35Springfield, United States
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My self-summary
Have to put a change in here. I don't check my okc often. It is wonderful to get messages and to see all the wonderful people on here. I would love to meet you great, fantastic, unique individuals. However...I'm In a complicated relationship now. It is unfair for me not to put this here first. Please keep looking at my profile and sending me a message if you would like. It's nice, you know?

*i love to laugh and make others laugh. i love it when i can cry. oh the sweet release of emotion. life is so beautifully messed up, and how great that is.
*i am a creator. i am an artist. i am not being, oh what is the word.. pretentious? it has only been within the past few years that i have become to realize this. my self confidence grows more every day. i often live in the worlds i have created, and hope to see them someday.
*i have lived a very hard life and lived it hard, if that makes sense. im on the up, been on that path for some times. i fall more often than i like, but i always get up. i am independent in many ways, but do need help sometimes too. this latter is difficult to ask, but it gets easier too.
*i am spiritual though not religious. i love all beliefs that dont found themselves on destruction. I don't know if I believe in god.
*i hate politics. They make me go Grr. i think "they" are trying to kill me. half joking.
*please do send me a message if you would like to learn more.
What I’m doing with my life
I’m really good at
making one laugh
sleeping and then waking up in a cold sweat or from sleep paralysis
being scared of strangers/paranoia
having a creative mind
being generous
Obsessing if the end is nigh
The first things people usually notice about me
my low resonant voice
my large frame, not really overweight. just think i dreamed myself into existence to resemble a viking
i would like to think i have a handsome face
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
food=cheap Chinese
expensive sushi or nagiri, good fresh burger or steak still bleeding
authors=terry pratchit, king, brian jaques, christopher moore, plus any dystopian and post apocalyptic genre books. also love comics
also enjoy listening to educational books
movies=a touch of evil, blade runner, dark city, the crow, leon the professional, night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, brahm stokers dracula, star wars Harold and Maude, demon knight, one flew over the kookoos nest, Cass Blanca, so many good ones.
shows=firefly, walking dead, stargate universe, black books, invader zim, adventure time, torchwood, venture brothers, the X-Files, faulty towers, big bang theory, Rosanne, grace under fire, arrow, family guy, UFO and ghost hunting shows, stuff on history channel or Nat geo.
music=ahh, too many, my mp3 player confuses people. lots of nin. Tom waits, orbison, marylin Manson, harry nilson, the cure, depeche mode, audio bulleys, how to destroy angles, tool, billy holiday, Blondie, four non blondes, coctaeu twins, Amy whinehouse, aphex twin, Bach, Bauhaus, Bjork, nirvana, blind melon, squirell nut zippers, bob Dylan, bob Marley, Mila, johnny goes on
Six things I could never do without
*pocket knife or multi tool thingy
*a journal for ideas, they appear so strong and fast and leave like a leaf on the wind
*water, duh, but i hate it
*my bed, or rather blacked out window bedroom
*right now my meds, including smokes and my anti-anxiety pretty blue pills
*my art, take that away and remove that which is me
I spend a lot of time thinking about
i worry and stress a lot about how fast my life is slipping past and that i am not close to where i want to be. i also think about the magical, beautiful, dangerous realms swimming in my mind. i do tend to think a bit about how i would survive an apocalyptic world too. my favorite is the demonic and then zombies. oddly its the more realistic bio-weapon kind that scares me. too many innocents, too many tough decisions.
On a typical Friday night I am
going to bed after work, first food, movie, shower. monday feels the same as a friday now a days. though friday tends to bring out more people than i generally like to be around. will go out, even have a good time, i just like a lower key. too much crazy energy. of yeah, im an empath. throw that out there i guess.
You should message me if
You are interested jn what you have read. I am not a message first person, so please feel free to. Kinda shy.
The two of us