54Asheville, United States
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My self-summary
Poly, Hot and Having to Explain my Situation ALOT. lol
I'm wild whistle and drum playing rainbow tribal hippy and discordian zen practitioner. I spend alot of time and energy helping to create rainbow gatherings. See: Agape is the guiding principle in my life. I have been a vagabond globetrotter. I've lived on 4 continents tho Asheville is my Home (keepin it weird). Been back here awhile now and loving it. I have a couple of sweet, open, honest and ongoing relationships here in this town with good friends. One of whom is sensualrealm on OKC, that fling has been going on 11yrs now (!?!)
more on that: Sensualrealm and I have more than a decade of open relationship behind us. At this point I solidly believe that that's never going to go away. No way am i ever gonna turn away from a decade plus of good times and emotional investment. Still, there are some ways that our minds do not meet eye to eye. We only get an 87% match on here by example. Yet she is still the best lover and friend I have ever had although i've had and continue to have some very very good lovers and friends.

Wolves mate for life. Bonobo's mate with friends and friendly strangers becoming friends. They use sex for emotional health, bonding and fun even more than procreation. I'm not quite a bonobo but i'm alot closer to them than i am a wolf.

I AM A SLUT!!!! a safe, drama/disease free, honest & ethical slut but still....


I'm just on here on a whim for the possibility of more good friends and more good fun. Old friends are truly golden but new ones are at least good silver. ----------------------------------------- I don't believe in "soulmates". We must "complete" ourselves and then share not look for some other to make us whole. We are individually responsible for our own happiness and our own reality. I believe we should all be friends and please one another as we please yet being careful of diseases and bad vibes that can hurt our beloved ones. If you don't sleep with your friends, Who are you sleeping with?... your enemies? strangers?objectified biologic robots?....
I really like sex and believe in being safe. I love to make women cum any way they will let me.......

My tastes are eclectic tho I can be intense in a dom sort of way. I personally am not attracted to causing pain in others; however, when roleplaying I can be anyone. I was a theater major in college and during that process i discovered that I loved acting not for the craft itself, for entertaining others but for the experience of getting into a character's mind. So, i switched majors to psych. I believe that thinking, trying to think like others gives us perspective feeding personal growth.

I am fun, loving, and perpetually horny
....... that said i am really more about fun than i am about sex
What I’m doing with my life
gathering experience
sharing the agape
breathing tantra
stroking my karma
increasing the peace
oh yeah and i read ALOT of fantasy & sci/fi (my worst vice, really) I dance alot. and do my part to keep Asheville weird, community minded. I get to spend some (often) alone time in the wild national forests looking for good places to have a Rainbow gathering. My alter ego, johnny fix-it, handyman extraordinaire does good and helps people for cheap or sliding scale.
I’m really good at
Having FUN!! spontaneity, thinking outside the box, keeping my commitments and serving my tribe and community
Scouting for rainbow gatherings (camping, reading topo maps, finding springs, living wild)
I'm also really good at SEX! with women. kissing, g-spot stimulation, cunnilingus, intercourse. I love it all. Study and practice does make better. (Ask my lovers)
Also Johnny fix-it (my nonsexual alter ego) can fix the house and anything in it.
carpentry, plumbing, masonry, plumbing, electrics. He/I shine best in challenging situations that call for creative solutions.
I'm a very experienced african circle style drummer (for +30yrs.) I'll usually be at the fri nite drumcircle
I play some good tunes on me penny whistle, i always have one with me.
I'm a good friend. I have good active listening skills and sometimes insightful feedback. A useful mediator.
I'm a song carrier for the katuah rainbow people ie i know alot of circle songs.
I'm really good w/ kids good 'ol uncle John
trust- i'm good at this as evidenced by how many house keys people have given me or have told me how to get too. There are other indicators of my trustworthiness truth that I can't go into here.
The first things people usually notice about me
I have a penny whistle in my mouth or around my neck
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
sci/fi , fantasy. the brainy trip your brain kind Brandon Sanderson, Kevin Hearne, Robin Hobb, frank hubert, neil gaiman, roger zelazny, robert anton wilson, orson scott card, jim butcher. robert heinlien, greg bear, ursula k leguin, marion zimmer bradley, madline leEngle, etc. Ok i read alot of scifiand fantasy. I am a geek. Lady Alice (sensualrealm) sometime calls me "nose in a book" (altho' it's the kindle these days". I like to read out loud to others, i do the voices and everything!
movies, the same kind. love anime. old favs outside my perfeered genre. little big man, o brother where art thou.
don't watch very much TV history/sci/discovery channel when i do. (A fan of winchester boys tho, supernatural...) (...and of course Dr Who)
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
spiritual unity
universal love
fooled you, you thought i'd say sex didn't you lol
Rainbow gatherings
(see also the award winning documentary "WE LOVE YOU!")
the fate of my species and my world
On a typical Friday night I am
playing drums in downtown asheville
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
The quickest way to give me a hard on is to kiss me deeply.
You should message me if
you want to communicate
you find me interesting
you want to have fun
you want to go to a rainbow gathering
you need a very good orgasm
you need your house fixed
you know me
you'd like to know me
The two of us