27 Adelaide, Australia
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My self-summary
I'm 26 and currently undertaking a Phd in politics at Adelaide University. I have great and loving parents who accept me for who I am. I'm well travelled and am willing to fly long distances to meet Mr right. My dad's an international airline pilot and I have access to cheaper fares.

Finding that special someone is both a personal journey and a discovery. One has to mature, develop, experience, and be willing to take risks and make choices. Only then are they ready for their special someone. A certain amount of luck is also required. It is not every day that one encounters a compatible match. A site like this can unquestionably raise one's chances, but there's no guarantee that the matching system works or that you'll be attracted to your matches or that these matches are ready to meet you. With age there comes a degree of self-awareness and a refinement of values which perhaps was lacking. For some this manifests itself in youth and for others when they are a little older. That's why I'm not as adverse to age gaps as are others. Don't be afraid to reach out if you are 18 or 38. It really is not an issue. Of course people never stop learning and discovering. If they did there would be no point in living, but I feel that at a particular point in every person's life they become ready to meet their match. You'll know when you're there. If you are and are interested send me a message. What's the worst that could happen???

Probably the first thing you did when viewing my page was to examine my pics. I'm a good looking guy but I'm not at all toned. I don't do gym. For me gym is a spectator sport at best. I prefer to hike or take long walks. That way, I don't feel pressured to perform at any particular level, I don't have to wait for equipment to become available, or have to think about what I'm doing (counting reps). I can be free to consider things in which I'm interest. This usually involves politics, the future and alternative histories. This takes me to my next point.

I'm a social science nerd. My interests mostly involve politics, history, philosophy, economics, documentaries, scifi fantasy, horror, irreverent comedy and period/political dramas. I enjoy reading some fiction (as well as nonfiction) so long as the fiction has unique themes or is truly unconventional in some way. Most fictional themes, character development, plot lines and imagined settings are hardly unique and are frankly boring; like romantic comedies. I've never seen the appeal. Once you've watched or read one you've watched and read them all. They are set to a formula. Some of my favorite novels are the Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and Ayn Rand's Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. I don't agree with many aspects of their philosophies but at least they weren't afraid to be truly nonconventional. Contrastingly emos and hipsters only think they are being nonconformist when in actual fact they are conforming to a set model of being nonconformists which defeats their point. How pathetic. One also has to ask, if one is being nonconformist for freedom's sake are they truly free? Freedom after all is about being free to pursue your own interests and desires whether or not they conform to societal norms. If you limit yourself to pursuits which are unconventional, and deny yourself your mainstream concerns and goals, are you not just as controlled as those who do what the mainstream want and expect of them?

Perhaps I should briefly describe my personality. As the last several paragraphs would have probably suggested to you I'm not your average guy. I don't like small talk. Let us not waste time with inconsequential chit chat about the weather or celebrity gossip. I'm far more interested about your ideas, goals and life adventures. Things that you have conceived, invented, value and that have shaped you. Conclusions you have drawn.
I'm not comfortable in a crowd. I don't usually enjoy parties, nightclubs or places with loud music where social interaction is also expected. How am I supposed to converse with you if I can't hear a word your saying. Having said this I'd like someone to force me out of my comfort zone in other ways; encourage me to take a few more risks, think about issues from different perspective and share an adventure.

It’s hard to summarize one's values. The way I see it is that we all share similar or the same ultimate values: Autonomy, Tolerance, Utility, Tradition, Security, Community, Equality, Identity, Sustainability, Loyalty, Love, Honesty, Justice, Purpose, etc. However the way in which we balance these often competing values within various contexts can differ dramatically based on our innate characteristics and life experiences. Part of getting to know someone is learning what motivates their decision making in particular circumstances. I have fairly traditional values regarding relationships. I believe in strict monogamy and honesty. Conversely, my opinions concerning the appropriateness of humour (and other social conventions) in given situations are far more liberal.
What I’m doing with my life
Being a slave to my studies as well as a good son, brother and Ucle (according to my niece I'm an ucle rather than an uncle). Going for hikes and seeing friends.
I’m really good at
Discussing anything to do with politics and history (both Australian and internatinal). Laughing inappropriately. I have an irreverant and politically incorrect sense of humour (even by Australian standards).
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Harry Potter, Tales of the Otori, The Vampire Chronicles, Milton Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom, Anything by Niall Ferguson, On Liberty, The Federalist Papers

Movies: Anything which makes me think. I like all genres

Scifi/fantasy - Star Trek, Fringe, X Files, Continuum, Game of Thrones, True Blood, 12 Monkeys,

Comedy - Absolutely Fabulous, Little Britain, The Chasers War on Everything, South Park, Gruen (Planet, Nation, and Transfer),

Drama - Spooks, Downton Abbey, A Place to Call Home, West Wing, House of Cards, John Adams, various mini series

Music - I have eclectic tastes in music but I tend to prefer older pop/rock. My absolute favourite rock band is INXS (their music prior to when Hutchence past away).

Food - Anything with a lot of flavour. India, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican. German and Italian food aren't too bad either.
The six things I could never do without
- Family
- Friends
- Knowledge and things to learn
- Australia
- Ornate/audacious Architecture (either that which predates Art Deco or is post 2000).
- Beautiful trees, gardens and the outdoors
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Things I would change if I were PM. Why my dog still goes crazy with excitement everytime he's fed. I mean, he's fed everyday.
You should message me if
If you're an intelligent, self motivated guy looking for something meaningful and are not afraid to be yourself.