23Hanover, United States
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My self-summary
well me right now just got back from traveling a bite, was in school dropped out change my major and doing it online back home in hanover. i am down to meet new people all the time i am going through alot right now missing alot of things that i used to have. Now I am just living life to the fullest. i want a LTR in the end i am down for anything through.
With that i also mean if you want to meet me at a Walmart at 2am to see if i am a serial killer go right a head i grab some hot drinks or cold drinks and meet you right there
i work for Walmart I plan on being there, moving up with the company and going to the corporate office one. I travel a lot with the company as is. When I am home and not travel I work right there. in school for retail management. i honesty dont know where i see my self in 5 years just know I am looking for store planning with Walmart . for now i just hope i can get a house and have a boy friend and maybe just the white picket fence dream.
well that what it is right now :)
I am a hopeless romance Romeo basically :)
I love going out on dates living in the moment. This is just somethings I have to say message me to get to know my view on life.
By the way with me on a date I love just doing what you want to do. I am supportive of my friends and family as well and close to them well getting back into getting close to my family
What I’m doing with my life
career driven at Walmart been working at "walmarts" sense i was 18 and yes i said that right "walamarts" been traveling with the company and just came back i help open new one's every once and while but i been in 11 locations sense i was 18
With that I write a lot and yes even through my grammar might be bad I can say this I am taking enlighten classes now to improve my English. With that I am also saying this I am having my first book of many publish right now it's in the publishing process and hoping this year I will be selling them through Walmart and amazon
Will say this as well I don't really take photos of my self I take the photos so k don't have many of me just a FYI because I don't really take good ones in my opinion haha
I’m really good at
I like roller derby skating I love going to work out hikes I am a beach boy so any water sports and any thing at beach is amazing
with that i also like to do an y types of sports i am a jock at heart
like right now i am learning to fix cars and getting my lisceases for one.
i am not the type of person to go shopping but if i have a date i will go shopping everyday if that is what you like........just a fyi my shopping includes going to dicks buying some nice shoes and going to jc penny grabbing the first thing that catches my eye and leaving the mall no fashion sense but with a little help that could change
The first things people usually notice about me
Well my eyes have a problem with them changing
My ramdoness me just being me
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
ok City of Bones, City of Ash, City of Glass, alec is such a sexy beast :)
The Fallen Angel
Any imortal instrument book can't wait for the 2014 :)
Harry potter<3 all the way ron and molfoy are sexy :)
Ghost Grave
i am number four
raise my voice
1 number one m ovie i love to death TO SAVE A LIFE:) my favorite of all times
CSI all of them
Charm<3 number one show )
my favoritee thing about food it is so good :)
Anything on plate even my man ;).
Six things I could never do without
1. tattoos
2.gym live
3 friends
4skate derby!!!
5 sports soccor mainly
6 cars
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future my life as a special effects artist and trying to found a settle job with my major and a house.With a guy by my side every step of the way
On a typical Friday night I am
i go skating with friends i like trying to be a professional speed skater if not i am at the movies at the mall in the next town over or doing something with skating ....then I am with my friends playing sports
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a lot of secrets walls that I am hoping I can found someone to break them down lol:)
But mainly I want to have a job so that if my boyfriend / hubby does not have to work he don't I want him to lean on me I want to give him the whole world and more :) so working my ass off now is for him and always will be that way
You should message me if
ok message me if you want I am happy meeting new people anytime of the week:) message me. I need a guy in my life:).
The two of us