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Tests they’ve taken (88)

Test Their result Your result
The Dating Persona Test The Last Man on Earth (RBSD) Take it!
The Slut Test 64% slut Take it!
The Death Test Dead at 53 Take it!
The Motorcycle Personality Test Harley 883 Sportster Take it!
The What's your sexual style? Test TYPE N Take it!
The D&D Alignment Test Chaotic Evil Take it!
The Which Planet are You Quiz? Jupiter Take it!
The What's Your Signature Weapon Test Greatsword Take it!
The Who Would You Be in 1400 AD Test The Usurper Take it!
The What is a juggalo? Test Nobody Stale Take it!
The Verbal Obscenity Test Champion Cusser Take it!
What color crayon are you? Deep Purple Take it!
The Sexy Party Test At a Sexy Party You have 53% Sexiness, 51% Party-ability, 55% je ne sais quoi, 34% Drunk Dancing Take it!
A Mind Rattling '80's Expedition Cloth-Eared & Proud Take it!
The What'll u do for Klondike Bar Test Slay the first born? Take it!
The Smurf Personality Test Jokey Smurf Take it!
What sign is your perfect match test You should be with a water sign Take it!
Which Soda Are You (Express Quiz)? You're a Mt. Dew! Take it!
The Fence Around Your Heart Test Chain-Link Fence Take it!
The Spirit Animal Test The Jaguar Spirit Take it!
The Sexual HELL Test HELL LEVEL 3 Take it!
The How would you be in bed wit me Test We can be friends. Take it!
The How Horny Are You? Test Diablo Take it!
The Hockey Personality Test You're the Grinder Take it!
The PREVIOUS INCARNATION Test The Woodland Faery Take it!
What does James think of you? The friend zone. Take it!
The What Greek God Are You Test Hephaestus Take it!
Are you ready to be DOMinated test Come to me BABY! Take it!
The Extremely Quick Personality Test The Assassin Take it!
What kind of drink are you? Shot of Captain Morgan Take it!
The are you a sipper or a guzzler test This is hardcore! You really can drink! Take it!
The Will OKCupid work for you test? 15% Chance! Take it!
The Chess Mess Test The Queen's Rook Take it!
The Quick and Dirty Personality Test ESTP-The Promoter Take it!
The Fuck Buddy Test You scored 74 Fuck Buddy! Take it!
La Mancha Love Meter The Knight in Shining Armor Take it!
The Which Addiction Are You? Test POTHEAD! Take it!
The How hot would our sex life be? Test Pretty hot! Take it!
The What kind of sex freak are you Test Amature porn Take it!
The Just how WILD would you be in bed? Test Take it!
What's Your Style? A Choose Your Own Adventure Quiz! Sexy Baby Take it!
The Hockey Role Test The Playmaking Center Take it!
The What Mythical Creature Are You Test Werewolf Take it!
The Bootyology Test Soft and Smooth! Take it!
The Are you a good Kisser Test The tempter Take it!
The How Texan Are You Test ALMOST TEXAN Take it!
What Song Best Describes Your Sanity Test The Normal Take it!
The smart or smartass test Very Smart! Take it!
The Morning Sex Test In Training Take it!
The What is your REAL age Test You are 46 years old!! Take it!
WTF Am I Crazy Test 86% wtf! Take it!
The are you a GREAT first date Test Great Date Take it!
How Honest Are You Test Abe Lincoln Take it!
The Why Are You Single Test 'Net Bf/gf Take it!
Which Changeling Are You? The Courtless Take it!
The Camelot Test King Arthur Take it!
What's your drink? From the bar to the bedroom Rotgut whiskey Take it!
Tarot Card Guide Test YOUR GUIDES ARE THE LOVERS Take it!
The how fuckable are you? Test " The good fuck" Take it!
The Why are you single? Test Lofty Self-Image Take it!
The (Improved) Red Flag Test Good Vibes Take it!
The Would I Tap That? Test Wouldnt mind taping that! Take it!
The Hellsing Character Test Alexander Anderson Take it!
Zombie Evolution/Human De-evolution Professor Take it!
The Risky and Crazy Sex Situations Test No Limits Take it!
The Are you good at cunnilingus Test The Cunning Linguist Take it!
The shortest possible test 100% Completed! Take it!
Female Anatomy Expertise Test 67% Expert! Take it!
The Color Code Test Color Code: YELLOW: The Jester Take it!
Can You Fuck A Girl In The Ass? V1.5 Great Ass Fuck! Take it!
What Mage Are You? Mage Take it!
What kind of supervillain are you? Mad Scientist! Take it!
The Tits, Ass, and Cuteness Test Tight Ass, Cute Face Take it!
Does your Profile contain a Kiss of Death? You have 1 kisses of death! Take it!
The Sexplorer In Bed Test The Unclassified Take it!
The 80's Test The Master of the Universe! Take it!
The Are you Dominant or submissive Test The Assertive Sub Take it!
The 20 QUESTION DMV DRIVERS Test You scored 90 % __TEST DRIVER! Take it!
The Internet Perv Test The Sheep Take it!
The Dirty Mind Test Pretty Messy Take it!
The Realness measurement Test Category 4 Take it!
The Animal IQ Test Sloth Take it!
The Alcoholism Test The Party-er Take it!
The What Kind of Weapon are You Test HK-91 Take it!
The Picture-only Left Brained or Right Brained Test You scored 100Left Brained, 33 Right Brained! Take it!
The Quick & Painless ENNEAGRAM Test 1- the Perfectionist Take it!
The Am I Gay? Test Way Not Gay Take it!
The Commonly Confused Words Test Intermediate Take it!