56 Charlestown, United States
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My self-summary
Guys are simple; I’m a guy.

Some learning I've had from on-line dating, that I'll share here so as to not waste your time (or mine) :
- if your on-line profile is blank (in other words, you cannot put even minimal effort into describing yourself so as to try to find a decent match for you), then I'm probably not a good match for you. I tend to find that a blank profile will get responses from less than desirable matches, and you'll be frustrated with the entire experience.
- Same with not providing a few pictures with your profile.
- if you're bipolar, we probably are not a good match (lesson learned, the hard way). Corollary : I am working on making certain that I not allow myself to consider dating such.
- I am one who will 'discuss' and defend my positions (some refer to it as 'argue'). It's not arguing, it's a discussion. And I'm actually very open minded to other perspectives (just be certain you are willing to defend your perspectives).
- if all you bring to the relationship is good looks . . . that's not enough.
- I value strong work ethics (moreso than some of these 'fancy' educations). If you're the bag person at the grocery store, I believe you should strive to be the best bag person at that, or any, store.
- If you don't eat meat, we're probably not a good match. I was raised in the Midwest and we eat meat. I have nothing against non-meat eaters; I just don't like to be the only one on a date eating meat.
- if you don't have a drivers license and a car, I'm not the guy for you.
- I actually harbor the notion of having a wife and family. Yes, at my age! (I'm a late bloomer, and that's what I'm striving for).
- I have a tendency to respond to emails, texts and voicemails (from people I know or am getting to know) rather promptly. This often gets mistaken as 'overanxious' when in fact I subconsciously consider it 'rude' to purposely wait to reply . . . .once I've already read or heard the message.
What I’m doing with my life
Waiting for the annual cable TV channel changes to be announced (now that I’ve learned the current channel lineup).
Trying to figure out how to get off this on-line site, as expeditiously as possible.
I’m really good at
Fiscal responsibility;
Putting (as in golf);
Seeing the irony and humor in most situations in life (the other day my boss and I had a mis-communication, and he emailed , “Sometimes you are less than helpful.” I thought the appropriate reply was, “Focus on the other times” (but didn’t want to ‘poke the bear’).
Getting over disagreements quickly . . . .If it’s not going to be an issue 40 years from now, then I try to move past it (and since I’m probably not breathing 40 years from now, there’s not many things to hold a grudge about).
Giving Relationship advice (I’m 100% so long as I’m not one of the persons involved).
The first things people usually notice about me
My unusually large hands (for a man).
My smile.
That I look 15 years older, and 25 pounds heavier, than my on-line pictures.
Apparently I have some quality that makes people start conversations with me and share their life stories (complete strangers)! UPDATE : I've learned this is a true persona, known as an "Empath." If you read about it, everyone thinks they're an Empath . . . not to the degree I experience it. (just a factual observation).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I’m a guy (as noted previously) . . . really?
I suppose I can’t see enough of the movie, 'The Titanic.'
I'm not a foodie, but I do enjoy pizza for breakfast.
The six things I could never do without
Properly inflated tires.
Memories (mostly future, many past)
Free upgrades.
‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’ (counting that as 2)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why strawberries seem to go bad within 24 hours of bringing them home?
Why people don’t know their next door neighbors?
How pro sports, those self-regulated legal monopolies, are the only hundred billion dollar industries that are 100% legitimate (except for pro wrestling of course)?
Why celebrities feel compelled to share their political views (as if acting makes one super intelligent on what’s going on in the world)? Perhaps more importantly, why do people base their political opinions on something told to them by celebrities? Do you base your medical decisions on advice from celebrities?
Why many people consider someone who’s pledged themselves for life to another, and broken that pledge, to have fewer commitment issues than those who have not broken such a solemn commitment?
If the woman on this site who has a profile picture of herself in her wedding dress, may be holding onto the past a little too much?
On a typical Friday night I am
I don't have a typical Friday night.
You should message me if
You don't live beyond your means, and. . . .
You recognize that neither this, nor any other dating site, is a panacea for finding ‘the one.’ It's just another means of meeting people.
Meet them, have a good time, if you're attracted to them then see them again . . . . and if you’re able to string a number of such instances together, then you're well on your way to a good (possibly very good) relationship.
You've been known to eat meat (I was raised in the Midwest; I eat meat).