43Los Angeles, United States
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My self-summary
Describe myself in a little box. Here goes...

I think it is fairly difficult to draw the fine line between describing yourself and not have it sound like shameful boasting, but I guess we are all in the same boat, so....

I grew up in the South. Therefore, I am very familiar and accustomed to walking on the correct side of the street, opening doors and not talking with my mouth full. That should be a plus.

I can make decisions like "Where are we going to eat" very quickly.

I look like the sort of person people would ask for directions..I guess I look approachable or something? Along those lines, if I'm lost, I'm going to ask somebody. I went to culinary school for fun. If I say I am going to call, I call. I know all my grammar and won my share of spelling bees, know the correct usage of your and you're, their, there and they're, but I don't correct anyone, that's impolite. I can never, ever find my keys. Upon re-reading this paragraph I realize I am really jumping around, but ideally that's how an ideal conversation goes for me. So much to discuss, so little time. I think this might tell you a little bit about least maybe enough to keep reading?

Ideal Person: Sure, I could run down the laundry list of open, smart, funny etc.. ultimately comes down to a willingness to be yourself and not pretend to be something you aren't. This is the kind of thing, if you have any sort of intuition, you can pick up on. We all have a BS meter. Someone who understands the phrase 'someone who's got your back'.

I will say I'm old enough now to know what I want, so if you are just 'dating around,' or playing the field or sowing some oats, I might not be your guy. I would far rather go on one date instead of 100, so re-read that sentence and please make sure that you are nodding 'yes' after reading it. I like people who are diverse and game for anything/everything... I like to play pool, tennis, enjoy the Sunday Times crossword(or really any sort of game that's word-related), but none of it is a requirement to know me...I'm interested in finding out what other folks enjoy. I want that 'ideal conversation' I mentioned above to happen with us often - excited to know more about each other. If you can make me laugh without trying, there is a lot of potential. If you are extremely driven and know what you want and know how to get it, we're on the same page.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm always doing what I would most regret not doing later. Period. What are those things? Well, maybe you can write to me and find out...
I’m really good at
1. telling a good story
2. knowing when to listen
3. making people feel comfortable
4. cooking
5. making out lists of things I am good at
The first things people usually notice about me
For some reason I just look very approachable. I hear that the most. And then my dreadlocks. No, really! No, not really.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Well, if you subtract my age, I am of the male gender, so I feel that The Empire Strikes Back is the finest movie ever made, of course. However, my most recent favorite movie was a small indie called "The Way" with Martin Sheen. I recommend it.

Music: Ben Folds can do no wrong in my opinion, and as a result I like a lot of other piano-driven groups (also because I play piano). I like everything from Tony Bennett to Steely Dan to Public Enemy (I was on a breakdancing team - really) but you probably won't see me at a country music concert, unless it is a deal-breaker, in which case, I'll manage.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The Deep Field.
On a typical Friday night I am
I am probably out somewhere.for the first time as after a few years I'm still finding new things to do in LA. I am en ex-NYC'er so I am more accustomed to hurtling underground in a steel tube to get to places instead of a car, so I am understanding what a designated driver means.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Right now, it is this. right here. These online dating shenanigans. A necessary evil, they say. Learn to love.your enemy, lemonade out of lemons, etc
You should message me if
you read any of the above and think "Hey, I think I'd like to message that guy!" It is as simple as that. Not too complicated. My dad always said if you don't ask the question, the answer will always be no. Good stuff to live by.
The two of us