28 Portland, United States
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My self-summary
Hi there, my name is Justin. I suppose I’ll start by saying that I, just like most others in Portland, am a transplant. I was born and raised in Texas, made my way to Eugene for school and then moved to Portland because….well…Eugene is boring lol. I say boring because I spend a lot of time at concerts, comedy shows, and restaurants. Portland has A TON of options here, obviously. Such a wonderful trio of activities =D

For most of my life, I’ve identified as an introvert, but I feel as if I am becoming more and more of an extrovert…so that’s an interesting transition lol. I’ve also managed to be more of a homebody than an outdoorsy person. However, I realize that I’m in one of the best areas to get outdoors, it would be silly to waste this opportunity. So, show me your favorite outdoor spots! But if you, too, are a homebody, do believe that I’ve got high appreciation for that haha =P I’ve also been described as a fairly intense, passionate, and inspiring individual. But don’t let me toot my own horn too much haha. I’m also a pretty verbose person, as you can see by this profile……
What I’m doing with my life
What am I doing with my life? Slaving away as a social worker and trying to keep myself entertained. I am a HUGE fan of going to comedy shows and concerts….to the point where its beginning to feel like its all I do. No complaints though! On another note, I’ve been focusing on personal development and becoming more self-aware. In doing that, I’ve been finding new ways to grow as a person. I like to collect experiences, so occasionally I’ll find myself in some pretty interesting situations (don’t confuse this with dangerous, though), especially now that I’m intently doing it. I may have a story or two to tell =P or….lets go on an adventure and create our own story ;)
I’m really good at
I’m an analytical and understanding person, so figuring out how to best help people in a time of need (however large or small), and tailoring that help to a particular individual is a strong point for me. Both personally and professionally.

Tied to the above, I’m also quite great at stimulating intellectual/deep conversations. I used to teach and working my students’ into a healthy discussion was such a joy….i really need to get back into teaching….

I’m also really good at cooking. I view the composition of flavors to be an art form; it’s actually my main creative outlet. I definitely need to work on my aesthetic/presentation, but I’ve got the taste down! Maybe you’ll have the pleasure of trying a dish!
The first things people usually notice about me
The answer is easily that im an incredibly pensive person who applies almost too much thought to most any situation. While some say it’s a negative, I believe it allows me to truly appreciate and understand situations appropriately and thoughtfully. A positive, usually…..altho you probably don’t wanna go grocery shopping with me unless you’ve got a large chunk of time to kill =P
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: Honestly, I’m not really one for reading for pleasure. So that’s to say that I don’t really read fiction. I’m a nerd so I stick to reading non-fiction things, typically within the social sciences. However, I have read two great fiction series. Jesse Petersen’s living dead series. She’s got a great take on the whole zombie apocalypse genre. The other is The Revelator series by William Control (who is a musician). The books are about the story of one of the characters in his music. There are also some lyrics from the music in the books. So its like ur reading the book and then the song plays in your head while you’re reading the story, an accompanying soundtrack for the book, if you will. It was truly an amazing experience.

Movies: Honestly, I’m not one for movies. I prefer tv shows, as I find them more engaging. Ask me about it if you’re curious haha. But to provide an answer, I did love Wristcutters: a love story, Garden State, and Red State.

Shows: This is forever changing. However, my usual go-tos are @midnight, you're the worst, chicago pd, Brooklyn 9-9, broad city, etc. I'm attempting to reduce my TV watching haha.

Music: the staple genres are ska, rocksteady, industrial, reggae, punk, chopped and screw rap, and metalcore. Beyond that, I’ve got interests in almost every genre except for country and classic rock. My taste is pretty eclectic. I can find appreciation in most music.

Food: I honestly can’t think of a cuisine that I’ve tried but haven’t liked. My favorites, however, are indian, thai, Cajun, and tacos……not Mexican food, but tacos. Dear god, I love tacos…..but fuck burritos…….
The six things I could never do without
So besides the obvious….

1) Music. It almost seems more essential than food for me. If I could constantly play music, I probably would. It all just means so much to me!

2) Cooking. Again, it’s my main creative outlet.

3) Honestly, finger nail clippers. I have a pair on me literally everywhere I go. It simply drives me insane if there is a piece of skin or nail sticking out. It’s just one of those things =P

4) Beer. Dark beer to be exact. Because I mean….it just taste so damn good!

5) A loaded barbell. Few things can relieve as much stress for me as lifting weights

6) Stimulating and deep conversation. My life would be empty without this. It’s so enriching and allows for us all to teach and learn simultaneously.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The wellbeing of others, friends and strangers alike. Capitalism, Marxism, social issues. I’m not as into politics as I feel I should be, however, I do spend a lot of time thinking about political implications and consequences.

On a lighter note, i also spending a lot of time thinking about corgis. I want one so bad! I will happen VERY soon, damn it!
On a typical Friday night I am
I've noticed that its pretty much 1 of 3 things lately: going to a concert, going to a comedy show, or staying in with a drink and watching the young turks (gotta stay informed, right?!)
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
For my first alcoholic drink in my teen years, I was so ignorant that I thought that mixing a Dos X beer with cherry Koolaid was a good idea…..it wasn’t….it was a really horrible idea…..a really really gross and horrible idea haha
You should message me if
only if you’re interested in being completely real, honest, and upfront with each other. The worst part of dating to me (as an over-analyzer) is having to wonder where the other person stands. The lack of clarity is all fine and dandy if one is dating for fun. However, I’m at the stage where I’m looking for something serious and real. All of that is to say is that I’m simply looking for a mature relationship where communication is paramount. Feelings and desires should be spoken, whether positive or negative, so that a clear understanding is had. Lets not add stress to each other’s lives!

On a less intense note….. you should message me if you enjoy comedy shows and/or concerts, if you occasionally wear flowers in your hair (I’ll MELT!), if you frequently wear either red shoes or converse haha….. and most importantly, if you want to and think we’ll be a good match =) Don’t be shy, I suspect we’re here for the same reasons =P