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My self-summary
♫ My previous playlists have been overrun with ads, so here is an ad-free playlist on Soundcloud. If you like it, we might get along :). ♫

Genderqueer, poly, feminist, vegan, anarchist, atheist, curious about the world hippie seeks older similarly identified with no pets for primary partnership or other compatible folks for other types of relationships (including friends, which is mostly what I am looking for right now). This profile is long but please read this first "self-summary" section. You can completely skip the rest if you want.

My health has been worse than usual lately (sleep issues, digestive issues, allergies), so I'm looking for lower energy hanging out. I am usually up for talking and walks.

I enjoy dancing (contact improv), song circles, running, cooking, hugs, cuddling, writing, drawing, and computer programming. I have a particular style that involves simplifying complex things as much as possible while retaining their essence, playing with ideas and objects, and looking behind the scenes and at how stuff works. I've lived in intentional communities before and would like to somehow end up in a vegan intentional community with both urban and rural parts.

I'm not into harsh or sarcastic communication, fat phobia, violence, patterns of behavior that reinforce male dominance or racism, intoxication and drugs, references to deities, horror movies, or pets.

I came up with a brief test of basic human decency that is compatible with a wide range of ideology; to pass, you should unconditionally support (as a minimum) the following three policies: 1) Close (anything resembling) the School of the Americas 2) Release 50% of the US prison population today 3) Provide at least basic housing, food, clothing, and medical care for all people. Also you should be able to quickly name at least one other major human rights issue in the US today.

I like meeting most people (even if just once or occasionally) and prefer to meet in person quickly if it seems likely that we would get along. So if you are interested in meeting up somewhere ☕ then let me know when and where would work for you. If I click the "like" button then I have read your profile, but many people don't until they get a match so I'll usually let you write first once you've read this unless you have a similar note on your profile.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
* Ojibway histories by Warren, Kohl, and Hilger
* Heimskringla by Sturlusson
* The Temporal Lobe and Limbic System by Gloor
* Zen Flesh Zen Bones, particularly Centering
* Animal Oppression and Human Violence by Nibert

* David B. Johnson
* Kawase Hasui

* Winged Migration
* Stomp the Yard
* Cirque de Soleil
* The Sound of Noise (expanded version of this)
* Shortbus

Music Albums:
* Any by Cris Derksen
* Medúlla by Björk
* S&M by Metallica

Cris Derksen's new album Orchestral Powwow is wonderful! You can listen to the full album on her site. ♫

Food 😋:
* Fruit (Bananas, Berries)
* Vanilla Soy Milk :/
* Kale or Bok Choy
* Potato
* Squash
* Dill Seeds
* Vinegar

First heat squash seeds on medium-low with a little salt. Cut up bok choy, potatos, and squash and pressure cook 25 miutes with dill seeds and vinegar and water to cover. Save the green part of the bok choy to add at the end. This is most of my diet these days; as much as I wish my digestive system would let me eat more stuff, it never stops tasting delicious.

Full size bok choy is usually the least expensive organically grown veggie and luckily also one of the tastiest. The secret to preparing it is to wash each leaf individually because it collects dirt really easily. At least until you get to the tiny new leaves in the middle, which you can usually wash together and taste wonderful raw. The green part makes an excellent salad too (really, it all tastes wondeful raw or cooked).

I have a broad view of vegainsm and will not knowingly purchase any products from these companies due to human rights violations:
Dole, Chiquita, Del Monte, Nestle, Cargill, ADM, Hershey, Mars, Barry Callebaut, Coca-Cola, Walmart.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
* Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle
* Between Light and Shadow: Marcos’ last words
* Freedom according to the Zapatistas
* The Checkpoint
* The Use and Abuse of Civil Forfiture
* Presentation by historian Barbara J. Fields for Producers of RACE - The Power of an Illusion
* The Criminalization of Poverty
* The Case for Reparations
* Myths and Excuses about Cycling Infrastructure
* How Breitbart Conquered the Media

[Note: the rest of this profile is just about sleep aids, which I think a lot about :/. If you are not interested, you can stop reading now.]

I have a number of sleep issues: circadian rhythm issues, trouble getting to sleep, and trouble staying asleep. It seems like part of my body shifts sleep schedule and I can't sleep at all outside the shifted time. However, other parts of my body seem to not shift and so only when I am on a particular schedule (waking up around 7am) does my brain actually function reasonably. At other times, I have some combination of no energy, poor memory, poor physical strength, and I am super slow at almost everything I can do. I've had something similar but milder most of my life, but about three years ago it suddenly got quite a bit worse and has stayed that way. A sleep study did not find apnea, which causes its own set of problems.

Update and summary: My current set of medications and practices seems to work better than any I've tried previously. This is: wake up at 7am every day (not possible without the medications), try to get bright light in the morning but not in the evening, and before bed apply one quarter of a 5mg melatonin patch and take 150mg uridine monophosphate sublingually and (4 or 5 days a week) 20mg baclofen.

Other people may respond to things differently but here is a longer list of some potential sleep aids that I have tried. Hopefully this helps someone and if you find anything helpful that isn't on the list please let me know :).

Exercise (earlier in the day) - Mild but reliable improvement of sleep duration and quality. Does not help me much getting to sleep, but you may have better results if you don't have the circadian issues and/or if you are physically able to do more exercise than I can at this point.

Meditation - Helps if staying up due to racing thoughts, but that is rarely the case for me these days.

Avoiding Bright Light Near Bedtime, Limiting Light in Bedroom - Mild effect for me, but easy to add to other things so I try to do this. For computers, redshift or f.lux are great for reducing the blue light from screens in the evening (which IMO is nice even if you don't have sleep trouble).

Get Out Of Bed Faster - Hard when I wake up still feeling exhausted, but helps slow sleep shifting when I can do it. When I am trying to shift my schedule faster staying in bed longer can help with that. May not make much difference if you don't have circadian issues.

Musical relaxation before bed - I've tried a few different forms (binaural beats, ASMR, slow relaxing music) but none seem to have any effect for me. Music can help me feel more awake during the day.

Melatonin - Patches are helpful and delay when I need to get up to pee and help me get back to sleep. Maybe help a little with getting to sleep also. Don't forget to remove the patch; it seems to keep acting. Melatonin tablets (even extended release) and drops in various does all make it more likely I will wake up after 3-4 hours and not be able to get back to sleep :( (and most give me bad gas as well). The patch I use is 5mg melatonin and 4mg GABA and I recently discovered that half a patch seems to work just as well and with less skin irritation. A quarter patch seems somewhat less effective but also doesn't make me as tired when I forget to take it off the next day. Does get weaker with constant use; I'm not sure the best plan to keep full strength but I'm gussing a couple days off a month may be enough.

Niacin - Someone suggested extended release niacin along with melatonin to increase its effects, however extended release niacin is bad for your liver so I have been trying 100mg immediate release nicotinic acid before bed and a second when I wake up at night (I also take a general B vitamin before bed). If melatonin patch plus niacin could replace balcofen/phenibut that would be great. It seems to be doing something (including making me feel lightheaded the day after I first took it, although that went away quickly and has only been very mild on occasion since then). I like the feel of a mild niacin flush before bed, although I think it is primarily the second one that helps. I'll keep trying this and see how it does longer term. It might make me more tired during the day when I take the second one too close to when I get up.

Uridine - Helps me get to sleep faster and feel more rested on less sleep (this effect might improve with regular usage). Does not delay when I need to pee but makes it easier to get back to sleep (but not as reliably as phenibut or baclofen and this seems to go away with regular use). Helps me feel more rested than I would without anything but alone isn't enough. Can be taken with phenibut or baclofen. For sleep, 150mg uridine monophosphate taken sublingually seems best. See below for more.

L-Theanine - I haven't tried it on its own yet, but it seems like it may have an additional positive effect on sleep quality when I take 100mg with uridine or phenibut (haven't tried with melatonin yet; it might be a bad idea to take with phenibut, see below). I don't know yet if it loses effectiveness over time. Improves flavor when taking bad tasting powders with soy milk and would probably be great in sauces (FDA GRAS as an ingredient). Least expensive option at <$1/month from Powder City (not counting shipping).

Magnesium - Various forms giving around 500mg of magnesium all seem to help me stay asleep (but not fall asleep), but I feel even more tired the next day :(. Maybe smaller amounts would help some without the negative effects.

Phenibut (aka PhGABA) or Baclofen - Effects similar to melatonin patches (delay peeing, helps me get back to sleep) but stronger. I've so far only tried phenibut (900mg by itself of 600mg with magnesium), which acts like a weak balcofen and weak gabapentin. Baclofen is prescription only, but I've found 20mg to be as effective as 900mg phenibut and I'd recommend that over the phenibut. See below.

Taurine - Might have done a little but certainly gave me foul smelling gas so I'm not going to experiment more until my digestive system is in much better shape.

Valerian Root - Did not do anything at all for me. Smells funny.

5-HTP - I only tried briefly so far, didn't seem to do much if anything.

Chamomile - Might have mild benefits. I haven't used it as much as most of the others. Tastes good as tea :). Available in bulk.

Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) - Helps me get to sleep. I find it helpful long term with only 2-3 day breaks every 3-4 weeks. It does not help me stay asleep (taking another pill when I wake up helps, but I still don't get that much sleep; also using melatonin patches helps). It does not fully counteract my circadian issues on its own but can help in combination with other things. Unfortunately, a recent study found that long term diphenhydramine use earlier in life may increase risk of dementia when we get older, so I will most likely not be using that any more (I already have a family history of dementia).

Uridine and phenibut or baclofen are the most helpful ones for me but are also higher risk than the others so I'll go into more detail. Some people have become addicted to phenibut, which is not an issue with baclofen, and some doctors want it to be prescription only so it may not stay available. The few studies of baclofen as a sleep aid report the same effects I find with phenibut and I've now confirmed that this is the case for me. There is also a cautionary case study where baclofen caused obstructive sleep apnea to become more serious central apnea, so make sure you don't have apnea before using phenibut or baclofen. Both can cause serious withdrawal symptoms (seizures) and loose effectiveness unless you take breaks of 2-3 days every week or so, so make sure to do that (longer breaks might be helpful too; there seems to be a "rebound effect" for much of a week after taking phenibut most days for a while). Baclfen can cause withdrawal symptoms after even just a few days use so if using 20mg it is best to have a day of 10mg before the break. I have had some more worrying side effects with phenibut, particularly when I accidently took diphenhydramine at the same time which caused me to wake up a few hours later with my mouth completely numb (lasting maybe ten or twenty seconds after waking up). I forgot about this at first and remembered when getting a bit of an asthma feel after starting phenibut again (due to taking L-theanine with phenibut it seems; interestingly, I didn't feel the asthma effect near taking them but near bedtime before taking phenibut). Similar effects have been reported with baclofen. I have taken phenibut with melatonin patches without trouble. Anyway, be very cautious combinining phenibut or baclofen with anything else.

Uridine comes in two active forms: uridine monophosphate, which can be used sublingually, and triacetyluridine, which requires lower doses for the same effect. I've tried both from, which is less expensive than other sources I've seen. It is important to at least take a B vitamin supplement with it since it causes B vitamins to be used at a higher rate. There has been a fair amount of research on it in the past decade but it is still not as well researched as most sleep aids so while it appears safe there may be long term issues or drug interactions that haven't been found yet. Some cancer cells have been found to have more uridine receptors than usual, so it is possible that it can cause cancer growth. The only negative side effect I've noticed after a couple of months of use is that I had scary dreams when I first started for a couple of days and for a day when I tried a higher dose.

From decades of sleep trouble I have learned to estimate my sleep somewhat well, but uridine and phenibut (or baclofen) make this harder (unlike anything else I've used, although now that I have taken them for several months it is easier). With uridine, I may spend less time asleep than I think and with phenibut more. With uridine I usually think I get 7-8 hours and with phenibut 8-10 (I don't think it makes it harder to get up earlier if you need to). Without taking anything I'll get maybe 5-6 average (spending much longer than that in bed) and not infrequently 3-4. The sleep I get with uridine seems at least as restful as getting 7 hours of sleep without it.

Some people also suggest a combination of uridine, choline (which many people get plenty of from food, especially if you eat any soy), and DHA for neural health. A combination of taking triacetyluridine along with Green Foods True Vitality supplement mixed with my soy milk drink (which is really delicious and is the same price as the least expensive store soy milk I've found: NOW foods soy milk powder that is just powdered soy beans, sugar, powdered whole stevia herb (so that I don't need to use as much sugar), and vanilla powder) seemed to help me feel more awake during the day. Unfortunately, with my digestive issues the True Vitality gave me horrible gas :(. A different source of DHA and a different multivitamin didn't seem to have the same effect so it might be something else in the True Vitality (or it was just coincidence that it seemed to help).
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