34 Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
I’m an entrepreneurial soul taking on the human experience in this incarnation!

My life has taken me from Portugal as a child to experience "western culture" in Canada. This journey has been one linked to healing and discovering what passion is. Some of my background involved education as a Child & Youth Worker and having spent several years supporting persons with disabilities. I've bought a home, served my time as a sheep of the monarchy, deleted everything and started fresh.

Currently, I find myself exploring where to "seat" myself in the world, after having dabbled a lot in education/training related to Holistic Nutrition, Energy Medicine and other methodologies of holistic healing. I have acquired a large body of knowledge extending well beyond just formal education, currently in the process of consolidating all of this into what will ultimately become my own model of practice for helping others learn responsibility and mastery of their own healing and become the empowered person they were born to be—much akin to my own journey!

At the end of the day, I am not defined by any of the "roles" I've taken on in my experiences to date. In general, I am a quick study, a very hands-on learner, with very well developed logical faculties, and possess a keen intuition and sense of how things work—most especially what makes people tick; it’s not uncommon for me to pick up within people, knowings that they do not even see in themselves.

Generally, I spend a good deal of time building my stock of knowledge and slowly converting it into wisdom, with current interests growing in herbal medicines, mind-body & eating psychology, and a continued zest in understanding and putting into practice the governing laws of the metaphysics of our universe! I also love just getting into nature, hike, climb trees and be a kid :-)
Traveling the world is also written somewhere into the akasha of my life!

I'm an agent of change, a leader-in-training, and hopefully this bio paints a picture for a little insight into my psyche-heart-soul, so in respects to meeting people I'll simply say this: my desire for connection seeks only to be intrigued and be approached in total transparency, because I can see hidden intentions miles away. If we grow a friendship for mutual exchange great! If we end up growing old together, cool! If you end up being a mentor to me, I stand humbled before you. If there is no desirable foundation for an exchange together I'll candidly tell you that also, not out of petty judgment it's simply honouring what serves.

Who's on the same page (or even reading the same book hahaha) :-)

I’m really good at
I can look at you and see into the core of who you are, no facades, just authenticity.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm very different from anyone else they know. And, the deep perceptive gaze of my eyes.
You should message me if
your instincts and common sense BOTH tell you to :)