34 Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
I’m an entrepreneurial soul taking on the human experience, its light and its darkness.

Life started in Portugal for me in a place very connected to nature and simplicity, and through my teens into late 20's I experienced the "western culture" as so many do in the hustle and bustle of city life. All this to come full circle into rekindling my connection to nature and consistently shedding the distractions that plague and bombard the minds and hearts of human BEings -- ask me to elaborate on this for an interesting conversation!

Through my journey I've pursued a path of honesty, healing and empowerment, and these qualities are somewhat a pillar by how I poise myself as a leader in this world. I've learned patience by working with those of special needs. I've trained and dabbled in numerous healing methodologies to experience that we are a sum of many parts, so I acknowledge our physical, emotional and mental needs must be honoured to grow towards spiritual fulfillment. Most of all, much energy has been spent into researching what is intentionally occulted from us and comprehending the organizational forces behind the corruption and fear in our world. So, I can say I'm an advocate for truth, integrity and pursuing my role in Divine's great plan.

All the serious stuff aside, I'm also just a kid at heart :-)
Once you see past my logical faculties you'll see my empathic & intuitive nature. I get just as much excitement from "reading" people as I do from climbing trees! I like to garden and harvest wild foods as much as I enjoy lounging in front of the computer indulging in something geeky. Oh, and I love to create alchemy in the kitchen, food is one of the ways I connect with the soul :-D
Traveling the world is also written somewhere into the akasha of my life; all things in their opportune timing!

I can see hidden intentions miles away so let me be clear with mine. Not really looking for a relationship, and definitely not looking for hookups. I extend my hand in friendship and let nature unveil its course! We might become very close or only speak once, I don't act on hasty judgments, I just ask you approach me with curiosity, intelligence & ingenuity. I generally prefer meeting people locally to make travel as accommodating as possible :-)

I’m really good at
I can look at you and see into the core of who you are, no facades, just authenticity.
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm very different from anyone else they know. And, the deep perceptive gaze of my eyes.
You should message me if
your instincts and common sense BOTH tell you to :)