turn you into...well...I digress. Movies. Very rarely will you find me preferring the remake to the original. There's a reason why they call it the original. I'm very into docs like The King of Kong, and anyone who can make it through Dear Zachary without shedding a tear, isn't a human being. I prefer to laugh, though. I HAVE to make my family sit through Planes, Trains and Automobiles every Thanksgiving. But I turn the volume down on the part with all the F-bombs, because my mom is in the room. That's like watching a show with mom, and a tampon commercial comes on. I wanna spare us both the indignity, y'know? I like thinking movies, too. I'm from the school that knows just how much spaghetti westerns rock. I don't know if it's a guy thing, but just about anything Clint Eastwood has ever been in will make me waste my day laying around, staring at the screen. I mean, I'm no cowboy, but Outlaw Josey Wales? Hang em High? The Man with no Name trilogy? I don't even wanna get up to pee when they're on. I have to admit, I did get a little weepy over All Dogs Go to Heaven, too. C'mon, now! Charlie didn't have to die! They coulda let him live. That's some BS right there! For real.
Food? I cook it, you eat it. Italian is nice, 'cause it's crazy easy. Sushi and Thai are always nice, and I do enjoy them, but they're kinda like the Starbucks of cuisine. Everybody's eating them and swearing that they're the shiznit because they're sushi and Thai. "Ohhh, I just can't make it through the week without my SUSHI". "Sooo, I was sitting in this THAI restaurant the other day, and blablablah." Just replace the words sushi and Thai restaurant with the word Starbucks. Screw Starbucks. For a few years now, I've been honing my TexMex skills, which I like spicy. And yes, my guac is badass, thank you. Food. Man throw thing on fire. Fire make thing into food. Food good. Ug.
Six things I could never do without
Ha! Things. That's silly.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
That blue raspberry lemonade stuff I bought at that Wilson's Farms a few weeks ago. I need to get back there.
On a typical Friday night I am
Buying everybody else's drinks.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I own a body pillow. JOKE! Really. I got rid of that thing weeks ago. Well, I was dumped. I don't wanna talk about it. *sniff*
You should message me if
You've made it this far and aren't notifying your local authorities yet. And, I'm not all that picky about age, young or old, I have plenty in common with both, and have a great time with whomever, but I have to admit, I DO like it when, in conversation, I mention Hong Kong Phooey, and you understand that I'm not ordering Chinese take-out. Substance. If you have substance. Even if it's silly substance. Also, any amount of barefoot dancing in your history is a plus, but not a requirement.
The two of us