38Somerville, United States
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My self-summary
One of my friends nicknamed me "PTMI" ("packs too much in"), because I like to stay so busy! Don't get me wrong…totally enjoy lazing around on the couch too! Love games, sports, the outdoors, and traveling. Hoping that finding someone will both help me slow down my pace at work and speed up my love of adventure. Ever see the show, "The Amazing Race"? …don't really want to be on TV, but the idea of traveling the world (for free, mind you!) and participating in all sorts of risky (yet safe since you're on TV) activities, all in the name of competition, pretty much sums me up. Want to apply with me ;-) ? My friends and fam would probably also describe me as generous, easy-going, and thoughtful - they might mention my killer dance moves too (though some might argue I stole a few moves from Elaine Benes). Some of my friends like to poke fun at the "d&m's", as they call them, that I like to get into - c'mon, who doesn't like a good deep and meaningful convo?! All in all, I work hard, I'd like to play harder, and I have a lot of great people in my life - and although I can be stubbornly independent, I'd rather share my life with someone else :-)
What I’m doing with my life
I am a school counselor, working with high-risk teens. In 6+ years doing this, I've never had a boring day at work! At the end of the school day, I quickly switch gears, and head to the lake (not during the winter months, of course), where I coach a rowing team. My rowers finished undefeated this past fall, and celebrated by tossing me into the lake in 40 degree October weather! …sweet swim :-) Think I was meant to do what I'm doing for now, but I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up! Outside of work, time with my favorite peeps, heading to the gym, and going on adventures keeps me busy! Just need to figure out how to get more travel across seas into my life!
I’m really good at
Driving backwards and parallel parking. Playing games (board, not mind!). Working with teens. Making my 2-year old niece giggle. Meeting new people. Ping-pong. Balancing a lot. Taking on challenges. Making a mean caesar salad. Dancing. Going with the flow. Trying new things. Driving a motorboat. Planning events and rallying people together. Hopefully online dating???
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes...
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
As a kid, loved Lloyd Alexander's "The Chronicles of Prydain" series, and would like to reread as an adult! Loved "The Things They Carried" as a high school student. More recently, found personal meaning while reading "The Alchemist". Recently subscribed to "National Geographic", and currently ripping through the "Hunger Games" series.

Love movies, ones I haven't seen and ones I've already seen, and admittedly, I think my favorite part of going to the movies is watching the Previews! Some favorites include "Princess Bride", "Karate Kid" (the original, of course!), "Back to the Future", "The Notebook", "The Sixth Sense", "Glory", "Old School", "Little Miss Sunshine", "Austin Powers", "Good Will Hunting", "American Beauty" - boy, I could keep going.....

Still watching "Friends" reruns. Loved "Six Feet Under", and am now a committed fan of his "True Blood" series. Laugh out loud every week, watching "Modern Family". Am sad "Homeland" is not returning until September. In the midst of a "Breaking Bad" marathon now. Watch the news every morning, while getting ready for work, and tune into CNN, while at the gym.

Love all music - seriously very eclectic taste - and I love to sing out loud, especially while driving. More recent shows I've been to include "Black Keys", "Allman Brothers", "TV on the Radio", U2, Sara Bareilles, Moby, Lady Gaga, and the "Life is Good Festival" (Martin Sexton and Ray LaMontagne were awesome!). Off to see Paul Simon and Sting this March! So thankful to Pandora for keeping me current, so I don't get sucked into the repeat sounds of 104 :-)

No restrictions, I like everything. Not a big dessert gal. Can walk away from sweets any day of the week, but a plate of nachos and a big glass of coke always have me at hello. Being healthy is an important part of my life, but I certainly like to indulge on the occasion too - everything in moderation.
Six things I could never do without
1. Family and friends. You are who you surround yourself with, right? My family are my friends, and my friends are my family.

2. Music. Listening, singing, while working, while exercising, loud in my car. Music is such good therapy!

3. Exercise and Outdoors. Outside and being active is my happy place. Running. Hiking. Skiing. Rowing. Tennis. Kayaking. The list goes on. Though, I do think I was born into the wrong part of the country sometimes, I love fall, spring, and summer activities!

4. Games. I am a super competitive person, not just coaching or on the tennis court, but also sitting across a Scrabble board, sketching a Cranium challenge, or betting around a Poker table.

5. iPhone. Embarrassed to admit it, and want to chuck it across the room half the time, but have grown a bit dependent on it.

6. Laughing, the best medicine of all, right?!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
People I love. Where to travel to next. How to slow my life down. My bucket list. Personal goals. My next career stop. Work. Jacob vs Edward (kidding!). What's next?!
On a typical Friday night I am
Don't have a typical Friday night...
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I think I'm honest to a fault sometimes, so take the time to get to know me, and I'll gladly share with you whatever you'd like. Gotta pay some dues first though ;-)
You should message me if
I want someone I can order take-in and curl up with in front of a movie, play a game of tennis with after work, go on hiking/camping trips with, get dressed up and go out dancing once in a while with, plan for some international adventures with, be totally entertained sitting across a Scrabble board with, be challenged by and carry meaningful conversation with, and of course, who I have terrific chemistry with.
The two of us