32South Lyon, United States
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My self-summary
Update: I'm not religious and I don't want kids. I have no issue with believers but, church is a total drag to me.

I find the older I get the less I worry about anything as long as the bills are paid and food is on the table. Despite what I just wrote, I'm not a time traveler from the Great Depression. I'm good at listening to genuine conversstion but, I suck at keeping small talk going and my mind will drift away to songs stuck in my head. I like dark comedy and idiocy living up to the expected consequences. Give me a video of someone jumping off a roof onto a plastic table and I'll laugh everytime. I tend to like really bad jokes as well. I smirk everytime I learn about why skeletons are afraid of whatever the topic is at hand.

I enjoy making music that is never saved and taking walks to find cool audio to record or pictures to take. I hang out with most of my friends every few months and try to see my parents a few times a month. This is perfect for me. I'm looking for a relationship where we can kick back and watch a fire burn and just take in the vibe. I like to get out every now and again but, I'm not a party animal by any means. 2 or 3 to 1 is a perfect ratio for me for going out versus staying in dates once you get past the first dates which I feel need an activity to keep it fun. Even if it's a simple picnic and people watching a.k.a. trash talking strangers.

I have really bad memory so I can watch and read the same things on an annual basis. I still own way too many books that I haven't finished though. I tend to read like a jackass and just jump into wherever it looks good and read a few chapters and then set it aside for eons.

Here is the obligatory don't want none of that list:
Baby mommas.
Clean freaks. Right now their are my clothes from work on the floor, audio cables scattered by the amplifier and a stack of books next to a shelf in the living room. I live with a bit of clutter in my daily life.
Heavy users of alcohol, marijuana, etc. I don't mind anyone unwinding with a drink or a joint at the end of the day but, Ipm not compatible with a person that has made it a significant part of their life.
Anti-gun ladies. I don't presently have a firearm but, I'll end up purchasing a handgun one day. I grew up around firearms and have no fear of them.
This last one is lazy since I don't really care that much but, if politics are a passion of yours we probably won't jive. I don't really keep up on it and have no dedication to any party. I feel like people turn off rational thought and only want to feel like they are on the right team based on 1 or 2 issues instead of digging deep past tha talking points.

Also, if you don't like beagles you will hate me in a few years. Once I purchase a house I'll be adopting 2 beagles. They are loud puppers and I can totally get why people don't care for it. It's because they have no soul (no offense to the gingers).

I'm pretty much set in my ways.
Six things I could never do without
Synthesizers and loud speakers. How-to, forensics, and espionage books. The internet is pretty awesome.
On a typical Friday night I am
chilling out and relaxing.
You should message me if
you think this site is garbage but inexplicably pop on here anyway.
The two of us