49Buford, United States
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My self-summary
I could inject a lot of poetic euphemisms here or try discretionary bluntness but truth is I don't have a clue what I could say in a short paragraph that would intrigue you enough to want to write me. I'll just say that I'm a multi-faceted guy, a jack of all trades and master of too few. I have a great passion for good music (all genres), good food (especially Italian), stubborn individuality, beauty (in art, in a woman), heated debates (though I try to stay out of politics and religion as a rule) and children. I'm good at trivia, decent at poker, fair to middlin' at golf, and really suck at things that make me run. I'm a good cook, an okay pianist and great at making people laugh. I love baseball, going to the movies, primary colors, riding with the windows down, the smell of honeysuckle and peanut fields (see previous) and my steak medium rare. I hate collard greens, slow drivers in the passing lane, cell phones in public arenas, aggressively stupid people and liars. I'm a sucker for my niece and nephews, torch songs, Jolly Ranchers and a pretty face. For a good laugh, Spongebob and Jon Stewart get me every time. I like good conversation but not so much small talk. I prefer mustard over mayo, Spider-man over Superman and Beethoven over Mozart. My favorite female body part is the belly button, my favorite color is fire engine red and my favorite country song is "If Hollywood Don't Need You", by Don Williams. Now you.

Concerning my match, I'm pretty open here. Still, I do have my likes and these also reflect how I feel I would describe myself: Sense of humor a must--appreciates it if not deliver as well. Intelligent, but not solely in the school sense...just a good head on her shoulders. Appreciates irony, in the true definition and not its current misinterpretation as coincidence. Tolerates red meat and those who consume it, even if she doesn't. Someone not easily offended or insulted and can dish it out as well as she takes it. Likes children, even if she's not sure she wants any herself. A music lover for sure, with a real appreciation for lyric and melody, not just tempo and volume. Someone confident in herself. Arrogance, especially if you can temper it with self-deprecation, is okay, even welcomed, but not vanity. Values fidelity above all human traits, with honesty a close second. Someone who enjoys a good argument or intelligent debate, opinionated and able to back it up. Someone who can sit in a room with most anyone anywhere and be able to discuss practically any topic that comes up. And if she smells real purty, well then...

I am multifaceted, intelligent, and funny
What I’m doing with my life
Working too hard--I'm the medical director at a veterinary hospital. I've been a vet since 1992.
I’m really good at
Music appreciation and history, cooking, poker, fixin' animals.
The first things people usually notice about me
My ties and/or my butt, depending on the weather and my mood.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't read much in the way of novels these days, but was a HUGE Stephen King fan and read pretty much everything up through the mid 90's of his. Still love "The Stand" and "Salem's Lot". Poe and Shirley Jackson still resonant with me. I've been reading a good deal of poetry lately and, for some reason, the works of e.e. cummings, whom I hated as an adolescent...go figure. I'm reading David Cross' "I Drink for a Reason", sort of. He's one of my comedy faves. Of course, could anyone improve upon the greatest book ever..."Green Eggs & Ham"?

Music...forget about it. I am a true music buff and love just about everything, though I'm not really into hiphop or rap, thrash metal or world music. Mostly Pop/Rock, Blues and Country through the early 90's with a chunk of classical thrown in for flavor. My favorite singers are too many to mention but a quick sample: Etta James, Nick Lowe, Joe South, Gerry Rafferty, Johnny Cash, Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson, Dan Fogelberg, Cat Stevens, Gordon Lightfoot, The Decemberists (Colin Meloy is a friggin' genius), Regina Spektor, Ben Folds, Jonathan Coulton, Weird Al, Rilo Kiley, Michael Feinstein, Don Williams, Hal Ketchum, Barenaked Ladies, Joe Jackson, The Magnetic Fields (Stephin Merritt...friggin' genius), Tracy Chapman, my new fave The Weepies...could really go on.

Food is my other love. I come from a Greek family that owned a cafe. I love Italian and Southern/Soul food especially. I am a pretty good cook myself and love to entertain when I get the chance. My moussaka is THE best. Lasagna, key lime pie, cheesecake and macaroni & cheese are a few more of my specialties that all the kids ask for by name. And I make these little cream cheese/sausage pastry things...forget about it!

Movies may be my favorite activity and I am indeed a classic dinner/movie guy. My all time favorite movie is "The Princess Bride" because it works on almost every movie theme level and never ceases to make me laugh. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (natch), Godfathers I & II, Raising Arizona, High Fidelity, Chasing Amy (great writing),The Tao of Steve (more great writing), Buffalo '66 (the photobooth scene is priceless), Sling Blade, Big Night, Dominick & Eugene, Defending Your Life, ...say anything, So I Married an Axe Murderer, Sideways (that scene where Paul Giamatti learns from his ex that she's preggers, watching his face and feeling his angst and regret as quiet torment subtly distorts his expression... KILLS me!), Wizard of Oz, Dirty Pretty Things, Aliens, Die Hard, the first 3 Star Wars...again, could go on here.

I do enjoy TV, but I don't really follow many shows and rarely watch network TV. If there's one thing I cannot watch it's ANY reality TV. I truly abhor ALL of it with great passion-don't get me started! I mostly enjoy the Food Network, Comedy Central, History and Science Channels (when they aren't pumping out the reality crap), with news and documentary stuff high up on my watch list. I am a loyal Stewart & Colbert follower and often wonder where I will vent my liberal angst should they ever pack up shop. I love the Spongebob, record the Fox Sunday night shows (even though they kinda aren't that good anymore) and am a fan of almost all Adult Swim shows, especially The Venture Brothers. Come to think of it, that may be my favorite show.
Six things I could never do without
Basic necessities of life not-withstanding:
My sister Elaine
Satellite TV (at least not for too long)
Bacon, Egg & Cheese anything
My bed
The internet
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The wondrous things I will do and see once I hit the MegaMillions jackpot.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working, then working out. Sad clown.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a comic and toy collector addict and love to scrounge the eBay. Please don't let this frighten you...it does not define me, only distracts me.
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