39Asheville, United States
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My self-summary
I'm an ENFP bluesman musician, chef, mountain worshipper, and an aspiring amateur politician Euthanasia & Abortion provider. 1/2 sensitive artist yogi mystic and 1/2 survivalist bookworm scientist.

I have worked as a musician for most of my life (I play the oud, like to loop stuff, and have finally mastered the one handed clap, In between gigs, I've worked in the craft beer world in a variety of capacities, I have recently also finished a new educational path towards pursuing an integration of passions along with an interest in medicine and healing arts.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm less than a year back in Asheville from Boston, where I went worked as a Musician and Educator, I travel during the week mostly in WNC and Charlotte in the craft beer business, but have my weekends free, I have other goals for the future but really enjoy my daytime gig.

In my free time, I love composing and improvising blues, jazz, and world music with other creative people and am equally passionate about all things gastronomical from cooking traditional haute cuisine european food to down-home creative takes on traditional southern foods with heirloom ingredients. Basically, the more steps involved, the more i'm intrigued, lately i've been trying to master Dim Sum and gotten really close to perfecting Xiao Long Bao, Shanghai soup dumplings.
I’m really good at
Creating tasty nostalgic food and animal sculptures and sauces, Listening, Making Tunes, Doing accents, Being silly in other ways, Teaching, selling, organizing (weird right but despite my scattered artist brain, I've actually got an analytical organized side), Surviving, I'm an emt as well and have been into health and fitness and the outdoors for a long time, whether it;s skiing, paddling, camping, exploring a cave underwater, or jumping off waterfalls, i'm usually game.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books, an equal part Non-fiction (Science, Psychology, Philosophy of mind) and classics and poetry ranging from Twain, Joyce, Shakespeare, Greek tragedies, ...I love Pablo Neruda, and my favorite current author is the late great Irish poet John O'Donahue.

I love film as an artform (Cohen Brothers, Kurosawa, Bertrand Blier, David Lynch) but do occasionally and at times more than i'd like indulge in a b-rate movie just for the sillys,

TV, there are some great shows like Game of Thrones, the last american man, and Downton Abbey, but it isn't really an important point for me to connect on, other than to say, I'm not super into watching sports, but will watch big games socially, I really don't watch reality tv, and if you are really into the desperate wives of Survivor Honeybooboo, we will probably not become best friends.

Music, I love Blues, soul, R&B, Funk, Jazz and have grown up playing and come from 3 generations of professional musicians playing african american music. That being said, i listen to a lot of music ranging from Brian Wilson, Duke Ellington, Hung Huur TU, Anouar Brahem, She and Him, Old Crowe Medicine Show, Rubblebucket, Guns and Roses, I worship Chopin & Gershwin, Johnny Cash, Freddie King, Johnny Guitar Watson, Otis Redding, Ray Charles was the best, The Whispers, Andrew Byrd, Die Antwoord, i could go on...

Food, I can't possibly answer this question other than to say, if you aren't really into letting your 5 senses guide you in life and think food is just utility, we won't be friends or anything more. I love learning about cooking, and breaking bread with others as it holds the passion and love glue of every culture together in such a sweet and memorable way. I expect to continue learning about everything from pickling and baking to molecular gastronomy and butchery until the day I Die and epic dinner parties are kind of my thing.
Six things I could never do without
Explore Inside Out
Taste Smell Touch Play Learn Laugh tout
Feel Love Sing Soul Spout
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Humanity, evolution, ethics, neuroscience and all the exciting things we are relearning about what we thought we knew, Politics (with a big P) not the little p puppet show of wall street oil company employees currently residing in Washington DC's capital building, what I can do about it,

As deeply concerned as this makes me, I am simultaneously elated to see the combination of knowledge, technology, social justice, and while staying informed try to stop and count the wonderful advances in social justice that have been made just in my short life. I've been touched by the transformational power of playing music and singing in another tongue to breakdown conflict and create human conversation where words fail.
You should message me if
If you're as curious as I am about the world in which you live and love learning, cooking, making tunes, being silly, being random and kind, traveling, You want to make tunes, or create a new art form that I don't know about yet,

Are willing to talk on the phone / meetup in person, I prefer social interactions with surround sound and faces not letters and emoticons, I am hoping to meet some new friends that i might otherwise miss and have a lot in common with in a town so full of friends, it sometimes feels impossible to go out alone and meet new people.
The two of us