34San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
Let's switch it up, here's my self-summary in Haiku form:

Dance is my outlet
Never tried it? I'll do it.
Canadian, EH!

If you've ever seen a guy in full costume running down the street and it's not Halloween, if you've ever been blinded by the electronic light-up shirt of a guy dance-battling at a dive bar...there's a good chance it was me.

The movie "Yes Man" describes my general life attitude pretty well, though I'm not sure it's a good thing to be analagous to a Jim Carrey character. I seize every opportunity to try something new. Groupon is like crack to me, I suspect my friends of staging an intervention soon.

For example, new things learned in the past month:
- glass-blowing
- photography basics
- Taiko drumming
- if someone in the Tenderloin asks if you "like to party?", say "NO!"

I LOVE this city (aww yea, you know it's on when I type in CAPS) because of the variety of fun things to do and I'm looking for someone to share in my passion who doesn't take herself to seriously. My pet peeve is when people list "hanging out with friends" or "good conversation" as a hobby. Those interests are only a step more exciting than "breathing" or "bowel movements".

Answers to the stuff you're wondering:
- Yes, I'm employed with a good job and my own place. I "have my sh*t together"
- No, not crazy, I just like to do random things
- Yes, I can be romantic too. I could date you SO HARD your mom will feel it...seriously.
- It's short, but thick.

*WARNING: I'm Canadian which means I pronounce "out" as "oot", like ketchup chips (you don't even know what those are, do you?), and have a bronzed statue of Celine Dion that I carry with me at all times. But it also means I'm generally amenable and won't attempt any type of hostile takeover without asking politely first.
The first things people usually notice about me
My striking resemblance to Brad Pitt...yea, I get stopped on the street a lot for autographs. You'll have to get used to that if you hang around me.
The two of us