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My self-summary
Here go the basics.. I'm 5'11. Brown hair, Brown eyes. Half Mexican and Half Guatemalan, but born and raised in good old Los Angeles, California. I'm pretty ethnic, but as my friends might say I can be pretty acculturated too. So go figure, either way I am truly an Angelino. :) I guess it goes without saying that I'm also gay. I mean it tells you so in the little profile thing we have here, so I guess it's not secret, but I figure if this is the self summary I should add that part about myself.

I'm currently single. Sad, but true. The last guy I dated was way to young for me, not age wise (although there was a 9 year gap) but age doesn't matter to me anyhow, but maturity was lacking in our relationship so I guess we had to end it. I guess I'm looking for someone I can have fun with and can also be serious too. I want them to introduce me to their friends, and hang out with mine. I want someone who wants to join my life, as much as I'm willing to join in theirs. I don't know if that is to much to ask, but hey better aim high then aim low right?

I'm in the educational field, and am continually striving up the career ladder. I have a BA in Anthropology and Chicano Studies from a small school in claremont called Pomona College (if you're smart you may have heard of it..hahaha), and a M.Ed in Education and Business Administration from UCLA's PLI Program. Eventually I'll go back for my Phd or my EdD (that means educational doctorate for those who may not know), but I'm still undecided as to where or what field I want to further my education in.

I'm a true romantic at heart (always looking for who might be the ONE), and always willing to see what I can find out here, so hit me up If you want to know more. I'm also a part-time comedian. Well if you count telling jokes to friends and co-workers, and being known as "el chistoso" as a comedian. I really don't think I could do stand-up.

I have a very easy going attitude, and am very relaxed and laid-back. I like to chill with people, watch tv, movies, or sometimes just "hang out." I don't like drama, and I don't like BS. So if you're into the scene or like to have a lot of drama..don't hit me up. Other than that...ask me more to get to know me better. Or use this Okcupid matchstuff. :)

Oh and I'm also on a mission to answer ALL the Okcupid questions....I don't know it's the competitive nature of mine that is trying to go all out on this website. I want to get that damn bar to 100%. Hahaha

I am chill, easy going, and playful
What I’m doing with my life
Like I said, I have been in education ever since I graduated college back in 1999. I have taught both in High School (Algebra I, and Algebra II, Spanish and English Literature), and Elementary School (Mostly worked in fourth and fifth grades). For the past few years I have been a Categorical Programs' Coordinator, and am currently looking for new opportunities to move up in the educational field.

I have worked closely with English Language Learners, and Immigrant communities. When I began teaching I worked at the Gay and Lesbian high school here in Los Angeles. Talk about drama. A school with all gay students (ok a couple of breeders were there, but we mostly ignored them j/k) all gay teachers, and a gay supervisor, in the heart of West Hollywood was of course asking for Drama, but I didn't know any better at the time. Lets just say I was there for a year, and then decided that although I loved the students, and the work I was doing, it was just a bit too much for me in regards to drama.

My ultimate goal is to run the school district here in Los Angeles, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon, so for now I'll just settle for some principalship somewhere. haha but seriously I am hoping to enter into administration sometime in the near future, so to be honest education is my life, and livlihood for now.

I'm always trying to get back into writing. I love poetry (which you may be able to tell from some of my journals). I like to write poetry, and short stories. Working on a couple of novel ideas, but have been too bombarded with work and play to focus on this little hobby of mine. But I promise I'll soon get down to business. I swear. For reals. LOL
I’m really good at
Im a great puzzle solver, so watching mysteries, and playing strategy games are real treats for me. I spend a lot of time working, so when I'm free I really enjoy spending time with friends, and relaxing in good company.

I'm a great conversationalist (I can be a great listener, or I can be the one to initiate conversation). I enjoy meeting people and sharing interests, both professionally and socially.

I'm also very competitive. Is that a bad thing really?? I just like to win. LOL

And not to sound too cocky, but they say I'm really good in bed. LOL (how can you not say this in this's like they're asking for it.)
The first things people usually notice about me
My warm smile and engaging personality, and my modesty. LOL How does this question not let you come off as conceited? Honestly though, when people first meet me, they usually tell me that they feel comfortable around me and that my smile and laugh puts them at ease. I guess that is a good thing.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I love Anne Mccaffrey (PERN series, and To Ride Pegasus), Robert Heinlein (The Cat That Walks Through Walls, Number of the Beast), David Eddings (Pawn of Prophecy), and Terry Brooks (Shannarra Series) just to name a few. I love Science Fiction and fantasy. But some gothic writing like Anne Rice (Vampire Chronicles, Cry to Heaven) serves just as well. Recently I reread the Illuminatus Trilogy, and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and Mnemnoch the Devil.

Movies: I love Science Fiction Fantasy movies. I love movies that incorporate magic or possible futures, such as The Matrix, Harry Potter, Xmen, and Lord of the Rings. *i know i sound like a nerd and one of these Okcupid tests proves it* Even worse is I love old sci fi movies too like Barbarella and Logans' Run.

TV: I love reality shows..I'm kinda a reality show whore to be honest. That is just because I like shows about competitions, because I like to judge people. lol and I hope you do too. I also like (just the nerd in me) shows like Star Trek (all of them), Charmed, 4400, Battlestar Galactaca, The Doctor, Stargate (yup all of them too) etc..

Music: I like all kinds of music. Tori Amos, Bjork, Fiona Apple, Shakira, however are some favorites. But tell me about yours?

Food: I love all food. :) Shut It! What can I say, my parents were Chefs growing up and they made all kinds of I try to dabble when I have time, although I must admit..lately I have been been on a fast food frenzy.

But most of all I love the 80s!! movies, tv shows, and the music....I know I know..but I do. :)
Six things I could never do without
In no particular order....
1. Computer/Internet
2. Free Time
3. Cell Phone
4. My friends and Family
5. Money
6. DVR!! :)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Romance. I know cheesy huh....sometimes I spend time thinking on what things I need to accomplish next, to move on in my goals in my career and my life long ambitions..making checklists. lol

It was recently brought to my attention..these personality awards OKcupid gives us. I get the ambitious, and cocky part (I cant' really deny it) but greedy and not romantic..totally not least I didn't think so. LOL
On a typical Friday night I am
Usually with some friends hanging out at home. or at their place, recovering from happy hour or other addictions. lol

Sometimes I just like to sit at home and catch up on TV, or read a book, or most of all SLEEP. but lately i have been addicted to Myspace Games. I my crazy.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I think i'm a nympho. LOL j/k
You should message me if
You want to get to know me, and spend time together. Or if you just want to chat and see if we're a match.

TAKE MY TEST!! :) THE TAROT CARD GUIDE TEST.. Tell me what you think of it. :)
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