62 Salem, United States
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My self-summary
I have always believed that two people do not have to be "joined at the hip," to be able to find fun and interesting things to do together. I would enjoy going to art exhibits, hiking, swimming, cooking together, music and many other things that two different people with many interests can find to bring to the table. What do you like or would like to try together?

So after focusing on other parts of my life for the last few years I decided that I need to make time for socializing. Here is more about me:

* I work at a job that I love that can be quite time consuming but is also rather seasonal so there are times when I really have to work at this new resolve to socialize more.

* I tend to be very curious about the world around me and try to learn new things as often as possible.

* I read a tremendous amount pretty much any genre if it sparks an interest.

* I am not much of a TV watcher at all but do admit to an addiction to "Criminal Minds" and the "CSI" programs. I generally will watch these if I happen to be home when they are on. Never see many movies but I am not opposed to going occasionally. The books usually ARE better but not always. ;-)

* I do love many sports but have an aversion to American football and baseball. That's OK if you do like them as I said people don't have to be joined at the hip. You may not care for the sports I love: Soccer, competitive swimming, lacrosse, gymnastics, volleyball and many more. I am pretty active but spectate most of those sports now that I have a replacement knee.

* I do love to cook but hate the daily grind so I tend to cook only a few times a week.

*Gardening is my mental health break everyday...a few hours spent in the yard just chases any stress away! I plant a lot of perennials and bulbs to see how they grow and then rearrange them but I am getting better at guessing what their habits will be.

* oh yeah...tastes in music...mine are very eclectic. I love jazz, blues, bluegrass, classical, country, rock...I have an open mind about most things.

* politically (wow this can cause a lot of conflict between people) I am a social liberal but I do support the military (daughter and son-in-law in the Navy) I read quite a bit about politics lately as it is an election year but find it good to check facts at factcheckdotorg. They seem to do a good job of providing the truth and remaining non-partisan.

* Feel free to ask me about pretty much any subject as I am not shy and will discuss nearly anything. I am usually very interested in what people have to say.

* After several inquiries about my lack of a profile picture I feel compelled to add: My job precludes me from posting my picture on this type of site. If we decide to meet for coffee etc. you will have to trust me that I won't leave you looking for the girl in the feather boa at the coffee shop! ;-) I can share a photo privately if the need arises.