26 Elgin, United States
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My self-summary
well what can i say, Im not usually good at talking about myself
But here it goes....
im Jamie
im attending Elgin Community College for the next couple years..
then its off to either Illinois State University or Nothern Illinois University
Im majoring in Elementary Education, i want to become a kindergarten or 1st grade teacher =]
kids amaze me in many ways...not to sound creepy lol
im very sarcastic..but know how to be serious when its nessecary
i love to laugh
you probably will always see me smiling, and if not
you better know that something is wrong.
I love to play video games on my nintendo wii and on my computer too!
im a huge dork =], obviouslt from me liking to play video games
Im a very organized person....i like to make plans in advance because im a busy person, but dont get me wrong i can also be very spotanious too!I fall way too fast and I tend to get hurt in the end. it sucks =[
I have a really big problem with trusting people and i have found that to be something that ends up hurting me more in the end. =[ but im working at it...
i will trust you till the day you give me a reason not to...
when you lose my trust its hard to earn it back...dont use it to your advantage...got it? k good =]

i wrote these, tell me what you think:
"you know that feeling you get right before you get on a roller coaster??? all your thinking about is..how the rides gonna be. you wait in line for hours.. your feet get so tired from standing..but you dont care because your soooo effin excited for that ride. then finally you see the end of the line and you cant believe you made it. finally you get to experience it. you get all strapped in... ready to go...and your heart starts beating soooo fast that you can feel it through your shirt. you've waited so long for this moment that you almost in a way dont want to experience it, because you know it will end eventually. but its a risk you gotta take. because you know you wont regret it. not this time. then the ride starts..and you just wish in a twisted sorta way..that it would never end. because it is the most fun you've had in a long time.

and thats the way i feel about this one boyy<3 who has my heart =)"
im a slut because i'll wear shorts and a tanktop

im anorexic because i eat as much as i want and dont gain weight

im a bitch because i dont let you push me around

im a liar because i wont tell you everything

im stupid because sometimes im wrong

im ugly because my face isnt perfect

im a whore because i like boys

im annoying because im not chill enough

im a loser because im not friends with your group

i use people because i do whats best for me

im fake because most of the time im happy

im weird because im not like you

im controlling because i get mad sometimes

im clingy because i like to be around people

im greedy because i like to be satisfied

im neive because im younger than you

im conceited because im proud of who i am

im rude because my manners arent perfect

im unnapreciative because i dont praise you

Dont try to tell me who i am because i already know

I am always smiling, extremely outgoing, and always happy
What I’m doing with my life
im currently in college & working too, so i cant wait till the day i become a teacher =]
I’m really good at
listening....trust me ive gotten plenty of phone calls from friends at 2 in the morning because they need to vent...and im there no matter what.
making people laugh and smile too =] or so ive been told
The first things people usually notice about me
my smile or eyes as i would like to think...
but i do get quite a few guys commenting on my boobs =/ seriously guys, its getting outta hand with the sexual messages too!!
and my phone is like permently attached to my hand... =] im always texting!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Love/romance novels
but ill read pretty much anything...

I love comedy & romance movies
but all time facorites are...
A Walk To Remember
Knocked Up

Country <3
but im not picky either =]

Mac and Cheese is the bomb! lol (i sounds like im 5 again =])
The six things I could never do without
my cellphone
my bed...its extremely comfy!
my car
my friends
my family
my computer & internet
I spend a lot of time thinking about
my future mainly...
but i also think about what my plans are for the day and probably the next week..
On a typical Friday night I am
usually working but if not usually nothing
Lets make some plans =] lol
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
jwell something that isnt really private is i have a slite case of OCD...nothing serious i have to take meds for though....but for the most private thing just ask if you really wanna know
and also if i feel like telling you ;)
You should message me if
you want to make a new friend =]
i dont bite....hard lol
im usually up to talking to anyone, but i do get bored and anoyed easily so keep me entertained and intrested in talking to you.. =]
oh yea..if you just want sex, im not your girl or if you ask for nude pics ill block you..so dont bother asking kk? thankssss =]