42Oakland, United States
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My self-summary
It has come to my attention that okc has not been notifying me of all my "likes," in an effort to get money out of me no doubt. If you are so inclined to "like" my profile please take a moment to drop me a note, even if it is just to say "I liked your profile."


i am a photographer and videographer by trade and work freelance. when I am not trying to make a few bucks to pay my bills i do a lot of pro bono work for social justice organizations. you can often catch me at protests being chased by riot police. seriously:




travel is big on my agenda but will have to wait until the economy improves, or I win the lottery. i have a vw westy camper van that i am dying to take out. road trip anyone?

oh, and about those personality traits here on my profile: i am not sure how i got a "more into sports" trait. i am not into sports at all. i like to mountain bike and i work out at the gym, but don't care about sports. and the arrogance trait? i am not sure what to make of that. i can't stand arrogant people myself and certainly strive to NOT be an arrogant jerk.
I’m really good at
photography, raising orchids and plants in general, video production, and getting cool things for next to nothing. oh, and always GGG for all you savage love readers.
The first things people usually notice about me
no clue.

my huge....camera?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
some of my favorite authors are:

howard zinn
michael parenti
noam chomsky
kim stanley robinson
malcolm gladwell
alexander cockburn
david sedaris
michael pollan
glenn greenwald

i am currently reading "god and his demons" by michael parenti and "in defense of food" by michael pollan

i read a lot of non-fiction stuff.
oh, and i think ayn rand is the antichrist.

i am into old school funk, some rap (public enemy. beastie boys, oakland's own: the coup) classic rock (zepplin, stones, beatles), rage against the machine, ozomatli, michael franti, jazz (miles, bill evans, coltrane, stan getz), tower of power, war,
james brown, al green, classical. i can't stand modern country, but johnny cash live at folsom prison is one of my favorite albums.

blade runner, aliens, close encounters, raiders of the lost ark, 12 angry men, dr. strangelove, 2001, clint eastwood westerns,
shall we dance?, blame it on fidel, fight club, field of dreams, star wars (not the new ones- those are god awful)

alexander calder (love kinetic sculpture), miró, rivera, siqueiros, goldsworthy

this american life
radio lab

george carlin (i miss that man)
dave chappelle

keith olbermann is the man.
Six things I could never do without
still camera
video camera
lip balm
vanilla soy milk
dark chocolate
strong coffee
I spend a lot of time thinking about
getting off okc.
You should message me if
so here is a little ditty i put together for craigslist.

i love craig (i have even met him). i love craigslist. but the personals section of the site is completely spamified and useless.

anyway, let me introduce...

Commodification of Self or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Internet Dating. (points for knowing where the original line came from)


5’ 10”
170 lbs.
Dark blonde hair
Light blue eyes
Lean athletic build
White bread

I have been to a few places (India, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba) and have a strong desire to see more of the world, including more of the US. My creative outlet is photography and videography.

I am an unabashed lefty and believe strongly in social justice. I am an Internationalist in my world-view and have a BIG problem with American jingoism.

I’m a book geek and worked in a bookstore for 8 years. I went to Cal so supposedly I’m educated. I don’t drink milk, but I do eat cheese. I don’t smoke, but I am four-twenty compliant and enjoy an occasional drink now and then.

I am also a die-hard thriftier, and can’t pass up a chance to peruse a good thrift store or flea market. Sorry, I don’t do malls or shopping centers.


Twenty-six to forty-two (+ or –)
Relatively fit (curvy is cool)
Liberal/Progressive/Radical in your political outlook
A lover of books
A lover of animals
Equally comfortable in heels or hiking boots (literally and metaphorically speaking)
Fluent in sarcasm
Possibly into visual arts of some kind

there it is in a nutshell. don't be shy.
The two of us