63 Alexandria, United States
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My self-summary
I am kind and usually polite. It's in my heritage. Don't mistake it for weakness. I am willing to overlook the human condition with forgiveness and understanding. Up until it becomes malicious or self destructive. Don't mistake my patience for ignorance. We have to be friends first. So...that been said...

To find that one person where the feelings of being "free in love" could come to reality. To share the experience of reciprocal true sweet love in our hearts. To have the optimism, trust and support that inherently accompanies a caring relationship. To be passionate not only about one another but about life that we share. To never take one another for granted. To be a hero for one another. To anticipate the sensitivity of adoring and being adored. Of touching and being touched.

There are times when the loneliness becomes too comfortable and even desirable. No, I'm not an alcoholic nor an addict, save diet cokes, yet I have all but lost the desire to be excited about a lonesome life. However the burning and craving ember to love still, endlessly glows. I am aware of an instinctual need to care that if not fulfilled at some time in the near future will certainly bring the reality of all hope lost. And although I know that "they say" it's not politically correct or psychologically healthy to put ones identity in another person, it escapes me how if love is in the equation... that putting at least a part of ones self into that other person is not inevitable.

I've been a single man for the better part of my life. I've had my share of partners, but its been a long lonely time since I've had a true connection. So long that a "true connection” is the only connection I'm interested in.

For many years I have made my living as a creative, an artist in many mediums, a dreamer, and I have the moods and temperament of such. Manic? Maybe, or maybe just extremely passionate--what I feel runs clean to my core. I am expressive to the point of aggravation or elation…what seems like mood swings is only passion from my perspective.

The liberals think of me as conservative, the conservatives label me liberal, pseudo intellects think I'm crazy and fools think I'm a saint. But my mind runs through my heart. I can only be what I am. I don't hide my feelings well. However I express them in creative ways as long as I have the motivation to do so.

I love to laugh and am driven to create laughter when there is none. I hate to cry, but will at the drop of a hat.

I am honest, maybe too honest. However I am so sensitive that I have gotten in trouble on more than one occasion trying to protect feeling of others, and that includes animals.

If you're looking for materialism, and if your here to judge my pocket book the way most men judge your tits go somewhere else...I spend my money to "feel" what life has to offer. If you're courageous enough to feel, then maybe you should look into getting to know me. Assuming of course that your not a sociopath or emotionally dead. If that's the case we won't get along either.

I believe Jesus Christ was a perfect example of a man and a wonderful teacher.

I have been self employed sometimes successfully, sometimes not for 2/3rds of my life. Been up, been down. Am working on new ventures and adventures constantly.

I am not all that concerned by a person's looks. I am a firm believer in pretty is as pretty does. As long as one takes a bit of pride in themselves...that's all we should ask. I do love to bicycle and it would be nice if you joined me from time to time. If the chemistry is right you'll be the most beautiful woman in the world regardless.

Recreational tag team type sport sex where you can't tell who's winning is not necessarily my cup of tea...not that I'm opposed to it. But what I do like is spontaneity. And the passion between us will dictate all that anyway. I have maintained celibacy for over 12 years of my own accord. So I am not looking for anything such as a quick fling nor am I anxious to see how sexually compatible we are. We'll know soon.

If you are willing to be adventurous and eager to learn and explore about. If you think that it's important to communicate and be open with your partner. If you just want to feel someone love you then maybe we have potential.