38Davenport, United States
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My self-summary

Updated 3/30/2017 - Somewhat updated. Guess I might be up for dating again. Maybe.

Are you something unique and special? Are you NOT a clone?

Detroit-born, transplant to Florida - poet, intellectual - looking for a new muse. Could it be you? I would very much like it to be...

...So I am trying this again - Been off the radar lately. I decided to take myself out of the dating pool for a while, so I have been focusing on my new job as a trainer for my company. :) Looking to meet that someone special, could it be you? I am also working on my first book of poetry that should be out in a few months...

So I'm back! Single again. I'm a fairly new homeowner in Davenport, FL near 27 and I-4. I have come to the conclusion that being single is extremely lame - agree??? I'm 38, I am not looking for any one-night-stands or anything of the like - I want a committed relationship where we work together as a team. I am not looking to control nor be controlled by anyone...

Alright - here's the deal. I have met up with a good amount of people on this site, and everything is great in IM's and emails/texts until you meet the person in real life and they have nothing in common with you. Let's put a stop to that.

This profile might be rough - if you can't hang on until then end - best of luck to you. This is meant to weed out the little girls from the women I am actually compatible with.

I'm a geek. If you are not a geek or at least geek-tolerant, then please move along - I'm not the man you're looking for (See what I did there?) - Also, I am pretty damn awesome - if you are not necessarily a geek but convinced you are awesome, we might be able to talk - just make sure we have something to talk about.

If you can't deal with the following things - we probably won't end up dating. Feel free to settle with your choice of clones with nothing original to say. I am a unique person and I would like to think that you would be as well.

- Horror Movies - not required, but it's something I like as well as other genres
- Halloween Horror Nights (Huge fan, it's like Christmas, I get the frequent fear pass and go a ton) even if you don't like Horror it's a lot of fun! Great date in Sept/Oct/Nov.
- Shihtzus (Who doesn't like shihtzus?)
- Firefly/Serenity (This is probably a petty one but necessary) - not a requirement, but it should be.
- DO NOT BE be a wuss, prude, argumentative, or asexual.

I am a huge movie buff. I have a huge (950+) movie collection. It's what I do, darlin'.

What other things am I into? I write poetry and attend meetups. I am always reading something - I usually am out training a few days a week at different places in Central FL - I am off on the weekends. My life is pretty sweet right now and someone else to share it would make it all the better. I cook, I clean, I make a mean grilled cheese. I'm Irish, a Redhead, and a Scorpio, so I am more than a little passionate.

It's a shame many of the women I have talked to on here have had such disappointment in their lives. You have to believe that the good guys are out there (I try to be one of them) - just like I have to believe the good girls are out there.

Here are some quick things about me to set the tone... the mood if you will.

***Begin advertisement***

Are you as sick of games as I am? Looking for someone who is fair and values mutual respect? Look no further... you have found me. I'm a good guy that just seems to find sirens (the mystical women that lead sailors to smash on the rocks) instead of muses. It's getting frustrating, so I am going to try something new to try and break the cycle. If you are reading this then I hope you are sick of being hurt and disappointed as well. I want something that works for once.

Right off the bat I will tell you I'm not perfect, rich, or a model. I'm not the skinniest guy in the world. I had to reboot my career when I moved down here from Michigan just over 9 years ago. However, I do have a decent, steady job that I excel at. (I work for MFRMLS as a trainer) - I'm trying to make some progress in my life and would love to find someone who understands that relationships are all about being a team and communicating. I'm looking for a partner, someone to share life and all of it's experiences within.

I'm an honest person, fair, but flawed as any other human being. Women are beautiful, and are always to be treated with the utmost respect. I am a gentleman and you will not believe chivalry is dead around me. I'm also (as advertised) a poet and writer, looking to be inspired. I'm a Scorpio. If you know what that means I have a certain passion about me (I am pretty much the epitome of a Scorpio).

I'm looking for that special someone, and figured I would start here... Haven't had much on here yet.

What do I look like? Well I am SWM, 5'9", 260lbs (Have a few extra, looking to get rid of it as well). I keep my head shaved but I am rocking a redbeard these days. I'm a non-smoker and social drinker. No drugs, clean bill of health.

What am I looking for? I think 25-35 would be a good range for me. Someone who is set in their life, but is perhaps a little lonely like I am. I'm not looking to support anyone, and I am not looking for someone to support me either. I'm not horribly specific on looks or ethnicity.

What kinds of things am I into? Well I am always up for new things to try, and still need a tour guide for this great state of Florida. I am a big fan of movies, sports, and all kinds of music. Other than that I have a penchant for technology and art. I love to explore and welcome new experiences of all types. I am well educated and well read. I can make you laugh, I guarantee it. Expect great conversation. I love animals that I am not allergic too - especially my dog Cody, who is a shih-tzu.

Turn ons: Assertiveness, Aggressiveness, Compassion, and Intelligence. I really like my women to know what they want out of life, and to take it. Must also have a heart (no robots). Having something to say. People who are aggressive in their pursuit of me...

Turn offs: Drama, People too intertwined in religion or politics (Trump/Conservatives/Republicans - move along). Women who let themselves be disrespected. Those who do not have a heart. People who cannot and/or do not like to communicate. Also - high maintenance. *Shudder*

Please, do not contact me if your bring drama, stress, or some other scenario with you. I live a fairly stress free life, and would never put that on anyone else. Please refrain as well if you have some other man (Lurking Ex, etc.) in your life, because I do not like to share, and will never settle for a maybe. In fairness I would expect the same out of you. If you contact me (and I hope you do) please include a picture so I can put a face to your name.

I don't really mind single women with a kid or kids. I love kids. Kids love me, it's crazy. Doesn't bother me one bit.

I am not a churchgoer, and not into Jesus freaks. Sorry, that's harsh, I know. I'm not an atheist or anything, I just don't care to be involved with church. If one of the "Top 5 things I couldn't life without" is God, Jesus, the Bible, or Church... unfortunately I am going to take a pass, the last person I dated really left a negative impression when it comes to that. I'm not against religion, I just don't want it to dictate how relationships should be run. It's a decision you would be making for the both of us, and this is supposed to be 50/50, remember?

Relationships are all about the team effort. While I believe someone (unfortunately) always has the power in a relationship - the trick is to get as close to 50/50 as possible. The effort should be equal on both parts.

In closing - I am perfectly happy with my life right now, except the whole LONELY thing. I'm not going to settle. I have to WANT to NEED you, because if you're not worth it, I don't need you. Be amazing and then let's be amazing together as a bonus.

Would you like to know more? Don't hesitate to drop me a message! Don't be shy, I'm not a very timid person.

I apologize if this profile seems a bit harsh - I promise I am a very nice guy and a gentleman to boot. Just want to weed out those who aren't compatible. Hopefully you are still here.

So, if you are still here - send me a message!

Don't be a wuss.

I would prefer to meet someone local - I have gotten a lot of messages recently from people in other parts of FL or out of state - please be within a reasonable radius of Orlando to make it easy on both of us. - Or be worth the travel :)

Women with a princess complex or daddy issues need not apply. I hope that leaves some of you standing :)

Also - please have a picture of your FACE as your main pic - I appreciate great boobs and a rockin' bod as much as the next guy - but if your main pic is your boobs - I would like to think that you think more of yourself. We can get to the boobs at a later time...
What I’m doing with my life
Right now I am writing as always. Trudging along alone.

I just bought a house in Davenport, FL so that's pretty much what I have going on. I am adulting so hard!

Professionally, I am a trainer with the MFRMLS (The website that all of the central FL realtors have to use to list their properties). I love my job!
I’m really good at
Making my world famous grilled cheese. If you get to the point where I am making you my grilled cheese - you've made it. Many a maiden have fallen for me based on my grilled cheese alone, so I don't toss it around lightly.
The first things people usually notice about me
My eyes, or my laugh.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk, American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Movie - The Count of Monte Cristo
Food - Any good slice of pizza.
Shows - Game of Thrones, Archer, American Horror Story, Vikings, Silicon Valley, Arrow, Flash, House of Cards, and I absolutely love Lucifer.
Six things I could never do without
1. Having a pen and paper nearby - never know when inspiration will strike.
2. My family/friends - They love me.
3. My dog Cody - I wuv him.
4. My movie collection - I'm my own blockbuster.
5. My computer/iPhone - how else am I going to check this?
6. My music - I love all kinds.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
A lot of different things. Relationships and the connections between people fascinate me. I'm always writing in my head - usually taking down little notes that find their way into future poems.
On a typical Friday night I am
Trying to get out of the house! Help! - or seeing the latest and greatest that hollywood has to offer.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a member of an online dating site??? I'm pretty much an open book. Ask me and I will probably tell you. Mostly due to my schedule, it's hard to meet people in the RL.
You should message me if
You think I am someone who could be compatible?

You are about as bored with being single as I am?

You want to meet a really good guy who is drama free and sick of the games and wasting time?
The two of us