23Manila, Philippines
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My self-summary
> I will not reply if you ask for my name, age and where do I live. Are you stupid? Don't you have eyes? Can't you read? It is written on my profile and still you will ask for it. For nth time, it is kinda annoying already, I'm sorry if I am rude.

>> Filipino/Tagalog is my mother language. I grew up in province and lived 2 decades in my hometown that makes my Tagalog a bit deeper than with those speaking Tagalog in Manila or in different city. English is the second language I can speak/understand, I might not be that fluent in this language. You don't have to be rude because I have wrong grammar etc. I am not rude if you are using "YOUR" instead of "YOU'RE" or vice versa and even with "THEN" and "THAN". I am not a racist and perfect, so don't tell me that I am stupid and my grammar is too poor, English is not my first language why don't you try to learn my language first before calling me stupid because of my wrong grammar in English.. Tsk

>>> If you cannot respect my belief and religion, you don't have to be rude or mean. Show some respect as a HUMAN (at least). There are people who were so rude at me because of my religion, questioning my faith and telling me that I am wrong. No exceptions, atheists, agnostics, Catholics and even Christians, white, black, Caucasians, Asians etc, and even my fellow citizen.

>>>> I have tried to message some guys out there but they didn't reply, so don't tell me that the girls should be the first one to message guys or do the first move. So, I guess it is even now.

>>>>> Don't tell me that I should reply on you, I am not always online in here. Don't be so rude on your second message if I didn't reply on your first message. I guess I have my rights if I should or should not reply, right?

>>>>>> I'm trying to learn keyboards but unfortunately I don't have a keyboard in here except if I visit my brother. I do self studying of keyboards if there is keyboard in front of me. I have tried guitar either, I can play the chords D-A-G-A in both instruments haha, easy chords, isn't? why don't you try to help me.

>>>>>>> I am also currently learning languages, Portuguese and Japanese. But the main priority is Portuguese. I have tried German, Spanish, and French. If anyone is willing to teach me Portuguese and Japanese, you are welcome to my profile. Moreover, if you can teach me how to play keyboards, guitar and recorder, you are welcome too.

>>>>>>>> Even I am not currently working, I am quite busy learning languages and thinking how to have or get the keyboards of my brother in my place. So I can't read all of your messages.

>>>>>>>>> If you really wish to contact me, please inbox me your KiK account. I don't give other accts except with kik and IG, I will only let you know my number and FB acct if we are close and if I trust you.

<<<<<<<< If you have reached this part, BRAVO!!!

Hey there, I'm Chiie..
I studied Business Administration and I quit my job recently.

Instagram: jhreichiie
Skype: none
Facebook: secret
Snapchat: chiie31

Good and bad side:
- Crazy (haha, you will know if we are close enough)
- I'm super kind
- Sweet
- Clingy
- Introvert
- Talkative (when i want to and comfortable with you)
- Moody (pretty common with girls)
- Snobbish
- Sarcastic (just when I'm not in the mood)
- Funny
- Loyal
- Honest
- Trustworthy
- Annoying (sometimes)
- Immature (if only you are immature also)
- Silly (sometimes)
-ISFJ type

Things to know about me:
- I'm super fan of vampires (I love The Vampire Diaries but I do watch The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and other tv series)
- Fan of music too but not into rock, metallica and alike
- I don't sing so don't ask me to hehe
- I'm not pure Filipina (some of my ancestors were Spanish)
- Bit old fashioned but not always
- I don't do partying
- I cook (pretty rare)
- I'm small so my height is cute..
- I'm not a city girl (I grew up in province just been staying in Manila for 2 years)
- I love cats and dogs (I have a dog)
- Night person (unless I have a work)
- I can play some sports like volleyball, basketball, badminton, lil of table tennis and then swimming
- I am just your reflection, whoever you are to me I will be the same as you but in general I am good so nothing to worry about :)

PS: If you truly read everything and reached this, I SALUTE YOU! BRAVO!! 5 claps for you :)
What I’m doing with my life
-Since I quit my job, I visit my parents and brother then back in Manila and repeat.
-A bit lost so I'm finding myself, making my faith stronger, waiting for the right time, looking for the answers
I’m really good at
Honestly, idk. Let us find out 😊
The first things people usually notice about me
-most people will say my eyes..do you agree?
-my colleagues says, I speak fast.
-high pitch tone of voice (but I do not sing; always mistakenly to be a kid over the phone -__-)
-my hands, nails, feet and toenails. why? just figure it out
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: i dont have a fav one...
Movies: i love watching movies but i dont watch horror and thriller much...
Shows: korean series, vampire diaries, walking dead, game of thrones the originals, grimms etc....
Music: i love the songs of ed sheeran, christina perri, katy perry, maroon 5, cold play, ariana grande, taylor swift, some of one direction songs, one republic, sara bareilles, jason mraz, imagine dragons, shawn mendez, michael buble, too many to write....
Food: pizza,pasta, ramen, sushi, cinnamon bread, fries and sundae mostly japanese food, italian food and also filipino cuisine...oh, i forgot some street foods (yes, i eat street foods)..
Six things I could never do without
God, family and friends are not things for me..
- Food
- Shelter
- Sleep
- Phone
- Money
- Internet?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
-Why guys are just playing around, looking for hook ups and friends with benefits? Is there any guy that will love you unconditionally? (Raise your hand please)
-Why my life is like this and that since I was born?
-should I start sketching again, learning different language or learning guitar?
-Thinking why I overthink
-who will teach me ice skating, horseback riding, surfing, shooting, muay thai, build a snowman (haha kidding with this part)
On a typical Friday night I am
for now, I do not know since I quit my job. it is either I am sleeping, watching or outside. it depends where I am
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
im afraid of cockroaches..especially those that flies -_-

I have a thing for ____________ 😜 that is my secret, make a guess 😁

I have watched 3 movies alone in cinema except with some strangers watching the same movie. In the last two movies, more or less 5 people watched in cinema that time and I was alone in my row lol
You should message me if
you are interested and wanted to know more about me :)
you can ask me anything you want..feel free to msg me ^_^
The two of us