26 Bergen, Norway
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My self-summary
I´m a mentally-55-year-old hippie who actually should be a farmer. And I'm the cool nerd, even though I'm not that hipster-ish.

"What does hipster means nowadays anyway? Is it like in "Howl"?
What I’m doing with my life
Studying, working, substaining my slum family that would confuse you anytime.
I’m really good at
everything. You have to have that attitude, or you´ll never learn the things your not good at. Telling yourself, or others that your not good at something a form of self-instructing yourself that is very destructive.

But I´m extremely good at slaugthering chickens and improvising satanic rituals.
The first things people usually notice about me
"Wow, nice tattoo between your tits. No, I wasn´t looking at your tits!"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Schoolbooks, since I´m a student and don´t have time to read other things. Though I read Momo by Micheal Ende out loud at work when I get the chance, and I try to read Tom Hartmans "The Edison Gene". And I just read Dali´s Mustache.
But thats just now. I love Wuthering Heights by Emilie Brönte, everything by Charles Bukowski, Orlando by Virginia Woolf, I still love JK Rowling though I havent read her book for grown-ups yet, I like Poe (the cliché goth I secretly am) and I like beat-litterature.

And I wait all week for the next episode of Fringe. When the show is over I´m going to lock myself in amber, cause I´ll have nothing to live for anymore. And I have an intimate relationship with everyone from Criminal Minds. And I just fell in love with Pushing Daises and saw season 1 in 1 day.

Also, I believe I am the reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner, since I actually gets him. And I see gnomes too.

And I just saw Tori Amos in Berlin. You didn't. Therefor, you suck. I have this weird thing with Amanda Palmer, and I listen to her a bit too much because we are each other. I love CocoRosie and Under Byen and a lot of people and a lot of instruments and every sound thats nice.
The six things I could never do without
You know, I had six things here, but after going back to the slums in Nairobi again I'll have to say I'd manage without everything. Maybe not water and love, but that's about it.

I spend a lot of time thinking about
How fucked up the public health system is, how much I want to kill for lack of morality and love amongs those guys. The junkies in the park, how much I love them and how much I'd love to be able to do something for them. Where the flame goes after its been blown out. Why people think Puff the Magic dragon is about pot, I mean, is it like the pot is depressed if you stop smoking it? The Matrix. Construction of clothes. Relations. Blood. DMT. How many of the thought we have just are illusions that they are free thoughts, and are actually constructed by something extrernal. Illuminati. Words. The past. Goethean science. If you drool in your sleep and sleep on your back, would that make you drown. I think about fucking a lot. I think about fucking Christina Appelgate during class. No, I dont think about fucking my family, thats gross.
On a typical Friday night I am
Planning a violent takeover of the world, drinking milk from dirty cups and read schoolbooks. No, really? Work. I dont drink nowadays, so I dont go out so much and I dont think its that fun anymore anyway. Last friday I spent with my 65 year old housemate, drinking coffe and sherry with her neighbour. And sometimes i hang put with ex-convicts and people on rehab. Yeah, I´m that kind of charity-Laura-Palmer.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I know a guy who has a chicken in his house with the leg tied to a table and eats from the floor.
You should message me if
you remember what it was like to first get laid, and you went like; "Daddy, are you sure this is right?"