44Swan View, Australia
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My self-summary
how to describe my self ? without indulging my rampant narcissism ? well i'm kinda short, i have 2 x eyes (blue ones...pretty!!!!!), a full complement of limbs and digits (with no extras that i know of), i had a beard but now i don't (if i can find where i put it i may have one again) i like ladies, i can read and write , i know how to use a computer, i think i'm kinda smart (others have occasionally said my great intelligence arises from buttock area...but what do they know :P ), some might say i am a master of sarcasm (or possibly it has mastered me :/)
is that me in a nutshell ? (no this is me in a nutshell baby!! ++insert scene from Austin Powers movie here++)

I am cheeky, philosophical, and [censored] :P
What I’m doing with my life
attempting to mould myself into some kind of supreme being and transcend mortal existence (there must be a button to push somewhere that does this right ?)
and looking at icanhazcheezburgers (i like cats ok...JUST BACK OFF!!!! :P)
I’m really good at
well pretty much everything except public speaking, remembering things, telekinesis and navigation [though i seem now to have become somewhat of a navigatory svengali . i just have to listen to the lil voices in my phone instead of the lil voices in my head. the ones from the phone seem much more practical... if somewhat duller]. i am working on the telekinesis but the other issues seem to be far to mundane and boorish to hold my interest for any significant amount of time.
The first things people usually notice about me
possibly that i occupy space and reflect light in such a manner as to suggest some form of corporeal existence ? or that i am NOT a 30 foot tall shiny robotic hamster waving a stick of rhubarb while screaming "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!!" ?
who can tell what goes through someone else's mind ? and would they admit to it anyway ?
maybe if i mesmerfied one of them with my mesmerfying eye simulcrums i could get the truth out of them. but some one might see it..not worth the risk to my plans for world domination i think. wait...where did i put my beard ?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
yes books movies and food are some of my favourites...is that what they are asking ? i mean really who would be silly enough to ask me to list of everything i like ?...sheesh...ahh well... i'll give it a try

hmmm book wise
i like SF and fantasy..not really a crime murder mystery fan (who cares who killed colonel mustard unless he did it with a frikkin laser beam or the sword of atlantis ?).
a few recent ones (well not so recent now. i have discovered audio books though {and totally dominated them!!!}..not too shabby if you can put up with american accents )
Stephen Erikson
Peter F. Hamilton
Louis McMaster Bujold - any of them
Any and all classic SF and Fantasy - (John Whyndam, Arthur Conan Doyle, etc.)
i also like graphic novels (shiny pictures!!!!). u know... Alan Moore knows the score 'n all that

pretty much any sci-fi and fantasy(twilight is neither), i have a strange attraction to japanese monster movies (godzilla, gamera etc.), post apocalyptic movies (mad max, 24hrs later etc) and british gangsta fliks "init guvner"(snatch, lock stock etc.) and i am afraid i have to admit i do upon occasion watch drama with out being forced (but not sleepless in seattle, beaches or pretty woman...im not that masochistic).

well there aint enuff space here to list what i like. from dance/electronica to 80's rock, gothic abba covers to brit trip hop. and even that doesn't cover it :/
but i suppose i can whack in a few examples.
fav band ever: Depeche Mode

other all time classic fav's: Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Massive Attack, Me First and the Gimme Gimme's, The Stranglers, Ladytron, Steve Miller Band, The Chemical Brothers, ELO, Ween and just about any 80's Pop/New Romantic (Spandau, Frankie, Duran, Mr Numan...u know all of ma funky big haired glitter n stud wearing peeps)

newish favs:(some of these are no longer "newish" and i cant guarantee regular updates)
listening to Example at the moment, Skrillex, City & Color, The Black Keys, Band of Skulls.
i recommend: Voltaire Twins (locals YAY!!) https://www.facebook.com/voltairetwinsband
The Jezabels, Neon Indian, Howling Bells, Active Child

The Knife, Empire of the Sun, Pendulum, Ladyhawke(and the movie too !! awesome Queen soundtrack which blew me away when i saw it in cinema), M83, The Presets , Santogold, Vampire Weekend, Van She, The Wombats, Sarah Blasko...must stop myself..too many..loosing control.....

mmmm glorious food..i like just aboot everything that doesnt look like a some kind of mucus secretion or comes under the heading of "offal" (or "awful" either come to think of it :P)
Six things I could never do without
well i think i could pretty much live without almost everything. material possessions are mere ephemera anyway right ? apparently I could live for up to 3 days without water even. a more accurate question would be 6 things i would quite like not to do without. in which case:
-car/motorbike (hmm learning to ride..is this my midlife crisis ? or maybe mildlife crisis :P)
-friends (no not the stoopid tv show... i mean just how annoying can that "ross" guy get)

haha and now you all think i am quite normal...how wrong you are my soon to be minions!! wait did i just type that out loud ? drat :(

hmm i would just like to point out --> "universal constants of physics". apparently they are essential, but i can remember eating one ...ever... maybe they are like vitamin d. wonder what one tastes like ? chicken i suppose :P
I spend a lot of time thinking about
YES!!!!!! finally someone gets me :P
I think ABOUT all the time. Possibly too much to be healthy. Maybe I am addicted to it ?
On a typical Friday night I am
and on most other nights i am too (because i think ?). it would seem that "not being" is a fairly common occurrence as they have given over an area here solely to confirm or deny if you stop existing regularly every friday. cookey shazbut :P
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
yes...well once i [censored] a [censored] while i was [censored] but of course the [censored] didnt [censored] so i [censored] and [censored] until [censored] [censored] was [censored] and [censored] itself.
You should message me if
yes a nice massage would go down a treat :D
ohhh wait...message :P you are female (required), intelligent (preferred), attractive (not in a newtonian gravitational sense) and if you have the chutzpah.
remember..... look into my eyes!!!

BTW if i dont reply to IM's it probably not that im being rude....i just leave the ol' 'puter on "all day and all of the night.. uh huh uh huh" (name that tune for a bonus 50pts) :P

Also if you are going to just remove your profile while we are in the middle of communicating...a little heads up would be nice (and by nice i mean shuold be mandatory) b'coz why would you do that ?????
The two of us