28 San Jose, United States
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My self-summary
-- If you're familiar with Myers-Briggs personality types, I'm an INTJ.
-- I enjoy talking about deeper, more involved topics like science, philosophy, some politics... things like that. However, I like most conversation.
-- I have a strong appreciation for humor
-- I like having goals to pursue - I'm a decently ambitious person, though one of my goals is to never neglect anything that is important to me in the pursuit of those goals
-- I bring a lot of creativity to bear on the things I'm interested in - for example, I enjoy designing and making stained glass art, 3d models, computer programs and games, woodworking projects, and plenty of other things you'll find out about if you spend time with me.
-- I like seeing people follow their creative pursuits, and I enjoy helping them (when that help is wanted).
-- I like watching movies, TV shows, and anime. Left to my own devices, I can be picky about what I watch, but I'll watch almost anything someone I'm with has an interest in watching. For some reason, I get more enjoyment when I watch something with someone than when I do so alone, even though it seems like a solitary activity.
-- I like video games, especially ones that intrigue me with good story (or at least good story elements). My love of good stories extends to all forms of media, but there's something special about games - with a little suspension of disbelief, it's easier to get closer to the story when you're involved in making things happen.
--I enjoy doing stuff outside - for example, tennis, walks, hiking, kayaking, skiing, and playing on a trampoline. I tend to do these things much more often when I have people who want to join me.
-- I happily give a lot of time and energy to my relationships, as long as I don't feel like I'm being taken advantage of. That means that I'm a giver, and will probably work best with another giver.
What I’m doing with my life
Right now, working for Google as a data analyst. I work with the group that handles the planning for Google's datacenters. It's pretty neat.

I'm also pretty far along in making a multiplayer game app - the game server (where all the logic/magic happens) is done, and I'm mid-way through work on the client-side app for iOS (Android and browser will come later).
I’m really good at
-- I tend to look at problems and concepts from a lot of different angles, which means I often come up with ideas that wouldn't occur to most people.
-- My hobbies - stained glass art, 3d modeling, jewelry making (when I have access to a casting machine), figuring out new gadgets, finding things through google, puzzles, helping people come up with and refine ideas, board games...
-- I'm always looking for ways to grow and improve myself - that means that I tend to be open to criticism, as long as it's not presented in a "You doing X is bad and you should feel bad" kind of way.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
These lists are by no means exhaustive, and in no particular order:

Books: Ender's Game (and the rest of the Ender saga) and Enchantment by Orson Scott Card, The Commonwealth saga and The Void trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Infinity Beach, The Levitating Professor, American Gods, Harry Potter, The Host, The Ark, The Far Side Galleries.

Movies: How to Train Your Dragon, Avatar, Kick Ass, V for Vendetta, The Emperor's New Groove, The Matrix Trilogy, The Princess Bride, Armageddon, The Fifth Element, The Dark Knight, The Fountain, The Professional (aka Léon), Role Models, Serenity, pretty much all Rifftrax.

Music: I like select songs from most genres, but a lot of the music I listen to is either Alternative/rock, soundtrack music, or classical.

Food: Thai, Indian, pizza, Italian, tri-tip, bagels, bacon and eggs, and much more.
The six things I could never do without
My five senses, imagination, the ability to interact with the world, people to interact with (preferably not in large numbers), some goal to reach for, and the ability to time travel.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How the concept of "thinking too much" can really only apply in time-sensitive situations.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not a particularly private person... I had an oncologist at age 18 (don't worry, I'm healthy, but there's a good story there - best saved for in-person though, the delivery is lost in text), I tend to give my pets common people names, and my writing ability seems directly correlated with how much I read on a day-to-day basis. If you're curious about something, ask and I'll answer.
You should message me if
Any of the following describe you (especially if multiple items apply):
-- You're geeky/nerdy
-- You enjoy playing board games, and your knowledge of games stretches beyond Monopoly and Checkers (or if it doesn't, but you want it to).
-- You're someone who enjoys thinking about and discussing ideas
-- You try to take a logical approach to conflict and discussions
-- You'd like to do any of the following with me: catch a stand-up comedy show, go on a walk and talk, dress up fancy and go to a symphony, meet in a bookstore and talk about our favorite books, play a board game, or show me your favorite place to get tea/coffee and chat
-- You have your own idea for something to do together