47Minneapolis, United States
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My self-summary
Recently a few different people have described me as subversive, which I think is funny. They tend to also describe me as smart, creative, and excentric, but nice. They also say that if I was trapped on a desert island, I wouldn't need any three things because I could make do with what I found. Those are the only self referential memes I've played with so far.

I enjoy playing singing bowls, sci-fi, fun movies, fun music, camping, peanut butter malts from Culvers, the quest for personal enlightenment, the quest for the perfect hamburger, absurd humor, and life in general. The glass is either half full, or twice as large as it needs to be.

The personality gauge on this site says I am less loving and more pure. Clearly there is a flaw in the system.

My online ID is because I love dogs. One day I was bored and created a dog cult for people to worship dogs. Dog is good. Dog is wise. Feel the love of Dog and know that it is good. Then people started joining. Lots of them. And I was a cult leader. So I laughed and gave it away to some of the early disciples.

I am excentric, happy, and Pagan

(note from early 2012; I just realized that I haven't updated this profile in about two years. Some particulars have changed, but thematically it's fairly similar to where I am now)
What I’m doing with my life
When I was in grade school, people often asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I would tell them that I wanted to be wise. I don't know if I will ever be able to make such a claim, but I do live a good life
I’m really good at
painting, playing singing bowls, designing tarp structures, most creative endeavors, identifying songs from before 1995 within the first ten seconds, massage, fire tending, happiness, knowing the difference between further and farther, and most things generally. I tend to be competent at whatever I put my mind to. Oh, and being humble.
The first things people usually notice about me
my big goofy smile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(a) books: I tend to read for research, so my favorite book is probably the dictionary.

(b) movies: I tend to like B-Movies, Sci-Fi, Action, and Horror, but there are lots of movies I love which don't fit those categories like The Princess Bride, or Little Miss Sunshine.

(c) music: In my youth I was into everything alternative and was such a regular part of the local punk scene that I never had to pay my way into shows. As I get older, I find that I tolerate a much broader range of music. I don't take it as personally. Honestly, I can't even name a band that's come to prominence in the last four years. I just enjoy it in the background, washing over me. Although I still can't tolerate country music.

(d) foods: Hamburgers (I do shamanic work, and most of my spirit critters are carnivores). Other than that, if it's good, I'll eat it, except fish. I don't eat fish or fish like things. This doesn't make sense to people who love fish, but I'm okay with having a quirk.

I truly love fried green tomatoes. The key is to fry them slowly over a low heat (no more than 325 if you've got an electric skillet). It should take about 45 minutes to get it just right. The slow cooking really brings out an extra taste that is amazing. Since it takes so long, and I only have four burners on my stove, it's really a good thing to do when people are over and being social, and we can enjoy this delicacy over the course of an afternoon.
Six things I could never do without
oxygen, water, food, a sense that what I am doing is what I ought to be doing, the ability to avoid trauma as a result of exposure to the elements, freedom

I don't mean this to be as flippant as it sounds. I value self sufficiency, and so most of the things people list here are things that I probably could do without, and I value that I can do without them.

Fortunately my zombie defense plan does not currently need to fit into the top six of my hierarchy of needs.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Now to make my profile more searchable: altars, alternative religions, alternative spirituality, animal rights, art, beliefs, beltaine, beltane, bonfires, camping, cauldrons, community, cosmic, cosmic consciousness, creating art, creativity, death, divination, dogs, elementals, empathic abilities, empathy, energy, energy magick, energy working, enlightenment, esbats, ethical non-monogamy, fae, faerie, faeries, faery, faerys, fairies, fairy, fairys, familiars, festivals, fey, fire, flirting, ghosts, glass etching, goddess, goddess worship, goddesses, gods, greek pantheons, green, green man, halloween, haunted places, hauntings, healing, history, hugs, individuality, karma, lunar cycles, magick, mead, meditation, metaphysics, midsummer, midwest, moon, moon magick, moonlight, mystery religions, mysticism, mythology, nature, nature spirits, npr, occult, pagan, pagan festivals, pagan networking, paganistan, paganism, pagans, pantheism, pantheons, panthiesm, paranormal, paranormal activities, paranormal phenomenon, parapsychology, past lives, peace, pentacle, pentacles, philosophy, polyamorous, polyamory, polytheism, polytheist, priestesses, psychic ability, psychics, reincarnation, reiki, religious tolerance, sabbats, sacred harvest festival, sacred places, sacred space, samhain, scrying, shaman, shamans, shiny things, shopping, singing bowl, solstice, souls, spirit guides, spirits, spiritual development, spiritual healing, spiritual paths, spiritualism, spirituality, summer, telepathy, the after life, the moon, the night, the other side, the paranormal, the shadowlands, the triple goddess, totem animals, totems, triple goddess, wheel of the year, witch, witchcraft, witches, witchvox, witchvox.com
On a typical Friday night I am
If I'm not working, I'm practicing with my reiki group at the Eye of Horus from 6:30 to 9pm. We advertise it as Reiki, because people know what that is, or can at least look it up, but in practice I also do a lot of other energy healing work using singing bowls, shamanism, and a bunch of techniques I've discovered on my own including one which seems to be good at alleviating headaches, and another which increases tolerance to cold.

(another note from 2012; the reiki group has gone away, but I am still out doing Pagan stuff)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes when I'm at my most happy and up-beat, I've been known to spontaneously break into MMMBop.

I cry when I watch The Incredibles (that movie just gets me).

I completely love my wife, Quility. I enjoy going clothes shopping with her because I get to see her try on lots of cute outfits. I think that our relationship is about as perfect as anyone could reasonably hope.

I completely love my girlfriend 1Riversong. She is so stunningly beautiful and her body is so perfect that sometimes I feel like I am with a woman who is way too young for me.

Yes, I am also admitting to being polyamorous. However, I have a job, a wife, and a girlfriend, so from a scheduling point of view, I'm not looking for anyone right now.

I joined OKCupid many years ago because I enjoyed playing the games and posting the results on LJ. (Kudos if you know what LJ is and still have an active account.) I've never actually dated anyone I met here.

I really don't think that I am that similar to the guys listed on the right.

I've done things just so I can check off purity points.

I think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with snorting while laughing.

Looking through the profiles, I'm getting the impression that I'm the only person on here who does not drink coffee, drink beer, hang out in bars, or watch sporting events.

I am enjoying going through profiles, and trying to determine compatibility on a five star rating system.

I always have a plan B. It's something I learned from watching Stargate SG1: plan A never works, so always have a plan B.

I think I look good in a kilt.
You should message me if
you're into alternative spirituality or if we have rated each other well.

Although to be totally honest, I don't regard it as being in my best interests to either encourage or discourage you from messaging me. I'm not trying to sell myself here, I'm just having fun trying to create a profile which represents me accurately. I look forward to seeing if anyone reads the profile and decides to message me, or give me four or five stars, or whatever. Networking is fascinating.
The two of us