61Milpitas, United States
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My self-summary
Poet expressive misplaced in a technical career. Love dancing, theater, singing, nuzzling, and giving back rubs. Own cashmere sweaters, a replica of Excalibur, a tuxedo, lots of garage tools, a djembe drum, and 3 pairs of ballroom dancing shoes. Love to talk, to shop, and hold hands while walking. Meyers Briggs ENTJ: extroverted and intuitive. My passion is ballroom dancing but freestyle is just as much fun as long as we have eye contact. Love singing multipart choral music and group participation games at parties. Grew up in New England, went to High School in Pennsylvania and University in central New York. I really miss autumn foliage and laugh at anyone who says it is cold in the Bay Area.

Very reliable but have an impish sense of humor and am creative without being too impulsive. Ivy league education, I have a knack for expressive word pictures and am an asset when playing Trivial Pursuit. Effervescent imagination, great at brainstorming. Handy around the house, I can fix anything but a broken heart. Had lots of psychobabble training and am a good listener. Love all passionate music (Andrew Lloyd Weber) and anything you can dance to. Big on balance. Honesty and integrity are non-negotiable. Do not watch broadcast or cable TV but have Netflix to catch up on the classic movies I missed while spending my 20's as an officer aboard a nuclear submarine. I love foreign languages and accents. My hands are always warm and I cry at sappy movies. I am a kinesthetic and whatever you're wearing, if it is cashmere it looks great. Very affectionate and enjoy giving massages (your feet will love my hands).

I've skied the Alps, windsurfed and gone scuba diving in Hawaii, been to Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy, Ireland, and Australia. Love the ocean and playing in the surf (dolphin in a previous life).

I am an MKP ( New Warrior and am a man of integrity, mission, and service. My great joy is to invite and staff the orientation weekend that brings more men into this space, saving the world one man at a time.

I am an empty nester enjoying middlescence. Looking forward to exploring life's important questions: (1) how long can I kiss underwater, (2) how many toes can I get to simultaneously tingle by using just my lips, (3) which Champagne goes best with chocolate truffles?

You are the woman my heart has always longed for....

You are creative, educated, intelligent, and have a good sense
of humor. You will notice interesting situations and sometimes create a funny story about what is really going on between two animals we see during our walks.

You accept cherishing and pampering as a guilt free gift and
enjoy giving and receiving pleasant surprises.

You are curious and interested in growth and learning. You courageously speak your truth because you know honesty is the foundation of intimacy. You challenge both of us, delighting each of us as we discover we are both more amazing than even we knew.

You are body aware and appreciate touching and being touched. You are self confident with just a touch of show-off and will occasionally turn and delight us both as you make a move with a bit of dramatic flair knowing I see the creativity, impishness, and occasional sassiness and that I love all of it.

You are capable of doing needed things to maintain your household and are wise enough to ask me to do many of them, knowing that being a man of service is one of my primary love languages. Fixing something for you is a joyous opportunity to express my love and to celebrate my handiness. You don't fully understand it, but accept it and just marvel how much I enjoy it.

You love kissing. You love the type of kissing where time stops as our hearts connect, our bodies merge, and our toes tingle.

You are creative in word and deed. You delight in my efforts to
text you a double entendre or send you a poem that weaves some part of our last time together with something familiar from your favorite author or song. You randomly surprise me with a mix of the things we both like such as inviting me to Home Depot on a week night a half hour before closing to join you for a chocolate truffle and decaf espresso at a romantic Parisian bistro that moments before was a humble table in the lawn furniture department.

You approach love making with an ever changing mix of curiosity, playfulness, creativity, and passionate abandon. You will enjoy the evenings I take you as if we were to die at dawn as much as the evenings I spend hours cursively writing poetry across your body with a feather.

You love children more than you love cats and dogs, for you know that a kind word to a child positively changes the world forever. You, like me, feel the twinge to the heart when a tired or ignorant parent is angry or insulting to a child, and can hold both the sadness and compassion for both of them.

You have lots of interests, and are clear that finding others to
share your passions that I do not is a much better decision than giving them up just so we can spend most of our time together.

You know that my heart's diet has three food groups, acceptance, appreciation, and trust. You understand how to nourish my soul as a man, not feeding me the diet that best nourishes you as if I were but a more muscular woman. You understand that as a man I use fewer words and that every one of them is important to me. You know that my ability to feel deeply is my most precious gift and my greatest vulnerability and you cherish it with sacred reverence.

You know that all of your feelings, including your deepest fears,
are welcome in my presence. You look forward to sharing them with me, confident that my strength, discernment, compassion, and insight will bless the expressions of your heart and completely defang and dethorn the fears and worries that followed you home. You are clear when to ask me to just listen and empathize and when to help you problem solve, knowing I am great at both but not always sure which to do when.

You are a woman who runs and jumps into the surf and will come with me to be the first couple on the dance floor.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm a systems reliability engineer keeping Apple iCloud mail working. I facilitate men's support circles for the ManKind Project, an international training and personal growth organization. I participate and facilitate in support groups and weekend trainings for personal growth. I mentor/advise young men in their lives, relationships, and businesses. I do computer system administration and web application consulting and love the variety and schedule flexibility it provides. I'm indulging my playfulness and creativity and looking for any excuse to make cool stuff with my welder, air brush, and glass blowing equipment.
I’m really good at
Brainstorming, problem solving, listening, fixing stuff around the house, giving the gift of feeling heard, improv, singing, creativity and adding fun to a party, seeing the focal issue in a whirlwind of emotion and data. I am really good in large groups of people, adding my music, singing, and playfulness to create a fun memory together.
The first things people usually notice about me
My blue eyes... and if they are conscious noticing how they gaze deeply looking for the connection that heart people seek.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Mythology by Campbell, Science Fiction (Heinlein, Asimov, Card) On Golden Pond, Matrix, Chanticleer, Michael Jackson, Madonna, anything spicy. The Van's restaurant, Birk's, Amber (yum appletinis).
Six things I could never do without
(1) Friends
(2) Music and singing
(3) Honesty
(4) Learning
(5) Dancing
(6) Swimming
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to merge my do list and my friend list to enjoy both more.
On a typical Friday night I am
on adventure. I could be at a play, ballroom dancing, attending a drumming class, getting out of the pool after a mile swim, dining with a friend, attending happy hour at a nice place with good food, taking a glass blowing class, building a book shelf in my garage, prepping for a camping trip, on my way to skiing, en route to staffing a personal growth weekend, hosting a murder mystery dinner party, helping a friend pack boxes for moving, hanging out in a hot tub, rehearsing a barbershop arrangement of an Irish Blessing, or being home on my computer.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I almost forgot the answer to this question is ON THE INTERNET and will be readable by a good chunk of the planet.
You should message me if
Deep down inside you really believe you deserve a deep, intimate, honest, exciting, balanced relationship with a caring, powerful, and honest man.
The two of us