35 Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
If you're wondering about the name- I'd originally joined a few bored and lonely weeks after a breakup. Not so much to meet someone as to make fun of "Okay, Cupid", in a fascinated, condescending way. But only partially so, because my friend HAD just met somebody on it three days prior and they were banging like rabbits. I mean, not that this was my intention. It was just that aside from it not being his style, it was also the pre-Tinder days. It still had some shock value.
Anyway I threw a quick profile together, and took my name from the paintings hanging in my living room- one of Hendrix (obv), the other of - yes. Orson 'Wells'. I guess the secret intent was to draw out he and only he who would be able to decipher the code.
So in other words, for four long years, or at least the stints between relationships and better weather, I have been waiting for that opener: a clever mashup of a Jimi lyric with a line from Touch of Evil. But alas, it never happened. Because I spelled Welles wrong. That's why.
What I’m doing with my life
I'm living out those two hobbies that you'd add at the bottom of your high school resume : drawing, reading. That's literally it, other than keeping myself alive and speaking to people (and moving between all of these things on my bike). I'm currently trying to read through the history of Islam. There's a lot to keep track of. When my mind starts to wander, I sit up a bit and read it out loud to myself. When I lose track, I go back to the last part that made sense and go again from there. Last year, I thought it was really important to know code. Now I think it's more important to know about the world and the people who've been living in it, but actually try to know it, and not just talk shit about shit in a bar with your friends acting like you know something because you're really just regurgitating someone else's opinion that impressed you.
I feel obliged to update this, but digress from deleting the above because I'm fond of that version of my life. These days I am readying to launch 9 apps on a ridiculous deadline, and I love the work as much as I hate the pressure. They all involve music theory, which is frustrating because I don't know much of it but fascinating to learn. Suddenly you hear the hidden levels! You listen for them everywhere. It makes driving much more fun, it makes Saturday mornings wonderful. Oh little life, how much there is to know... (half a bottle in, not bad).
I’m really good at
These are the exact things I'm good at. I mean I can actually do them well, and likely better than you. Swimming. That is, front crawl really fast and breast stroke without coming up for air. Consecutive underwater somersaults, forwards and backwards. Basic floor gymnastics. Drawing in general, especially faces. Coming up with inventions/film plots/apps/pointless scenarios/pranks. Remembering my keys. Paying people back. Getting friends to do stuff I'm bad at (or less inclined to be good at). Finding out what's wrong with your computer (but not my own). Turning a cry fest into laughs (beer). Playing pool.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Point Counter Point, A Confederacy of Dunces, Mark Twain short stories, Chekov short stories, The Fire Dwellers, The Autobiography of Mack Sennet. Vonnegut, Hemingway, Salinger, Munro.

I have my classic favourite movies, some are obvious crowd pleasers (Fear and Loathing, the GB&theU - although to be honest, I had been pretty messed up while watching both of these so in spite of being blown away, I remember very little- plus it was years ago). I have a soft spot for anything made by Terrence Malick and an unyielding, albeit blind loyalty to Tarantino, as well as Woody Allen (but only when he's not in them). But my favourite movie era is the early 70s, not uniquely but especially American, when things got very existential and creepy.

My favourite song at the moment is Visions of Johanna. Since the creation of the mp3 the notion of taste has been absolved of category, so I'll tell it in stories instead. I knew Loser by heart the first week it was out. The first song I ever downloaded (Napster) was California Love. My favourite GnR track was You Aint the First, I used to play Love Buzz on repeat at 5 am. I still can't get over how good Biggie is/was, same goes for Beastie Boys. Just Like Honey is right up there with Love Buzz. I wandered in to Karaoke solo once and sang Just My Imagination. Wildflowers and Desire are tied for favourite album of all time, but then there's Sloan Twice Removed and so much more here that is sadly not getting discussed.
Yes, that's all old school. If any of this relates to you, it should chalk up what I'm into now.

Shows: Shameless, Workaholics. The Knick, except I'm having trouble downloading it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
VR, AI and relativity.
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually hunched over laughing in a pub, still scraggly from the long week but too eager for the freedom to be sleeping it off. Or sleeping it off- which tends to comprise of eating pizza in bed with lots of downloads or Netflix if I'm too lazy for all the download work.
You should message me if
You're not sending a spam message. If you are doing that, please just kill yourself. You should message me if you're smart, interesting, extremely deadpan (or at least able to deal with sarcasm), able to pull your weight but not be obsessed with sports, and into women with very specific tastes, like your being average but not excellent at sports.

...You want to live winters somewhere awesome, and could possibly, with the right dedication, pull it off.