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My self-summary
I'm discriminating in love, choosy who my friends are, very idealistic, and when employed, was selective in employment. Somewhat romantic and appreciative of those who are. I respect free spirits, free and independent thinkers, rational zealots, and good teachers. I'm worldly, having traveled a lot in the first 30 years of life, and would continue if money weren't short. I'm divorced and wish I had more confidence when young to wait for Ms right, so that family could have been part of my life today. I've known love with satisfaction only once, but now I can recognize it. I'm very forgiving of frailties if the other person is working on them. I can be very intense, but try to stifle any possessiveness. I want total honesty again, but will wait to develop trust. I'm a feminist because I feel strongly for the abused and exploited. I believe that, despite horrible events, beauty is always achievable. I'm handy but not athletic; I'm curious but not foolhardy; I'm clever and well informed but not always sociable. A social mate with brains (or one good one) would be great, someone a bit less loud than a party girl. I'm sensual but not libidinous (yet). Looking for my soulmate and life's companion; chances are she exists. Like me, she'd be very casual by choice and only competitive for fun. And she never takes offense at a direct question. I play Scrabble and chess and enjoy losing at them. I'm an agnostic, and if you are not, I'd like to know where your faith (or faithlessness) comes from. Please don't say "your bloodline".

Pressed for a political label, I choose libertarian. Do you have one and, if so, how did you arrive at it? Please don't say "your parents". When you learn that I am distrustful of most government I hope you will either agree, or listen and understand. To watch the abuses of power and be unconcerned baffles me. To see the attempts to impose one uniform idea of social justice disturbs me.

Labels that I'm uncomfortable with include classy, sophisticated, professional, all with regard to appearances. I've dressed the roles, but would only do that now for a companion, not for myself.
The world can have its games. Some people are amazed at my factual openness and think I'm a deceiver or manipulator. I work at persuasion, but I will label closedmindedness when I see it.

Is your true quality something I'll have to dig to find; in other words, do you exhibit modesty?

I am not naive, but I am an innocent man. (check out Billy Joel). I think OKC calls that "pure".

I'm frugal and hope my companion is also. I currently am living off a small share of the SocSec money I paid into for 35 years, and doing it before the government's promise of age 72. I unhesitatingly defend deviating from the government's plan for me. I honestly wish everyone had the chance.

If you don't see that I'm a dreamer by this point, then you must be one too.

I am observant, communicative, and inquisitive. I hope I find a match in those areas.
What I’m doing with my life
(Background): I had a career in software, but it fizzled when I failed to pursue further specialized education. The NYC job market spoiled me: employers there provided direction and financial support.

I'm looking for fun work through the Internet. Have experimented a little with: installing telephone lines, copy editing and proofreading, car shuttle driving, specialized computer consulting, data entry, advanced ESL instruction one-on-one, ESL editing, residential property assessment and photography for a remote investor. Investigating quick-money schemes has been fun. I occasionally fix things that I've been given, to recycle or sell. Having fun with the fixing and reselling of toy trains right now. I'm ready with tools for any small job. I'm an inveterate bargain hunter; can be found at the flea market often. I'm slowly settling debts which accumulated in the last few years. I'm just temporarily stuck in the San Jose area until the debts are nearly gone, then I'm going rural (well, I'd like to). My city has all the bad parts of a metropolis and none of the good.
I’m really good at
Challenging others, especially friends, to overcome their mind blocks. Grokking (as best I can). Taking things apart trying to fix them. Sewing buttons on. Appreciating simple technologies (can openers, bicycles, puzzles, clocks, fasteners). Improvising mechanical repairs. Arguing without meanness. Writing and speaking grammatically. Explaining English's weirdness to foreigners and victims of government schools; punctuation; enjoying the nuance of words, yelling at talk radio pundits. Pretending to know everything. Telling jokes and sometimes ruining them. Laughing at horror movies and the hubris of fighting "global warming" or anything nature throws at us, like extinction of species -- stuff happens. Programming in obsolete computer languages. Finding bargains everywhere. Throwing a Frisbee (but let me warm up). Analyzing and deconstructing arguments and excuses. Making excuses for my inertia. Classifying and organizing when there are more important things to do (Procrastinating). Serious conversation. Forgetting phone numbers and passwords. Assessing the personalities of strangers from a distance (advanced intuitive phrenology). Pontificating on what's wrong with society -- It may be overpopulation. Finding fault and hypocrisy; biting my tongue, usually. Finding good; complimenting strangers. Opening up, giving thoughtful advice (of unknown value) to others, but slow to take advice. Defending freedom and individuality with passion. Standing still while being buzzed by bees; ignoring the jaws on every passing pit bull: (My few disciplines.) Barking at yapping toy dogs. Saying hello to cats (using the eyes) while my allergy restrains my petting instinct. Enumerating why recreational drugs are unnecessary (defining Joy for the non-religious.)
The first things people usually notice about me
How unconcerned I seem to be about appearances. My beard (when neglected). My tendency to smile. My nonconforming behavior and occasional outspokenness. btw, I am NOT THIN! Somehow the profile specifics on the right side have gotten corrupted AGAIN! I am 70 lbs over my ideal weight, and working on it. (I think the remaining facts are right.)
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(A) The Perennial Philosophy, because it showed me my inner spirituality;
The Aquarian Conspiracy, because it inspired me;
Anatomy of the Dirty Joke, because it elevated my perspective;
My Secret Garden, and Fear of Flying, because they informed me and improved my understanding of women;
Looking Out For Number One, because it showed me that idealism alone is a poor weapon, and alerted me to some everyday challenges and how many people intimidate.
Introduction to Linguistics because it created a lasting interest for me.

(B) "Z" because it effectively dramatized the biggest political issue of all, runaway power;
The Sergio Leone westerns (esp. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly), because they are supremely artistic and dramatic;
It's a Wonderful Life & Mr.Smith Goes to Washington, because they spoke to my inborn idealism;
THX 1138, because it showed that a mindless, inhuman government can be overcome;
Quigley Down Under, because it demonstrated resolute opposition to oppression and greed and quiet dedication to righteousness;
Shawshank Redemption, because it showed how, with saintly patience, injustice can be overcome;
the Blues Brothers, because it was raucous and musically entertaining;
The Brother From Another Planet, because it was pleasing sci-fi with appealing characters, dealing with the illusion of human isolation and the often unperceived reach of brotherhood;
Silent Running, because it was a simple testimony to saving nature for its own sake, and doing so by personal action, not group reliance, and, for its similar portrayal of human shortsightedness, Wall*E;
either "The Lathe of Heaven" or "Jacob's Ladder" or both, because they were deliberately mind-expanding art works;
either "The Abyss" or "Dragonfly" or both, because they were wonderfully romantic tearjerkers with extreme drama;
either "The Wedding Singer" or "50 First Dates" or both, and a few others. The "eithers" are meaningful if you see both of the pair; they share similar messages.
And Die Hard, because I admired its unflappable hero.

(C) Laura Nyro (bless her departed soul), an incredibly creative person, Ed Ames (My Cup Runneth Over, The Impossible Dream),
(Motown tunes and choreography), Billy Joel, Beatles' works, Perry Como, Dean Martin (a true entertainer), the Eagles, the Doors (messengers of note), Willy Nelson, Marty Robbins, Chicago (the group), "America the Beautiful" (especially the emotional version by Ray Charles), inspirational songs from B.Midler (Wind Beneath My Wings, From A Distance), many others.

(D) Homegrown "heirloom" tomatoes, Egg Salad, swiss-mushroom burgers, homemade cole slaw, fancy German-style potato salad, spinach omelets, gooood Colombian coffee (Not Starbucks), thin swiss cheese slices alone or with other stuff, fresh boiled lobster, poached fish, rijstaffel, paella, real and fluffy buckwheat pancakes, Cantonese, Indian, Italian, chocolate custard eclairs and Napoleons, genuine gelato, real fried breaded onion rings & mushrooms, crunchy Kaiser rolls, genuine NY poppy seed bagels, egg-flavored rolls and bread (chaleh), pepperoni pizza. and GARLIC - the first food group.

Does medium sherry count? Frank Gifford was such a great salesman!

(I am not a foodie, as my waist is already too large, and my love of exercise is nil.)
Six things I could never do without
Hope, my intellect, and 8(!) senses, fresh air, intriguing and/or inspiring people, varieties of music.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Tomorrow (and next year);
whether there is hope for America;
how to fix politics by eliminating the gimme factor;
how to inspire others to dream, think, believe in themselves and aspire;
what to teach children;
how to consistently project love and respect;
how to live well without sacrifice of health, principles, and opportunity; how to achieve happiness.
How to penetrate people's preconceptions so that they willingly discard them.
Why so many people forget their teachers and the values that they learned from others like their parents.
Why so many people label the ordinary as special and overlook the truly special.
Why so many are willing to conform and not question.
On a typical Friday night I am
Watching tv and surfing the 'Net;
wondering when I'll find my mate and worrying I'll flub that meeting.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
To be happy I think I need a well-matched (inspiring, aware and thoughtful) companion; I may never be fully content, knowing there are some billion or so women I'll never meet to consider.
You should message me if
You have similar desires and are unafraid to be sized up according to fairly demanding character measures (like honesty, openness to possibilities, ability to emote and empathize, fairness, flexibility, judgment, intellect, striving for agape (universal love), and power to love deeply). And you find my romantic idealism to be simpatico.
You should NOT message me if you toss around cliches like "living life to the fullest" and "my kids are my everything" and "can't get enough of travel" and "I'm very tolerant".
So many people just ignore what these phrases mean:
(1) If you're living life to the fullest, you volunteer AND you do or did skydive and play or follow several sports AND you're ready to try or have tried every sexual position you could imagine AND you have had kids or tried to AND you have or intend to travel AND you have or intend to get advanced instruction or experience in your hobbies.
(2) If your kids are your everything, then you visit them often (or vice versa), you speak at least weekly, you have pics of their kids and know what those grandkids do for fun or where they're headed, school- or work-wise, and when you have time, you actually share activities AND you won't give up any of this for your man.
(3) If you can't get enough travel, then you have a list of places you've been that were not just beaches and museums, and you have a list of places you intend or want to go to that are also diverse, and some of them NOT in the US. You don't intend to stop traveling for your mate. You use travel agents OR you base travel plans on travelers' books OR you have friends whose experience you rely upon.
(4) Tolerance includes people of a different in race, religion, nationality, education, wealth, AND political viewpoint. You don't use these terms to stereotype people, and you don't lie to yourself or others about this.

Before you communicate with me, purge the cliches from your profile; right now they may be preventing me from emailing you. I must know that you mean what you say. Not meaning what you say is very unattractive. Trust requires Truth. Truth requires self-awareness. Thanks.
The two of us