43Birmingham, United States
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My self-summary
Lost, scared and bewildered on this winding path called life, I seek no more than a comforting embrace locked in a hope filled gaze.

I wish I could travel more without having a show to work when I get wherever I'm going. (started saving for a vacation next year to Australia & New Zealand hopefully )
What I’m doing with my life
Deleting, and rewriting my profile, again....

My most recent goal is to find someone to hang out with to help fill in the gaps between work. Someone who likes watching movies, listening to music, and is as happy out and about as they are doing nothing at home. It would also help if she rocked, even if only in her own mind :)
I’m really good at
everything i put my mind to, or so i've been told.

if you ask me, there are a few things I'd say im good at: writing/playing music, cooking for someone, over thinking things, coiling cables, listening, predicting the obvious, misspelling simple words, un coiling cables, reading people, doing nothing with someone and having a good time at it, recoiling cables, and many other things im sure, a couple of which I respectfully wont say here, all out in the open n stuff.
The first things people usually notice about me
My backstage pass, if I'm at work.

I really don't have a clue, maybe you can fill me in on this.....
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
......Ask me again tomorrow, Mr. Whurley......

I'm a huge movie buff, and have close to 1000 DVDs. I like all kinds of movies, mainly sci fi, fantasy, action, comedies. And I absolutely LOVE cheesy movies of all kinds. Ripping on a cheesy movie can be better than any comedy in my book.
Some of my favorites include: anything by Terry Gilliam (Tideland and 12 monkeys top that short list). Anything that creates, inhabits, and transports you to a new world, or a new way of seeing the world (avatar, star wars, legend, fifth element), I'm loving all the new comic book movies!! Anything that makes you question the human element of life or question the game of life itself, I love 'chic flicks' when I have someone in my arms to enjoy it with me. (date movie types and most Will Ferrell movies make my brain hurt) I love finding random new movies at pawn shops, they've led to some of my all time favorites (Vernon, Florida and Idiocracy are perfect examples). And last but not least, I love epic movies that pull your emotions out and force you into their world, laughs, tears and all (Forrest Gump, LOTR)

I work in music/entertainment so I get to see, hear, and meet artists and fans from all genres of the industry. My favorites are too numerous to list but I tend to lean toward rock, classics, or anything not pop 40. I also write and play music, mainly acoustic guitar n vocal stuff, but give me a distorted electric and I'll lose track of time.
'and these are a few of my favorite things'..... Sevendust!! Apocalyptica, Mozart, pantera, Eric Lee Beddingfield (ask me why), Metallica, Taylor Swift, slipknot, candlebox, another hero, This list could literally go on for days so let's try this, My current top 5 favorite albums of all time (in no order, as they change frequently): Skid Row-Slave to the Grind, Twisted Sister-Stay Hungry, Pink Floyd-The Final Cut, Sevendust-Southside Doublewide Live Acoustic from Athens, Ga, Alice in Chains-Jar of Flies or Unplugged.
Six things I could never do without
1. my Patience and my Eric ( i love you both and miss you everyday)
2. Your touch
3. Milos tea (or juice, milk, water, no bubbles plz)
4. food (ham prefferably or something with maple syrup)
5. my iCrack and iCrack Touch
6. Your eyes and smile
I spend a lot of time thinking about
my angel Patience and my son Eric, and how much I miss them whenever they're not around.

love: *sigh*

Do I look like a troll?

Why my phones autoword thinks I need To retype every other word EVERY time I type anything.

Who put the Bam in the Bama Lang Ding Dong?

Will you be my valentine?!

Can bacon ever love you back?

I would like to own or play every musical instrument possible. I find that I cannot walk past a grand piano without stepping on the furthest right pedal, closing my eyes, and letting the white keys talk. (I don't much care for the way the black keys sound)

I forget what I'm doing sometimes when a redhead walks past me. (the same goes for a woman with an Aussie accent)

I love to write, but am scared to try to publish anything.
On a typical Friday night I am
Sadly, I'm usually working on Friday nights, but if I'm not, I like to spend time with someone that makes me smile.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm terrified of little buzzing, flying demons with stingers of any kind!!

I love it when a woman comes after me and is not afraid to make the first move at anytime ;-)
You should message me if
anything i said peaked your interest in one way or another.......,you don't require medication to stay 'happy' or sane........ you know how to speak your own mind......., you don't mind using someone elses shoulder as a pillow,........ and you can count past 5. These aren't qualifications that you must meet all of or else, just a few suggestions :)

I love an infectious smile. Even though this site is based on a match/friend/enemy kind of system, I feel that two people don't always have to be a perfect numeric match, that way we both have lots of new things to learn about in each other to occupy our time, this stops a purely sexual relationship from starting (and we all know relationships based purely on sex, no matter how good the sex or foreplay is ;), will not stand the test of time) . Numbers supposedly don't lie, but neither does that spark of instant attraction, whether it be due to the pictures, the profile itself, or just something inside that screams at you 'this person ROCKS!!'
The two of us