26 Birmingham, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Hello. I'm Josh, and I'm going to try to sell myself to you.

Friends and colleagues alike tell me I'm not a very nice person. That hurts. Personally, I think I'm alright most of the time. Past the insults and general horribleness, anyway.

I'm not that bad, really.
What I’m doing with my life
I've moped around working in shops in a train station for the past 6 years now. I also attempted to be a bartender once. Aside from that my life is spent on Netflix and YouTube. That pretty much sums it up.
I’m really good at
I can ring an item through a till for you with at least a certain degree of accuracy, if that's what you're in to.

Falling asleep pretty quickly is also a specialty of mine. Which is kind of more a hindrance than a skill, really. Well, depending on the situation, anyway.
The first things people usually notice about me
I was known as "Josh with the glasses" by a friend I used to work with, before they really knew me. "Cool" and "Mysterious" I think were her words when describing me, but they might just be mine. Apparently I was a disappointment when they actually got to know me though, so that's nice.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
This section consists of about the only things that I get enthusiastic about.

My Netflix queue is probably like 100 movies and TV shows deep by now. It's kind of overwhelming.

I like movies. I go to the cinema at least once a week usually, yet I've never bothered signing up for that Unlimited thing. I've also kept a log of practically every movie that I've ever watched, for no apparent reason. Favourites include Vanilla Sky, The Fountain, The Science of Sleep, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Her, and Ghost World.

TV shows are more of a flavour of the week thing with me, because I get through them so fast. I like shows that I think are probably mostly aimed at teenage girls. I also watch a fair bit of anime, and I have a thing for cheesy Korean dramas. I relate to Mordecai from Regular Show. This video is about the most accurate depiction of my life that I've ever seen.

I'll add video games in to here as well. My time spent not watching TV and movies is usually filled with playing games. I've got an ever growing and already too big a backlog to get through after years of spending way too much of my money on whatever took my fancy. I'll finish them eventually, maybe.

When it comes to music, I tend to listen to one thing for a week or two at a time, and then alternate between them. Things listened to as of late include Sigur Rós, M83, Porter Robinson and Future Islands. Along with these, other stuff I'll always go back to are Wild Nothing, Cliff Martinez, Cocteau Twins, Placebo, Joanna Newsom, Alexisonfire and The Smiths, and a select few movie soundtracks.

I pretty much just stick to reading fantasy and sci fi stuff. I do worry that my brain's not quite creative enough to imagine the worlds and scenarios that I'm reading in books sometimes. I read some comics and manga, probably to make up for this, which helps solve some of the problem. I do have an ever growing pile of books with just words that I'm slowing trying to get through though too. Sandman's probably my favourite comic series that I've read.

I don't eat a lot of food. Mainly just Coco Pops.
The six things I could never do without
Cereal. Milk. Earphones. The time.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
I think about the day and the date and the time of things.
On a typical Friday night I am
I usually work Friday nights, week in, week out, so that's what I'm typically doing. It gives me a valid reason to avoid social interactions with friends though, so that's good.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not an especially private person. There's just not a lot to me.
You should message me if
If you've read this far and taken my profile in at least slight jest. If you want to accompany me to the cinema. Going on my own makes me feel like a goober sometimes. Or maybe you want to help me play scary video games, because I can't deal with them on my own.

Keep in mind that I am actually cripplingly socially inept, so me ever messaging you first might be a long shot. But if you think we might get along, give it a go, because I probably won't.