49Albuquerque, United States
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My self-summary
I'm a Hippie, Rocker, Intellectual, Fun Loving, Outgoing,(outgoing Introvert) Adventurous Man; Who loves life, is engaged in the world, and who strives and seeks for an extraordinary life. This is it! I live an experiencial, interpretive life; my mission is to to Explore, Experience, Expand, and Evolve.

I'm a optimist. I'm a jock,' in my body, fit, strong, healthy, ready for action. I breathe Love to and from the Universe as part of Spiritual practice. Today I let the Suns Rays into my eyes to nourish my Heart. I'm a Sagittarius, and a INTJ (Matermind), Enneagram type 5, the Investigator, though I learn towards a 4, the Iconoclast.. I am a sailor of the mind/soul........I love the principle's of Improv; " Yes And....." .....

My self-summary is so far... this is a journey after all... and I'm listening to as much music as possible; rocking and dancing in the streets, having fun!! smiling and staying away from drama, recognizing and acknowledging greatness. I study Psychology independently; And I want to discover, learn and impart and teach knowlege and wisdom; to help people. If we meet, and hopefully connect, on any level; my aim is to have fostered your growth, development, and Joy. That you feel empowered and enriched by the experience.

I work for a great company; installing solar arrays, I'm working hard, providing smart ass comments; we get pretty crude, rude and risque out there, just having fun; I make tons of money. We get the job done, have fun, in the sun. I really appreciate being a part of the renewable energies industry; we are doing Great things for the environment. I work at my family's/Father's cattle ranch; Dad and I have been ranching for 35 years! Just when he needs me; I'm the right hand man. We are sonewhat unorthodox and nontraditional. And I like having a cold beer when the dogs and I go out to check the cows. I slso have my own informal handyman and yardwork business, for people who need a good gardener or extra help. I have about six clients. Yay, its cool! Dang what a tough life :) Yay. :)

Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! The most Powerful word in the Universe!! (just waxing philosophical :).

"I'm young, wild and free... I've got the magic power of the music in me" so cool Triumph lyrics Oh yeagh!!!!

Who's afraid of Virgina Woolf?..... who's afraid of living life without false illusions?

Do your thing always.
And, Do ylury thing Always.
Love and do what thou wilt.

I spend a lot of time being mindful; thinking about my thoughts and feelings, making choises on how to respond rather than react. Thinking about breaking down pretences, how to follow my heart, do my thing, be genuine and real.

Hello Hello Hello, :) I'm looking for extraordinary, passionate, loving, relations: that are fun, flitatious, frolicking, conversational, communal, connected, that have intellectual idea exchanges, that also have exciting erotic, experiences, that are intimate and bonded,that are romantic and engaging. that include sensual, smiles and are seductively sexy. I also seek relations that are acknowledging, affirming, reciprocal, and respectful. Yes :). My friend says that I'm the best guy she has met on OKC.

Beautiful, Excellent, Wonderful, Amazing!!!!!
What I’m doing with my life
Today, I took it easy; worked on my newest collage art project (I'll post a pic), listened to David Bowie on my satellite radio, face booked, piddled around my cottage cleaning and cooking, I watched all the Matrix films and looked for more meanings and symbolism, and drank chilled Merlot. Now I'm going to "joes" (Albuquerque's best dive bar [just around the corner from my cottage]) for some grub, conversation, and more wine. Dang what a tough life! Have a Blessed day! This is a typical day.
I’m really good at
Doing my thing always.
Staying calm and positive.
Active listening.
Turning a jungle into a garden.
I'm really good a growing flowers and plants.
I'm good at sports and athletic endeavors.
I'm good at being a good friend.I'm compassionate.
I'm good at seeing the big picture.
I'm good at kissing, hugging, touching.
Working hard.
Playing harder.
Headbanging to Rock music.
Creating art.
Travel plans.
Formulating and researching ideas.
Being Romantic.
Being mischievous, and being a smart ass.
Having Fun!!
Being a smart ass.
Thrill seeking,
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm tall, tan, and have blue eyes. I'm confident, and good looking. ;) Being Positive!!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Currently reading about the Enneagram personality types. Reading Stepenwolf by Hess. Details and Cosmopolitan magazines. Creating artistic cards to send to Family and Friends. Watching Richard Prior films, and The Matrix films again. Listening to SuperGiant!! UFO, The Who, Lady Gaga, EDM- Zedd, Kaskaid Tom Petty, April Wine, Bad Company, Rod Stewart, The Eagles, Dokken, Tesla, Did I Say: SuperGiant; The best local Rif Rock.. Metaphysical Rock Riffs band!! . Watching Poldark. Listening to Brave New World on audio.
Food--- Making my own Seafood, Spicy, Super Soup. Just ate at Ranchers Club (Amazing Food Sex!!).

My Hero's: Holden Caulfield, Gerard Sorme, Harry Haller... All are literary fictional characters, on their intellectual, experiential, and spiritual journeys.
Six things I could never do without
The feeling of Rock Riffs.
Emotional inspirations, My heart
Intellectual insights and epiphanies, My mind
Family and Friends
Communal connections, Love, Romance, Lust.
Being in the flow!!!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
This is It. What a Wonderful Ongoing World! Relations and love and Lust. Psychology, Philosophy, and Spirituality. How do I best navigate this world with intention, intregrity, insightfulness, and inspiration. What can I contibute and how can I grow and foster an extraordinary lives. Setting goals. Achieving goals.
On a typical Friday night I am
I will be out at the clubs listening to Rock bands, and getting my dance on. Visiting with my Fam. Cooking and entertaining for friends at my cottage, cooking, creating art, just piddling around. Or relaxing reading or watching films..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Wow! Beautiful! Adventures and Escapades, tastes and delights, sounds tantalizing, and; let’s swap stories. Nothing I’m gona admit online, I'm listening, and I got some to share......
You should message me if
You want to. I am playful, mischievous, and cool and chill! Let's Talk. :)
The two of us