46Sioux Falls, United States
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My self-summary
In my twenties & thirties, I used to be one of those drama queens that we all know. Like the state of Texas, all my dramas were larger than life. Granted, I had a propensity for exaggeration and hyperbole, but it usually was done to get a laugh out of friends or a rise out of enemies.

Now I'm a considerably quieter, more thoughtful person. Without the zany, sassy attitude (facade) I have found that I'm more at a loss for words and have been mistook for being aloof. My Myers-Briggs Type is: ISFJ. (For those who want to know).

I'm a conflict-avoidant type, but if something has to be said or done, I'll rise to the occasion.

I'm not a perfect man in any sense of the word. I'm not average either. I'm just me. Like anyone, I have my flaws, but I know that I have skills and abilities to compliment the right guy out there. So, here I am.
What I’m doing with my life
Hmmm... a loaded question.

I think I must have Peter Pan Syndrome as I refuse to grow up and be an adult just yet. I'm like a lump of clay in that I still really don't know what I want to do for sure. There are so many fascinating things out there and I find myself flitting from one interest to another, unable to commit exclusively to any one thing. I guess I'm the intellectual version of a slut.

Otherwise, I'm just living day to day, taking in what the world offers.
I’m really good at
I'm a hobbyist photographer. I don't think I've created any masterpieces yet, but sometimes my work gets the occasional notice at Flickr. An adjunct to my photography is 3D modeling. Photogrammetry is a fascinating subject that I can't quite let go of. I'm not that good at it, but I believe in the practice-makes-perfect adage.

When I'm not trying so hard, I can be very insightful about people and situations, but I'm still clueless about anything involving myself.

I'm always ready to lend an ear for friends. I'm the guy who asks how your day was and actually wants to hear about it.

I'm a little too good at *ahem* "acquiring" documentaries from around the world. If the BBC, PBS, iTV and many others only knew, I'd probably have a bounty on my head! I blame it on my demand to have better programming and documentaries with some quality production values and not just a lot of hot air and fluff like many domestic cable channels who's names will not be mentioned.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm very self-depreciating to the point of giving the wrong impression that I hate myself (I don't).

I don't have the best fashion sense. I tend to dress casually instead of stylishly. Cue the call from the Pink Mafia for me to return my card as I'm an embarrassment to our community.

I have strikingly blue eyes when I look eye to eye with others, but my deference usually makes me just glance instead of holding a steady gaze.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't read actual books so much like I used to. Increasingly I use my iPad as an ebook reader. I love having a ton of titles to pick and choose from in my hand.

I've gotten into Homer's Odyssey as translated by Fagles (I love his colloquial English instead of the Shakespearean English that was usually employed in past translations). I read many different history, art and archaeology titles. I am rekindling my love of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome by finding ebooks and adding them to my burgeoning collection.

I enjoy a good thriller/horror movie. I'm not a slasher flick whore, but more into the type of movies where there is an honest try at a good scare via tension. Some examples would be El Orfanato (2007), almost any of the Ju-on movies, Mama (2014), Yogen (2004) and even the original Friday the 13th (1980) -- even though it is a slasher flick, there is a lot of tension and a decent attempt at a plot that doesn't rely solely on blood and gore to carry the movie along.

I love documentaries about Antiquity, Art & Architecture and nearly any facet of History. My past and present roommates will tell you that if given a choice, I'd pretty much be stuck on H2, the Smithsonian Channel, almost anything by the BBC, PBS, ZED or iTV for their documentaries. I used to enjoy the original History, TLC, Discovery and National Geographic channels, but now that they've went all faux-reality programming, I barely if ever acknowledge their existence.

I enjoy SciFi too. Thanks to a buddy, I was re-introduced to Battlestar Galactica via the reboot. Oh sure, it has some weird moments that don't make very much sense, but at least the writers admitted they were making things up as they went along sometimes. Of course, I enjoy the Star Trek universe. Out of all of the incarnations, I'd say that it is a toss-up between Voyager and Deep Space Nine that I watch the most. I think Enterprise wasn't all that bad, but I'm in the minority apparently. I need to dust off my Doctor Who collection and the same for Babylon 5. Dating myself here, but does anyone remember the delightfully cheesy Buck Rogers in the 25th Century?

I mostly lean in the Classical Music direction. I don't know that much about it, but I just listen on a casual basis and grab whatever I like. Throw in a little New Wave and Pop and you pretty much have my listening list. My iTunes library literally starts with ABBA and ends with Xanadu (oh God I just dated myself again). I enjoy listening to almost anything by the Boston Pops. I have damn near every Pet Shop Boys album (hey, there's no shame in enjoying the Pet Shop Boys -- I could care less if anyone perceives that they are only for a subset of listeners, I still enjoy them). I have a bit of Erasure (a fond holdover from my 20s), the Eurythmics, Flock of Seagulls, a little Danzig (shocking eh?), L7, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Annie Lennox, the B-52's, REM, Olivia Newton-John, ELO and a lot more too numerous to mention here.

As for food, well you will never, ever meet anyone who's a junk-food aficionado like me. I know, I know, its bad for me, it'll kill me, but damn, why does everything I enjoy have to be illegal, immoral or fattening? I'm taking small steps to reign in my worst dietary habits and replace them with healthier fare. I don't eat frequently at fast food joints like I used to. I cook at home increasingly. I try to avoid the frozen foods aisle as much as possible. Still, it is tough but I think it'll pay off in the long run.
Six things I could never do without
My cats, Morris, Bailey, Shadow & Peaches, soda, my friends & family, my iPhone and the Internet. (Why impose an artificial limit? What we could live without changes as time goes by).
I spend a lot of time thinking about
What if I'd done this instead of that? Would an entire alternate plane of existence suddenly spring into existence? If so, what would my life look like by now?

What would happen if I had a way to time travel and see places and things as they used to be? Would I be noticed by the people of that era? (Probably).

What if I picked up the odd bit of pottery after it was discarded during one of my jaunts? Oh boy, so many paradoxes and potential time line issues I would have to deal with. And lets not get started on if I bumped into my ancestors or famous people before they became famous.

Yeah... nothing terribly practical going on upstairs in my mind and it's no wonder I'm diagnosed with ADHD. Hmmm... people say that like it's a bad thing?! Don't creative people have to suffer at least a little bit for their craft?
On a typical Friday night I am
Pretty much I'm home on Friday nights during the colder months. In the warm months I go for long walks in the evenings.

I'm a documentary fiend and have been hoarding stuff off my TiVo and elsewhere for years so I'll have a title playing on the TV as I sit at the Mac editing my latest 3D model, working on my photography trying out a new theme or idea or organizing my terabytes of movies and documentaries. I probably have at least as many or more documentary titles than the local Public Library.

Otherwise, I tend to grab my iPad and read a book, magazine or academic article about something that caught my interest.

I daydream about places I'd love to see someday. I fantasize about exploring some isolated ruin of a temple on a Greek island, packing a picnic basket and enjoying the chorus of the crickets and then splashing around in the surf and walking the beaches with nothing but the sun, sand and wind caressing me. It couldn't be any better except to have a great man along for the journey. If not a partner, a few friends who are comfortable in their skins would be wonderful too.

I think I'm a little too cerebral for my own good sometimes.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It's pretty simple--I have HIV/AIDS. Yeah, that pesky little virus.

I'm healthy, undetectable and I will live a long, normal lifespan. But, with my pet virus comes a lot of social/sexual unease for some people. In spite of living openly with it since 2005, you'd think I'd have a pretty thick skin by now but it still depresses me sometimes.

We all make mistakes sometimes. Mine just happened to result in an extended-stay guest that I've learned to come to peace with. Besides there are more pressing things to think about today. I am living with HIV/AIDS: I'm not defined by it.
You should message me if
You're into Art, History or Archaeology and you've somehow made it all the way to this point. History geeks trip me out big time! If you aren't horrified by a gay bear, bring it on! I'm a guarded guy at first. I'll always answer anything you ask of me honestly but I'm a bit awkward until I feel comfortable.
The two of us