39Austin, United States
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My self-summary
Why, Johnny look like someone just walked over your grave.

Glad you got here anyhow.

Great group of friends. Some sideline hobbies that make me happy (community theatre and podcasting, mostly - I also read but I don't consider that a hobby, it's a necessity).

Living pretty healthy and looking to improve upon that. As in, I'm consciously working out - definitely looking for someone who is doing the same. Hike? Urban exploring? Please teach me how to parkour.

I've been told I'm funny. I spend a fair amount of time praying that isn't smoke being blown up my ass.The remaining time I crack wise.
What I’m doing with my life
Working, cooking, exercising and living. Trying to write a lot. Podcasting. Cutting up.

I fell into the clover and found a company willing to pay me to write and be creative for a living. SO that doesn't suck.

In the meantime I watch a lot of movies, jump into green belts with abandon, read, laugh and generally try to live the hell out of this life.
I’m really good at
Amusing myself. Seriously, I'm terrific at it. I'm fairly decent at amusing others too (I've been told). I also make a decent omelet and I can change a flat tire very quickly which I think are good back-up skills in case the amusement thing doesn't pan out.

I also have an immense talent for remembering useless trivia. That's actually come in handy both with podcasting and my "real" job. Good for me!

I'm a dab hand in the Kitchen.

I'm a great Interlocutor.

Pretty good shot for a liberal.

Not being a dick. It seems to be a dying art but I am really good at it.

NOT SENDING DICK PICS. Jesus, what's wrong with people?

(I am likely to send you videos of unlikely animal friends if I think you're cute though...)
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm tall. But I'm also a totally snappy dresser. So I'm going to go with "dashing sense of style".

If not that then my crooked smile or general goofiness.

Resting Bitch/Bastard face for miles.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
PREFACE: I don't believe tastes in media is a substitute for actually having a personality. I ALSO really hate folks that yuck other peoples yums - if you don't like old movies or punk rock or cilantro - I'm pretty sure I can find some other point of mutual interest. That said...

Broad range of lit interests from trashy paperbacks to high end tomes.Some comic book stuff (The Hernandez Bros., Daniel Clowes, C. Tyler, and Craig Thomson) some fiction (perennial favorites being Garcia-Marquez, Murakami, and Raymond Chandler). Favorite book of 2013: A Visit From The Goon Squad

I AM A MOVIE FANATIC. I love french New Wave, art house gems, the occasional action movie and watch several documentaries a year. And everything in between. (my fave director BTW is Akira Kurosawa-the biggest genius of film IMHO - my favorite movie is Ikiru -not one of the Samurai ones, in case you're interested) Lately I'm watching and laughing (and occasionally really liking) bad European horror flicks on Netflix.

I listen to a lot of stuff. I Love be-bop (I've been in a Mingus phase lately), Old school Nashville (and a few upstarts-Randy Travis, Dwight Yoakum, George Strait-I'd still rather listen to Faron Young or the Louvin Bros.). I've a deep abiding love for all punk rock, from the Ramones to Sham 69 to Black Flag. I like ancient New Wave and Alternative and Old School Hip Hop. I like a lot of hipster twee contemporary stuff too. I often find myself listening to classical for want of anything better on the radio (I don't have a mp3 player in my car). I'd love to hit the Symphony w/ someone (I actually read some of Beethoven's letters to a crowd of Austin Symphony supporters once and got to stay for the concert-it was awesome). Lately a lot of twee New Wavy stuff like Beach House or Tame Impalas. I also really dig Grimes right now.

Food: other than being one of those genetic defects that can't endure cilantro I'm a pretty classical omnivore. Love trying new things and incorporating that into my own cooking style.
Six things I could never do without
My peeps (who are awesome).
Some way to watch movies.
Some way to read books. (preferably, you know, BOOKS.)
All that bottom rung Maslow's heirarchy crap.
Stuff that smells good.
A good 9 in one screwdriver.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Politics. Altruism and enlightened self interest. Pretty girls. What's for lunch. How the hell I'm going to make that character go where I need them to be. What's for dinner. Feminism. Material possessions. Budgeting. Lightsabers, phasers and sonic screwdrivers.
On a typical Friday night I am
Could be at a party with my friends. Or recording a podcast. Or down at the local having a pint. Or at a movie. Or on a group pubcrawl. Or maybe it's been a rough week and I'm in bed with a book or three.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
It was me all along! Ha ha!


For real though, I fucking despise the term "assless chaps". Being assless is an inherent trait of chaps. If they had an ass they would be "pants". Yeah, I know it sounds funnier. But it's WRONG.
You should message me if
You actually want to make a new friend.

You wanna make out with me.

You wanna go to one of these places with me:

You wanna walk around Town Lake, Barton or Bull or Shoal Creek Green Belt and talk about life the universe and everything.

You're serious about LGBT and other social issues and you don't think "feminism" is some sort of punchline.
The two of us