32Long Branch, United States
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My self-summary
Well as you can tell by my name I am a Jersey boy for life. Love everything about being from Jersey,at least being from Northern Jersey anyway, about 30-45 mins outside NYC. I like to chill out with friends, go to movies.. and meet new people. I also enjoy innuendos, especially because I feel that they can be InSeRtEd into any sentence/convo and make it that much more interesting. Ideally looking for a relationship, but it seems good guys are hard to find these days
Womp womp..
I do Crossfit and def 😍 it. I work out about 5 days a week and meal prep. I eat really healthy and really spicy. Goal is to 8%. It's not easy, but I'm enjoying the journey😆
Funny,and Honest
What I’m doing with my life
Apprentice Optician and Student
I’m really good at
Reaching high objects.. ;) . Massages ( I believe due to the size of my...Hands) Great listener with the ability to advise as well, depending on the situation
The first things people usually notice about me
My HEIGHT,I have many tattoos, possess a nice smile and/or eyes, and that I am mad blunt. I have no problem telling it like it is, seeing as how so many people lack the ability..
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like the Harry Potter..(which btw, the last movie/book was EPIC and yes, I like the Twilight series as well. The Books were def way better though. I love Sci Fi flicks and horror movies.Also HUGE fan of the books in The Strain Trilogy...

Shows: The Strain, True Blood, Archer, AHS: Coven, and one called CHOZEN... Fuckin' hilarious. To bad it was only one season, guess not many others found it as hysterical as I did.

Favorite food would have to Sushi and Thai food.

Hardstyle is what I like most and If I'm not listening to DJ Issac's podcasts, I'm listening to anything from Maroon 5, Three Days Grace, Journey to Britney and Beyoncé... 🎶 tastes are all over the place.
Six things I could never do without
My Dog
Cell ( only because I hate talkin' on the phone,so texting is really the only way to get a hold of me)
My plugs/gauges
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The future and what it holds.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working, Chilling with my dog. Not to much into the club scene. Much rather go for a walk, chill out at home, or visit some friends
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am HIV Positive. With that being said here are some facts since few still think they could get it just from kissing you.

Fact:A person who is infected with the virus and is on meds making their viral load "Undetectable" (Which I am) means they can literally bleed out in front of you and you can slice your hand open and swim in the pool of blood, the chances of you contracting it are still less then 1%

Fact: There are no known cases of a Poz person who is on meds, who's viral load is "Undetectable" infecting a partner.

Fact: An Undetectable has more to fear from you then you should fear of them. They know what they have and have it under control. Many walk around not even knowing they have it or any other STD.

Fact: Some people with HIV don't tell their partner either due to they themselves don't know, or they feel in some cases the person wouldn't sleep with them if they knew.

Fact: Legit asked my disease control specialist, " If I am a bottom and I am positive and my partner is not, and he isn't wearing a condom, can he get it?" Answer "I can't say 100%,but neither can a condom" I implore you to always be safe though because you have no idea what he could have".

Fact: There are several different strains of HIV. So if two POZ people got together, and person A didn't know he was POZ /wasn't on meds, Person A could infect Person B with a new strain. Or if person A has another STD, HIV people have a compromised immune system, so that STD will find it far easier to live in a POZ person then one who wasn't.

I hope this answers some questions, and I hope it helped you to better understand. Always be safe and know your status. And if your still reading you might be wondering why I would put this on here.. Well it's because many people don't know about it and the only way they will is if we (POZ) people educate them.

P.S. If you message me,not reading my full profile, and once read decide to no longer speak to me because of my status, no harm done. But ask yourself this.. The next person you sleep with could wear a condom and tell you he has nothing, and be lying to you. But when the night is over, you were safe and therefore have nothing to worry about. Or, you weren't safe and now might have a problem if the person wasn't on the proper meds for whatever STD he has. Knowledge is power and so is being safe.

If you take nothing else away from my education lesson at least hold onto this:
A HIV Positive person who is "Undetectable" has more to fear from you then you do from him.
You should message me if
You actually read my entire profile and found yourself a little more the wiser. You have a good head on your shoulders, if you like what I wrote and what you see... Leave me a message. Just be real, in decent shape, and don't play games and we will get along great.
And dudes with hairy legs step to the front 😏
The two of us