30Manhattan, United States
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My self-summary
What is the greatest gift a woman can give? Ask this question to a man and find out his true intentions. Most liars will say that the greatest gift is a woman's heart. Love is what flows from the heart, but passion does not. Passion resides in a place of darkness and lust. Passion does not exist in connection and compassion but in savage. Men who tap into hearts are left as friends with the woman craving pain from another. Men will lie to themselves and trying to believe that it was love rather than lust that they were after.

Ask this question again and the damaged will answer that the greatest gift a woman can give is her body. Sex is always a prize for any man. The release of carnal desire is a driving force in a man's life. There is a freedom in releasing yourself from the chains of the social contract. The joy of tapping into the taboo, of exploring a fantasy, of doing what you are not supposed to do is the orgasm of sex. But in that orgasm lies the emptiness. After the orgasm, when the release has faded and the repressed has escaped, a man lies there with a body. Eyes do not connect, souls do not exchange, and the man is left to chase again. The damaged will deny the love because of the pain involved when it leaves. The damaged will not allow themselves to go into that sort of high because of fear of the drop. Sex becomes a drug. Chasing a high that eventually does not give pleasure. It becomes an addiction. There is no more getting high, only getting well and preventing the withdrawal that is a loveless reality.

So what is the greatest gift a man can give? Money? Clothes? Affection? Status? Power? Equality? Love? Passion? Loyalty? Every real man knows the true answer to this question. This is how a man moves. This is how we differentiate women from girls, queens from hoes, and dimes from bitches. This is the question I pose to you.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Fav food: mix platter from 6th and 53rd st halal cart... extra white sauce 4 drops of red sauce... pita on the side $6 ... if you are new to the city make the pilgrimage ... thank me later... go to the guys with the yellow shirts... the one with the line... 2 people have been stabbed to death for cutting the line it's that good

Fav books: House of God, Children of men, Brave new world, Economic hit men, Jurrasic Park,

Movies: goodfellas, scarface, Carlito's way, Gattaca, Old School, Superbad, Hangover,Bronx tale, Fight CLub, American History X, Kids, City of God, Requim for a Dream,

Shows: True Blood, Dexter, the Office, all the reality TV crap,

Music: jay-z, nas, common, talib kweli, the roots, marvin gaye, prince, eminem, rakim, big L, outkast, wu tang, biggie, U2, red hot chilli peppers, Tom petty...
Six things I could never do without
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Laughs
4. Music
5. Sex
6. Medicine
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I always got a rhyme in my head. I keep trying to figure out how I can make the next sham-wow and make money by selling a wash cloth for only 3 easy payments (still a work in progress).
You should message me if
You are adventurous, sexy, fun, freaky, drama free, and up for anything. I'm looking for a ride or die chick... I know her when I see her
The two of us